Fl4k and Loader bot from TFTB

Does it seem to you that these characters are very much alike and perhaps this is the same character? And yet, if this is the same character, it will be interesting to find out what happened to his beloved Gortys?

I already dislike the voices of the Loaderbot enemies after listening to them for so long- I hope that Fl4k is just his own thing. Plus, it does look like FL4K is at least partially organic, but we’ll have to wait and see.

1: FL4K is non-binary with their pronouns. Loaderbot identifies as male in all their pronouns.
2: Different faces and limbs. (Though I will admit that LB might have updated)
3: FL4K wears the same symbol as Axton’s crew. Why would Loaderbot have it?

I believe FL4K is a completely new character that MIGHT have ties to Axton and/or is old unit.

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1: Source? If you’re talking about that one character portrait where “their” is used as a possessive, that isn’t proof of nonbinary pronouns.
2: True.
3: Who knows? Maybe loaderbot joined up with a DAHL PMC in the past 5-10 years that we haven’t seen much of.

1: Source is the “Game Info” page on the site:
"FL4K is a wandering robotic tracker whose cold steel heart warms only for their pet beasts. Amara beats bad guys into pancakes with her psychic fists… And Zane, the semi-retired corporate hitman… well, he’s Zane.

3: I suppose that is possible, but I’m guessing that LB and Gortys are probably together somewhere safe where they can relax.

Ah, got it. Chances are I’ll go with whatever gender FL4K’s voice actor is like I did with Zer0.

As for Loaderbot and Gortys, that’s hopefully the case. Loaderbot would be a boring character to play as lore-wise.

Realizing that Atlas produced at least two vault hunters, and Dahl as well if beastmaster is associated.
So, why didn’t we ever get a Hyperion VH?

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Honestly, I think that’s just a visual clue to tell us FL4K is a scavenger and his clothes are a mishmash of things he found lying around. I think it’s just a small easter egg to get people wondering, nothing more than that. I could definitely be wrong here and end up surprised, but I doubt the origin of the skull symbol on his jacket is even going to get addressed in the game. I’m thinking FL4K is probably going to be a mysterious character with a very vague background, just like Zer0 in BL2.

I could see that being the explanation, and I wouldn’t be unhappy with it being left at that.

As for FL4K’s background, I’d like it to be more than just another Zer0. We’ve already seen that.

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It’s possible that was just them being a scav. I’d like to think we’ll see a little lore about them as we got in BL2 with the gang in ECHOs. We shall see.

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Honestly, i hope that its not loaderbot. For me, he was pretty alright until the final reveal of who the stranger was in Tales from the borderlands, plus, four brand new characters as vault hunters seems best.

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I think you could consider Krieg a Hyperion VH. His current state is a consequence of the slag experiments. The other Vault Hunters with corporate backstories end with them leaving or rebelling. And The Doppleganger, who signed a twenty year contract to pretend to be Jack. All TPS player characters have Hyperion backgrounds in one way or another aside from The Baroness, and I could be wrong about that. I know nothing of her character.

I’m gonna answer this with a post I made concerning the characters. Of course, it’s my own speculation, but this was as close as I could get to a reasonable conclusion to the character.

From the Commander Lilith DLC, it’s confirmed that FL4K has already been around for awhile. Already they were somewhat of a little legend among some bandits on Pandora. Despite popular belief, I don’t think FL4K has any ties or connections to Hyperion. Yeah, they have an exoskeleton similar to Loader-bot from Tales, but it’s possible this A.I. could have existed during the colonizing times of Dahl. One of my reasons for this line of thought, they’re wearing an old Dahl jacket. It’s not one I’ve seen on any other NPC, could have been an old discarded uniform jacket that had been phased out by Dahl. Dahl itself is a military like corporation, it wouldn’t be surprising if they acted in occurence to the actual military.

They’d discard old assets in favor of new, better, and more practical uniforms to represent their corporation and colors. What does this have to do with FL4K? Well from these old Dahl clothing, it at least could pin-point the A.I.'s origins. I think FL4K is a native of Pandora, or was at least born/came into being on Pandora. As for the chasis the A.I. inhabits, it could have been something Dahl was experimenting with. Soldier like A.I.'s used in battlefields, much like Hyperion loaders, except Dahl had it’s own version. It’s possible that this plan Dahl had for smart, combative, soldier like A.I’s failed. This would explain FL4K’s invisibility cloak. Not saying these are exclusive only to Dahl, but the lost legion in TPS did have access to the technology. Dahl could have been trying to manufacture robotic A.I. assassins. But instead of being the ruthless killing machines they were meant to be, they got thinking, feeling, and concious beings like FL4K. As far as we know, FL4K is the only A.I. of their kind. I’m not counting Loader-bot because A.I. Jack in Tales said that the robotic endoskeleton was something of Nakayama’s design. Unless Loader-bot died, and FL4K took the endoskeleton for themselves, I find it highly unlikely that the two are related in any way.

So now we have FL4K’s legend, the old ripped and tattered Dahl clothing, and the history of inhumane treatment Dahl has inflicted upon their own people. Plus, the A.I. has the bonds of two creatures native to Pandora. A skag and a spiderant, and unless FL4K goes through their pets like disposable garbage to be thrown away once their use has been fulfilled, I’m willing to bet they’ve traveled with these pets for some time now. As for the Jabber…don’t know how they could have found that on Pandora. FL4K could have ventured off Pandora for awhile, until they answered Lilith’s call for help. They could be like Zane, and are only coming back home to Pandora after leaving to pursue their own thing. The only thing that puzzles me about FL4K is their motivations in wandering the worlds, and hunting the vaults. I may be missing something there, but as for everything else, I think FL4K has already existed for sometime now.

Jack’s doppelganger? Wilhelm is more freelance when we play as him but he becomes Hyperion through and through, and Nisha ends up working for Hyperion when she becomes Jack’s girlfriend. That’s 3 right there

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Everyone from Pre squeal was Hyperion.(Hammerlocks sister and maybe the sheriff weren’t) So were Ryhs and Vaughn ,when they started.

Oh yeah, and I always forget that cl4p-tp units are Hyperion, so there’s another one