Fixed stats for ALL gear

Recently, the devs locked down the stats for character lore legendary gear. They should do the same for all the gear.

We can still have the same random mish-mash of stats. A +dmg punchy glove with +health after building a buildable and -healing. Yes, love it. Keep it. And every other strange combination.

I’m proposing that we just lock down the specific percentages.

TL:DR - everything above this

“But wait,” I hear you say. “I like being able to fine tune my gear by equipping slightly better/worse items to optimize my shard spending.”

Me too, strange voice in my head. Me too. And luckily, we already have a system for that.

You’ve probably noticed that each stat item actually has several different items. For example, +HP vests have Cellular Condenser, Haute-Couture Kevlar, Tuf-Stuff Combat Mesh, and Eldrid Bio-Weave (do the rogues just hate HP??) Right now, these only dictate any secondary/tertiary bonuses or negatives. But they could be more.

These could be tied to the base stat and cost. Eldrid obviously value HP most, as they lack shields, so all Eldrid Bio-Weave vests would have max HP and cost max shards. I’d vote Jenneret second, they all have melee. UPR 3rd, as standard military garb. LLC last, it’s more fashion than function… but that’s all flavor and mostly unimportant right now.

Rinse and repeat for all the gear. You could keep the factions relatively balanced -each faction having a “best” item or two- or let imbalance fill in some characterization. The UPR seems very middle of the pack, while the Rogues get by on cheaper items and the LLC are all spendy … but I digress. The exact details can be hashed out later. The important part is to lock down all of the random fluctuations.

This will save time for every player, by preventing them from having to examine each item and evaluate their 6.23% boost vs the 6.32% boost and the 3 shards they’d save. The differences between items would be distinct: 40-50 shards at least, and power levels to match.

This will also prevent “negative cost” items. I have several zero shard items with the same stat lines, but different values. How can you charge the same price for two items with different values?? They both cost zero, yet one gives me 5% cool down, the other 6%. The negatives are of equal value (-healing for Orendi, for example), so you’ve completely eliminated any player decision making. Instead, one item is objectively better, and if you got the worse one, sucks for you.

This will also create a finite number of gear pieces. Once you figure out that number, gear banks can be expanded to the correct amount and duplicates can be auto-sold, like taunts and skins.

And finally, this will be absolutely necessary if you ever hope to garner an e-sports scene. The very first time a match is won or lost because one player rolled slightly better stats than another player will be the very last time.

But e-sports is just one reason, as I’ve laid out. It’s good for the hard core and casual gamer. It’s good for the gear hoarders and completionists. It serves the lore, and helps distinguish the factions. And it eliminates any objectively better/worse items, keeping the player in control.

And perhaps most importantly: the less time we have to spend evaluating microscopic discrepancies in gear, the more time we can spend killing each other!


I like this idea

I was about to say something along the line of “no that’s dumb and you’re dumb” when I saw the topic title but your after reading what you propose I actually really like it. It’s basically what we have now except getting max rolls on something is no longer something to be found in one of a million gears, yet there is enough difference between the same gear that getting a new one with a better tier will be a noticeable difference with minimal frustration. Nice job. Sadly it’s basically just more work for the devs which makes this an unlikely thing to happen, but it doesn’t hurt to hope.

(I wasn’t really going to call him dumb, mods. It’s just a joke)

This would make gear drops useless after you get it once. Gear in this game is a let down after playing Borderlands. What makes it worse is we only have 3 gear slots to use as opposed to an RPG or MMO where we may have at least a dozen.

The difference in stats is minimal anyway.

The main gear that bothers me when it comes to this are the non-hero legendaries, primarily because they are the only gear with random stats that don’t also change the item’s cost. If I have a below-average legendary, I don’t feel I’m getting my shards’ worth.

Sort of … There would still be a ton of different combinations of buffs. So a lot of gear to collect.

You’d just miss out on getting a bad version of the stats you want, and needing to keep grinding for a better version of the same item.

And even once you get everything (which should take a LONG while) duplicates would still generate credits for skins and taunts, or buying DLC characters.

Lets get real, once you find a piece of gear that is at its Max stats you don’t need any other piece of gear of that type. All others just take up Gear Bank space and force players to spend time micromanaging their inventory.

There really isn’t THAT MUCH variation between variants of gear. Not to the point that justifies the spam of junk this game vomits up.

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All I know is that I opened 27 loot packs that I had been hording and I got 2 legendary items that were almost exactly the same.

They had the exact same buffs except one was slightly better than the other in both areas but they had the exact same cost to activate!

I know that feeling.

I lucked out and picked up a Voxis Core a few days ago, which is amazing … but it’s only 3% dmg buff.

It still has the 15% unique buff, so I’m not really complaining too much. But still…