FL4K and ZER0 are Hyperion experiments

Me and my brother were talking the other day, and when FL4K first meets ZER0 he says “something familiar about that one”, meaning FL4K has seen him around before. My brother (who is 20, and a year older than me) mentioned they both have numbers in their names. So maybe they both are Hyperion expirements, and there are 5 of them, since 0-4 is 5 numbers. And FL4K always mentions DEATH when he’s killing enemies, so maybe DEATH, spelled like D3ATH, is the 4th Hyperion experiment. Anyone else think about this before?


Good theory, you are correct that FL4K said that when they met ZER0 for the first time. They must have either met before or perhaps FL4K met another similar character that ZER0 reminds him of.

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Ist Zer0 nicht Menschlicher Abstammung?

I agree that first dialogue between fl4k and zer0 was interesting and did make me thing, I dont know about your theory about death though, I think he does that because fl4k was a help bot before.

btw, that brings me to the point, there is an echo to be found on sanctuary with a dialogue between fl4k and his older master, something about fl4k was requested to make tea and because there was no milk fl4k used some type of snot lol. So this makes me question if he was actually hyperion owned, because I don’t think so.

Fl4k’s voice lines all surround about him being a simple help bot that secretely wanted to go after some blood, he constantly brings up death as that enjoyes him I think, he also has one where he says; ‘I like to spill your blood as I don’t have that’ or something like that.

Was zer0 even hyperion owned in the first place?

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Sry My English is realy Bad sry xD ist Zero Not a Human?

Zer0, like fl4k, only has 4 fingers. Maybe zer0 is hyperion owned.

And yeah, fl4k is obsessed with killing. So maybe he just means death, death

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But Katagawa Steak His Costum! :thinking:


If youre refering to zer0, i think he recreated one. Cause it shows mailwan on it

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In that same Echo Log FL4K seems to go away for a little bit of time that he comes back and says something like he also became self aware and has a murderous thirst for blood suddenly as if he was ‘hacked’ or had his code altered by an external force/being.

Also ZER0 has never been determined as human or machine and I don’t think I know anything about his backstory either.

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Nah zer0 is definitely not hyperion owned, it would be very weird and doesn’t make much sense to me, even the speculation about zer0 being part of an assasination guild in the past and him not feeling challenged there made him decide to become a vault hunter makes way more sense.

Some people think Zer0 is part ‘stalker’ because 4 fingers, elbows are shaped weirdly and a very odd helmet shape that wouldnt be normal for humans + zer0 can turn invinsible the exact same cloaking effect of stalkers.

Hyperion stalker experiment. BOOM! Lol jk


But the fact that BL3 does this thing with ZER0 counters that theory about him being part stalker because it is his technology that allows it not himself.

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You don’t know that, I don’t know that either haha.
katagawa (or whatever this dudes name is) is most likely the richest guy in the universe as we know it so far, so it could be a copycat + improvement, he even says ‘this stupid zer0 tech!’ when you kill him, so it could mean either things.

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Katagawa doesnt go invisible at all too, or does he?

After seeing Katagawa with the zer0 suit I’m absolutely positive there’s a connection there.
Now, whether that means zer0’s guild is part of maliwan or not is debatable.
I also think Katagawa’s sister ties into this too. Why did she have to conceal herself entirely with that lance suit? Because she has an exoskeleton-suit grafted to her body that makes her immediately recognizable.
Now, I concede Katagawa can’t be an assassin, he’s too clumsy and dialogue doesn’t support it. However, he may have taken the suit from one of his freshly murdered siblings that is an assassin, updated it to fit his liking, and went to get promptly killed by me.

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She wears the Atlas soldier uniform to hide herself from Katagawa. If she didn’t have the uniform on, Katagawa would’ve killed her already. At least I think

There are echos of Angel telling Jack about Zero In part 2. They didn’t know anything about him.

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