Fixing Multiplayer on BL2 on xbox 1

Will there ever be a fix to the multiplayer on bl2? my friend wants to play but we can’t this is BS…I love this game but not much any more…please fix this not for me but everyone!!

I’m wondering the same thing! Plz Gearbox fix this! I’ve also noticed a few cheevos are bugged as well. So much blood (gunzerk for 90secs) completing all the campaign of carnage side missions, and last one is for completing at least level 1 of all non level challenges :unamused:. I was extremely let down when I didn’t get any of these 3… Plz fix them!

Could you elaborate? I just spent approx 6 hours bullshipping with a buddy while collecting heads for my toons. The multiplayer seems to be working fine.

Yeah I recently got two copies, one for me and one for my son in-law. So we could jump from 360 bl2 to continue on the Xbox one but we can’t join each others games. There is definitely a issue and its not just me tons of others having same thing happen

Same here cannot find any multiplayer games

Check your parental controls game settings. In ps4 i had same network issue until i change it from level 9 (level 1 for kid) to allowed. So far no network issue. Level 9 is default for ps4. Default pass code ‘0000’. Sorry i am not sure for xbone. Parental controls could be the culprit too. Try it nothing to lose.

Multiplayer is still not fixed for xbox one. It worked just fine for my friend and I until we reached level 30. Now we can’t connect. I loved this game, now not so much

Internet connection settings isn’t the issue I’ve played tons of multipla games on xbone and pc.

Yet I go on Bl2 and connection problems joining with friends, You can get into a game after afew frustrating minutes spamming the join button but there I’d definitely sever problems there end.

Also I’d like to mention fix the claptrap lift glitch what has been plaguing play throughs since 2013.

Iv’e just bought the Handsome Jack collection (XONE) only to play with my son and some friends, and i too cannot connect to anybody’s game, nor can anyone join my game.
The connection times out with it saying “check network connection” or “the game you are trying to join does not have any free space”.
Neither of which is the actual issue.

I’ve read this has been a persisting issue for some people and have tried some solutions that have been posted on various forums, none of which work.

Any help would be appreciated before i return the game in frustration.