Fixing the HW1 Singleplayer AI

So I think I’ve seen a number of people comment that the singleplayer AI does not work same way in the Remastered HW1 Campaign as it did in the HW Classic Campaign.

Some examples of this include not attacking you (such as in Galactic Core mission, where you never get attacked by the cloaked ships [note I’m not talking about the carrier’s forces; I remember they stayed back in Classic too]), or when attacking you doing so in peace-meal clumps rather than with everything at the AI’s disposal (such as in Bridge of Sighs, where approaching the Hyperspace Inhibitor’s causes the enemy fleet to only attack you in small groups rather than all at once). This has the effect of making the campaign dramatically easier.

For those of us who liked the campaign more difficult, does anyone know if it is possible to fix these AI flaws through modding so that the AI is more aggressive again?

Edit: I will add a thought I’ve had about what might be causing the AI to function differently, although I have no sources to back this up. This is just a musing that is probably completely off base, since I know nothing about how the Campaign AI’s really work in either HW1 or 2.

Is it possible that because of the way sensors work in HW2, the AI in the campaign doesn’t know where you are and that is why it attacks in peacemeal? IE: The AI sees you and starts moving towards / attacking you, but then as soon as the first group is destroyed the AI loses sight of you and forgets what it was doing.

I remember that in HW1 Classic the ways sensors worked you always had sight (generally) of your opponent’s location and therefore could always send an attack at them, even without having a ship nearby to spot them. Was this constant awareness of the player’s location what allowed the AI to always attack you with everything it had, and what might be missing here?

Regarding the sensor thing you mention at the end. This is still in place in single player on the 3rd last mission (you have to build the sensor unit to activate it) so the HW:R engine is capable of it.

Huh, I was under the impression that the AI has no Fog of War at all, and can always see where every thing is at all times, or is that just in skirmishes?

I have no idea. Hopefully later tonight I’m going to try and pick apart the campaign files and see if there’s anything I can do to make the campaign harder. I don’t know if the fog of war is an issue or not; I just remember that sensors worked differently in HW1 versus HW2, and now the campaign is running on the HW2 sensor method.