Fixing Rath's Broken Lore

I don’t know if it’s the same with everyone’s lore, but can you guys freaking let kills on the jennerit count and register as SOON AS YOU GET THE KILL?? I’ve been at 490 range for literally days now, just stuck playing rath because I want to master him and move on already, but so many people surrender and it doesn’t count as me getting those kills and it’s stupid. Either that or my lore is just glitched…

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Uhm… did you kill 490 Jennerit PLAYERS? You can literally enter Void’s Edge, kill the first area and then jump off the cliff.


oh wow, it works with just regular ai? UGGHHH SCREW MY LIFEEE. But thank you so much xDD


I’d recommend the Renegade personally. It counts kills that your turrets get as well. I just did it for a Thorn challenge and I got around 400 Jennerit kills.

Oh my god you are a boss gettin all them on people lol


Right? That’s some dedication!

All hail the Rath ult. May the enemy team never have cc handy to counter it.

I’m sorry you only found out now lol

Wow dude. Just wow. You are one dedicated gamer. Somebody give this guy a free legendary pack

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Jesus, 490 dead Jennerit players as Rath? Nice.

But ya, pay close attention to what the various lore challenges say. If it’s “Kill Minions”, only the robots will count. “Enemies” is everyone and everything, and “players/Battleborn” is only people in PvP.