Fl4k and his lack of green tree class mod

I truly hope the new class mod in the 1st dlc does something with fade away. It is GREATLY needed since literally all other classes have legendary mods that support the different skills in each tree. Nothing truly supports the green tree on it’s own.
I dint have any ideas as to what they can do besides fade away passively gains certain augments or kills increase duration if using gitm or shots allowed if using regular fade away but something is needed.

I do truly like the idea of it extending duration especially the one where if a shot kills a enemy cuz that would make non gitm pretty solid with a strong sniper or heavy weapon. Anyway that’s my idea anyone else think this

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I’d prefer if a mod was made for the green tree it would focus solely on promoting a non-GitM Fade-Away build. Maybe adding an extra 2-3 shots to base fade away before decloaking or doubling the current values for all base bonuses.

They can do a bunch with the green tree but definitely the green tree is the most boring of all 3 trees (It’s also the best, currently).

The closest so far is the DEADEYE COM, but it certainly doesn’t scratch that itch. Most green tree COMs are tank oriented. It would be cool to have a COM focused on the DPS skills in the tree.

I would love a COM that boosts Furious Attack, Overclocked, and Turn Tail and Run. Just a bunch of fire rate and gun damage.

If they make one that truly made a great sniper tree that would be dope. Have hive mind on it, hidden machine, then the one where standing still boost dmg moving reduces it. Then make it so killing enemies in fade away without gitm gives u a extra shot or something like that or make it boost unblinking eye by 50% maybe less so gitm isnt even more busted