FL4K and Guardian Rank

Does anyone know if the Guardian Rank affects the pets as well? As in the health and damage ones? If not it would seem that the Master tree, at least speccing it solely towards pets, would be fairly useless towards pushing the higher Mayhem levels. I honestly thought there would be a pet specific one in there…

Guardian Ranks are shared between all characters no?
Having a pet specific one would make that tree less desireable for other classes.
Despite that I think speccing Masters tree solely towards Pets is’nt the way to go for Fl4k.
Maybe Pet AI and damage scaling is incredible at mayhem levels - I’d love to be wrong about that.
But from what I’ve seen so far that might not be the case.
One of those guardian skills could have an additional stat for your pet tho, that’d be nice for sure.

Fl4k has a pet tree? Imagine that, didnt notice that at all.

A pet specific bonus would make no sense, but I hope that some of the bonuses from the guardian ranks (like coming out of FFYL with full health) work on the pets as well.

Now, the best way to have made this happen is if Pet HP was based on a formula involving Fl4k’s HP.