Fl4k and their combat creatures

After deliberation, I am definitely going to be playing as Fl4k on my first playthrough. They seems like a really cool character, and their pets seem like they will add a fun new dynamic to the series. Unfortunately, however, we can only use one at a time.

Which one of their pets are you guys going to use first? Personally, I’m leaning towards their Skag, but while going down the Stalker skill tree.


Probably a variety of gunmonkey, since that’s the tree I’ll be headed down first.

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As of now I think I’ll try out the spiderant first, since I really like the Hunter skill tree. I dig the rakks (the more pets the merrier! Plus, maybe they’ll give some sweet Bloodwing vibes), all the perks you can attach to them and the survivability the spiderant provides.

That and I also want to reach The Most Dangerous Game as soon as possible: now that we’ll have to buy SDUs from Marcus, I think I’m gonna need all the money I can get.

Spoiler alert ^^^^^^
The jabber I’m going with at first because, like Maya; crowd control, that cool lil dude is shooting all the guys while you focus more your play style because you have the advantage of focusing on close range or far range enemies.

Plus that skill @ 26:53 - 27:03 makes it REAL nice when something’s chasing you

My god, FL4K keeps getting better and better. :heart_eyes::drooling_face:

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Stalker Treeee

Probably switch them around a lot, but I plan to go down the trees that which have jabber and spiderant upgrades. Of the two I dig the movespeed given by the jabber, but sharing health from the spiderant also seems cool.

Skag!!! I want that skag pet soooo bad hahahaha

I will eventually get to the Jabber, but right now it will be my last pet that I build with, to be honest. I get really nervous not knowing the mechanics of the things I’m playing with, and that’s a brand new species haha I’ve never even seen how it attacks ME so it’s a little hard for me to visualize how I would use it in combat.

I recognize that some people enjoy throwing the pet out and letting IT do its thing while the player does their own thing. What I want is to build a little more synergy between myself and the pets for a little more “back-and-forth” type of “awareness” (I know it’s an AI and has no awareness haha). I love that BL3 seems to offer a little of both options through the passives and kill skills!

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Fl4ks pets are like your companion in Far Cry 5, they never go away! always by your side! I’m renaming my Jabber - Cheezburger in honor! :joy::joy: perfect name for a Beefcake :hugs:

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Can I vote for Chazburger?

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Im still early on in my Fl4k character, but so far Ive been favoring the Jabber. (I named my Jabber “Agro-Vader” cause he loves to pop his gun off just nough to piss a bunch of psychos off, then have them all start running toward me. Lol.:grin:) I’m liking how the pets always out, but I don’t always want to kill every psycho/ baddie I come across. Im still to early on to say which pet will work best for my playstyle, but I’m really liking all three so far. :grinning: