Fl4k , action skill cooldown bugged/weird. Is there a workaround?

I’ve read about a bug with Head Count before (I think through Joltzdude’s videos).
There it was explained that it was only with Rakk Attack. That you could have ‘too much’ cooldown-reduction for the count to be confused.

There was actually a fix not that long ago about something with multiple charges and fl4k’s cooldown.

But I’m having weird cooldown issues while using Fade Away now (with the 3-shot variant). Sometimes the cooldown counter says ‘1 second left’ but then jumps to ‘5 seconds left’ again… ?

One moment after leaving Fade Away I can make some ricochet-crits and I’m right back ready to go into Fade Away, sometimes it takes like 20+ seconds for the cooldown indicator to even start counting again??

I’m 3/3 points into Head Count and I’m 3/5 into Eager to Impress, and I have around -12% from Guardian Rank.

Is there any known trick to get a consistently (short as possible :P) cooldown?

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Yeah I have similar issues with the CD on Gamma Burst. Sometimes I will basically get the entire CD back while Gamma Burst is active, then when it’s over, the entire cool down will go to 0. Other times this doesn’t happen at all.

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I’ve seen the countdown timer go ‘backwards’ from 2 to 5 or so, and I figured it was from a little bit of damage to my shield that made that guardian perk with the amazing action skill cooldown rate (“topped off”) stop working. If my shield were full, there would have been 2 seconds left on the timer, but when the shield was damaged, the cooldown rate slowed down such that there were actually 5 seconds left.

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and I figured it was from a little bit of damage to my shield that made that guardian perk with the amazing action skill cooldown rate (“topped off”) stop working

I might try with guardian rank disabled, see if that is more consistent. Will post an update.

That’s actually a great idea. I might disable that one perk too. I experience the same thing on my gamma build. I have 3 into head count and I also 35% cool down on my red fang mod. Maybe I dont need the guardian perk. I’m excited to try this out!

disabling the perk seemed to stop the ‘counting backwards’… I think, it’s hard to know for sure :).

Cooldowns would sometimes still be very long and sometimes be < 1 second… but I guess that’s intented with ‘chance to…’ on almost all the skills. (I have a chance to hit a critical hit, that ricochets, and has a chance to also be a critical hit, which has a chance to reduce cooldown, etc…).

I turned the perk back on, and equiped a classmod which gave me one point extra in Head Count.
And really, cooldown seemed to be way more reliable and a lot quicker… way more than that single point should give me I feel. So it might still be there is a ‘rounding’ bug somewhere, where 3 points into Head count just does weird ■■■■. And 1,2 or 4 points works better?

Anyway, this is in the patch notes of the upcoming patch in a few hours:

Addressed a reported concern that the Beastmast’s action skill cooldown reductions from Head Count during Fade Away were lost on action skill end

so I will test again after the patch hits :slight_smile:

Still happening September 2021