Fixing my life at last

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I’m getting the chance to finally fix my life.I’m currently at a homeless shelter called The open door mission. It Is a Christian run facilityand have a program here to called New Life program recovery which is a 9-month program which deals with recovering from addiction. I can get help for the abuse and the addiction I have developed to games and gambling money on pay to win games which led me to the predicament I’m in now. I can stay here for free for 9 months for they will help me get a car a job and a scholarship for college once I graduate it’s a religious based course but I don’t mind so much this has been a long time coming just keep in mind guys I will be out of contact for a good long time here at least for three months here in a but I will be able to apprise you here within 90 days.I don’t know if I’ll end up finishing the modera getting it working again once I’m done with all this or not but my main concern is focusing on myself and getting better this place has a brotherhood feel to it to me I mean it’s basically it’s men and women are separated into different buildings and I can bond with people here I mean it says I have everything I entire like I’ve never been able to fit in anywhere in this place I feel like I can finally do’s all about brotherhood in this place too that’s something I’ve always wanted a brother I got the relationship I want originally but lost a guy I bonded to.

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Good on you mate, God and his people will always help a man who accepts and welcomes such help.

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