Fixing Zane's worst Legendary class mods

The three class mods I’ll be discussing are the Cold Warrior, Shockerator and Techspert. Just looking at the names of these I get an idea of what they are supposed to do but they are so lack luster in their abilities here is how I recomm me just tweaking their legendary specs.

Cold Warrior: Currently gives a random status effect when an enemy is frozen. This is poor on many levels. I would change this to
“Zane’s cryo damage can now freeze shielded, badass, annoited and bosses”
This would give CCC builds a chance on bosses to trigger and keep skills up. Now to keep it from being over powered the length of the freeze on enemies like bosses, annoited etc would be shortened greatly. Also this only works for cryo damage from Zane. So brain freeze, turret cryo and clone cryo would not effect but Zane’s cryo would. This would make all cryo Zane viable, so he would be a … Cold Warrior

Techspert: Currently gives a 5% chance to refresh drone. Let’s up the ante and says gives 5% chance to summon a drone. This means you can have two drones … or if you are a barrier and clone build… you get a drone too. Would have to figure out what mods to give it… maybe rng everytime it is spawned or maybe set rotation… cold and rockets one time and electric and radiation the next. However having 3 potential action skills out…Sounds like a Techspert to me.

Shockerator: this gives binary augment and shock damage when clone is melee. Let’s up that ante. This wants you to swap and shock. So how about for 5 seconds after swapping everytime the clone takes damage he fires a lightning bolt at his attacker. Swapping over and over would make him a lightning rod for attention and … well lightning. He is the shockerator.

Thoughts and other ideas are welcome but this would put an interesting update to crappy class mods. Cold Warrior I particularly want as I was running it as my choice and Cryo/CCC Zane needs some bossing help.


Well, since absolutely everyone trashes these as i do (we only have so much bank space) they will either forever be trash, or they will revise them to make then actually viable. I tried everyone of them because i got some with godroll stats. But they just do not cut it over the Ice Breaker.

Iirc CCC can actually be triggered on bosses using Brain freeze, even though it doesn’t actually freeze them.
I’m also not sure if such a short freeze would actually make a big difference, outside of a very specific build. I’d argue that two things would be more important for the Cold Warrior:
1: Replace one of the current skills with Brain Freeze.
2: Add an Icebreaker effect - allow Zane to deal significantly more damage against frozen targets (or make cryo work for him like it did in the Pre-Sequel with frozen targets taking more critical and explosive damage)

I think one important thing about the shockerator is that they need to considerably amp up the shock damage either way. It only deals around 1k on level 50 and that’s just too little.


Actual freezing of bosses may break any of them that fly (especially GW as he is over a pit of nothing) as they would fall but as said above increasing brain freeze would help since that does trigger CCC. Increasing Cryo efficency may also be a good thing to add here.

Techspert and any other complete refresh of the timer should trigger seein red. It would make it still relevant with seein dead in the mix making that skill basically useless.

Having Techspert also grant an augment to the drone like shockerator so you can have 3 on it would be awesome.

Shockerator is weird as there isn’t much shock related synergy for Zane and the bonus points go to grenade builds. Im kinda lost on rebuilding that one and keeping the name. Personally Id rename it and make it more explosive based. Then Dopplebanger dramatically reduces Action skill cool down time even if done at end of skill. Also would help Seein Red Clone Drone builds.

GB only sends out OP mods or nerfs Mods, not buffs them.

(sorry but this has been on going since day 1 with no mention except for “all characters are in a good place”- GB)

I am specifically making buffs to make these good alternatives to seeing dead EVEN if seeing dead is nerfed.

Class Mods


  • The Melee Explosion needs buffed. I personally feel it should be switched to the cryo element
  • Additional Passive:All splash damage not caused by Zane is buffed in damage, while also having a chance to double in radius. DTF, Fractual Frags, Drone Delievery are affected
  • Finally, The Passive Skill Fractal Frags should replace Best Served Cold. 2 point in fractal frag would increase the throw chance to 60%. That’s fair.

Cold Warrior

  • When doing Damage(or crit damage) to a frozen Target, there is a chance to freeze an additional enemies nearby.
  • Frozen targets take 50% bonus crit Damage, 100% bonus splash/grenade/AoE Damage(i.e. explosive element). This is a Easter egg for the Pre-sequel
  • Additional Passive: Adds Cryo Efficiency


  • This mod would be alot better if Zane had Crit Damage damage bonuses in his internal tree.
  • New additional Passive: Targets under 25% health take increased damage(or just increased crit damage).


  • Buffing “Like A Ghost” as i described would help alot( i suggested it be made a kill skill or higher percentage chance for bullets to “miss”)
  • Additional Passive: The faster Zane Moves, he less damage he takes. Mod needs some damage reduction


  • Needs COMPLETE Immunity from cryo slowing.


  • The Passive Skills buffed should be Death Follows Close and Salvation and you can keep Rise to the Occasion from Barrier Tree.
  • New Passive: Drone gains 100% more damage and all augments gain 100% more effectiveness. Drone has chance to reset on kill skill at a 15% rate(or higher honestly).