Fixing Temporal Distortion

While playing with Marquis I found myself rarely using Temporal Distortion because of its lack of effectiveness. When cast, enemies in the AOE would sometime not respond to the effects at all, simply running through the field. Even when it was cast with enemies already inside of the AOE the effect did not activate in time (maybe two or more seconds later) that’s when they would proceed to escape the AOE unphased. Making this more effective would greatly balence the reliance on Houdini.

Its pretty good when you apply the ally movement speed to it through the helix. You can save it for an elusive maneuver or as a way to push your minions.

Whilst i agree it is quite lackluster, I’m always hanging out for helix upgrade that adds DoT affect that really does help. If my position is getting overrun with minions I’ll pop the temporal distortion for slowing and DoT then finish them off à la pistol

I found myself using it whenever possible. But I will say that its effects are much more noticeable after upgrading it a few levels. At level 10 it feels like everything is easier to crit. Some enemies are just plain target practice.