Fl4k and Amara Looking for Group for FUN

Hey there everyone. My Wife and I are looking for fellow vault hunters to run some arenas or anything else we can. Eastern time, we are looking for scheduled play on friday nights and saturday nights, we also have a social life and might not be able to be there.

We are not god mode endgame guru but we hold our ground.
I speak English with a French accent, my wife does not speak english but will listen (yes, she will)
We are in our 30’s and like to have fun, we are not looking for a hardcore, WoW style , grinding group, we just want to log on and have a good time with other players.

If anything In what I wrote speaks to you send me a PM and well talk.


I’ll play with ya. Hit me up sometime. I’m cst so it shouldnt be an issue.


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I will add you tonight

I cant find you, add me GT spytock

Will do

My woman and I both play alot. We would totally be down to play with another couple. :slight_smile: we would just have to schedule as she is going to school and works and my job demands alot of time. We are also in our 30s… Well I am she is a bit younger but we average being in our 30s almost. Lol

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