FL4K and new anointments

So I got this beauty tonight:

And my first thought was “how would this work with Deadeye and base Fade Away???” I won’t have a chance to test anything until tomorrow evening but I imagine the results will be very…murder-y?

I think there is a “on critical hit” anointment and more than one “while AS is active” anointment, so GiTM and Gamma Burst builds should have some new, fun options as well. What stuff has everyone found so far? Any new builds you’re theorycrafting? Share your discoveries here!

EDIT: incomplete list of new anointments, taken from this thread:


While AS is active:

  • Deal 75% more Weapon Damage to Badass, Named, and Boss enemies.
  • Constantly trigger novas that deal xxx damage.
  • Gain 200% increased weapon damage
  • Gain 150% increased grenade damage
  • Reduce incoming damage by a small amount

On AS Start

  • Activate any effects that trigger on shield break or fill (imagine this on a stop-gap for a Rakk build)

New ASE:

  • Spawn a healing pool for several seconds.
  • Create a cyber spike that damages nearby enemies

oh…oh my god


I got an M7 Yellowcake with the 200% while Action Skill Active. Was nearing the end of my Athenas run. Equipped it, went Fadeaway, walked up to Private Beans and killed him with one rocket to the face. Can’t wait to spend more time with it.

I also found a Transformer Shield with an anointment like “on shield break your next shot will be the shield amount of amp damage”.
Not a good shield for that sort of anointment but neat to see something different. O


This is only cool as long as the Stop-Gap’s effect is activated on AS begin without the shield actually breaking, right? I would think this would only be cool as long as Fl4k could get the immunity effect of the shield without the shield being fully depleted.

I haven’t see a shield with this anointment yet so I don’t know.

Yeah so until this gets fixed it is always active on any enemies with no health bars. It absolutely crushes M10 True Takedown. The OP Anointment of 300% damage against enemies above 90% health.


Added new info to the OP and removed the elemental explosion anointment since it’s Gunner only.

According to this reddit thread, that is indeed how the anointment works. It’s time for RAKK ATTACK TANK BUILDS my dudes

LMAOoooOO that’s nuts, thanks for the info. Gonna jump right into M10 with this Krakatoa now…

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That it 100% not true. I’ve tested it, @twoPIZZA, and @Prismatic also came to the same conclusion.


Thanks for the correction! I’ll edit the OP. Didn’t think to look for more confirmation/proof but I’ll keep it in mind for the future–maybe add a “unconfirmed interactions” section as more observations are made.

Has anyone seen Beastmaster-specific anoints? Have only seen one class specific anoint, not heard of any others. Seems weird to only have one class-based one but w/e.

No problem. I just hate misinformation.

If your are curious how the anointment works the gun looks as what ever the “base” bar is. Humans is health, robots armor, Guardians shield and if there is a bar on top of it the gun will get the full buff. This is great for mulit-bar bosses like Traunt or badasses with multiple bars. It’s not that great on singular bar bosses like Graveward. It will also work on the 3 red bar enemies for DLC2. The first 2 bars get the full bonus damage and the last bar only for the first 10%. Also if an enemy gets their shield back after losing over 10% of their “base” bar, you will NOT get the buff.

It’s very similar to Maya’s Reaper and according to @Prismatic he believes it is a v2 buff.


Can confirm further for you OP. @13igTyme has it right.

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