Fl4k and Lob Domination

Hi I just wanted to share a quick (6min-ish) video explaining the build I’m using currently to absolutely abuse the stupidly fun/strong newly buffed Lob. Of course there are plenty of other ways to build Fl4k and most of them will kick ass with the Lob but maybe experienced players can get an idea or two from my style and maybe newer players will learn something.

There is nothing revolutionary happening here so there won’t be a write-up just a quick vid that does a very short explanation then goes into Slaughter Shaft dominance.


For bossing, the Lob pairs very nicely with Fade Away, which basically triples its damage, and because the projectile speed is so slow, all 3 shots in Fade Away will actually benefit off ASE bonuses.


Dang didn’t even think of that, good point!

I went and tested this out and something isn’t right about it. It definitely procs the ASE from my shield/nade but I don’t think it’s proccing the 100% weapon dmg ASE on weapon. It’s a night and day difference between FA and Rakk with the same exact build. With the Rakk way I don’t even need that 1 shotter shield and it still way overkills him and with the FA I can’t even 1 shot with it.

To be clear, it doesn’t seem to apply the 100% on the first shot (3 orbs) but it does after that. I noticed the same behavior when I was killing Agonizer. The first shot would be much weaker then the Rakk shot but after that it would damage as expected.

Weapon damage is calculated on the instance the weapon is shot, so it won’t benefit the FA shots. Elemental anointments, 125% badass and 125% splash are calculated on impact and will benefit though.

That said, your results are kinda interesting though. I had no issue 1 bursting Traunt out of FA with a basically unanointed radiation Lob (it was rakk attack anointed) which had a lower base damage, and I didn’t wear an amp shield. In fact, it was more consistent in 1-bursting Traunt than Rakk Attack despite the RA anointment.

Were you built into green tree for it? I’m using pure red/blue build. I’m not using the AMP shield normally btw don’t need it for 1 shots with the rakk setup I have at all I had just forgot it was on.

Yup. Red/Green with 3 points in Persistance Hunter. Megavore, Two Fang and a decently rolled DE4DEYE (Shotgun, splash and Torgue dmg). I also bothered to go kill the badass commando to grab TMDG.

Yeah I think that’s it just built differently my FA setup wasn’t able to take anything that would help boost FA damage in green tree. I’m using bounty hunter with Weapon Crit/Weapon DMG/Shotgun DMG . Also not using Two Fang at all because I made the build for SS/Takedown and it’s just not needed in there.

I wonder if Megavore has any unique interaction with this gun. I have seen Driver Amara and Speed Zane kills with this thing, and Fl4k somehow keeps up with them (specifically with the Lob) despite those set-ups conventionally having WAY more DPS.

Well Megavore is a true crit and nobody else can really crit with it so that would make sense.

Yeah, but with your spec, and assuming a maximum GR of about 15% crit, Megavore still adds up to about 40% multiplicative at best. So unless there’s some crazy RNG going on with the procs, Fl4k’s DPS should still be way less (especially since lots of your strongest skills weren’t active).

Honestly I’m not the type to question the math behind it. I just keep trying things till they work LOL.

Just to clarify how the gun is working, the damage ticks caused by the lob do not get fade-away crits, but do get megavore crits. So the crit damage aspect of fade does not do as much as you would hope.


Fun little clip of extreme overkill to melt Agonizer!