Fl4k annoints and skill trees, and how underwhelming are

Copy from my reddit post.

I will be blunt, Fl4k annoints are so repetitive to play… only ASE things and full gammaburst builds are viable or remotely fun tu play… Rakks are so damm broken splashing to anything but npcs, and some of rakks annoints are a copypaste from general four classes annoints, like 100% WD ASE vs 100% damage recieved and 50% crit vs 25 % critic on ASE. There is the life steal too… Also, the different types of annointeds on fl4k are straight quasi garbage… Who the ■■■■ want novas to proc on fade when you use it to nuke and run away or directly run away? Who the ■■■■ want accuracy and handling on mayhem 3 or 4 where almost all maps are medium to small and life or death is decided in mere seconds and all damage is so inflated? WHO on ■■■■■■■ hell want an extra charge of rakk attack? who wants 8% movement speed when we have snowdrift? and of course, ai pet still dumbass as ever, ■■■■■■■ too slow to fire his attack command and half time missing or shoting/charging to walls and ■■■■. Also all useful generics annoints are ASE, and 2 of 3 skill trees do synergies with its talents while ACTIVE except rakks… seriously, I bought deluxe super nice edition with all dlcs included and ■■■■ cause im a huge fan boy of this saga, but dudes, all improved gunplay on this game is being reduced to meh by things u did so much better in all previously games.

Also, why Amara is the only ■■■■■■■ vh with 12 different annoints for her and the others get 10?

Who uses while airbone annoints?

I main fl4k and i will do forever, but sometimes playing with the others VH’s is so nice and fun…

Also I don’t know who thought is a good idea to do a potpourri where all three trees have… gun damage? kill skills? handling/reloading/critics interaction? health regen in 2 of 3? and flat damage and pet damage… so many bad designs options, is like you put together half a char decently and the other half is just things glued together without two thoughts given prior…

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Again me

Who ever said three versatile skill trees was bad?
I’ll wait.

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Said the amara main?

Are you high? I’m a Fl4k main, I did used to love her but now Moze is my #2.

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I see, so, dude, just tell me on what build and what items do you use +8% speed and handling/accuracy while on fade? I assure you I’m supper curious.

I think you’ll need to list skills for me to know exactly but ballpark any build that gets aggro loves them some accuracy and handling along with I think 15% speed from fast and furyous + Jabber. If I have a build that lays back you notice the handling from ambush predator.
If you list some garbage skills I’ll let you know when they’re good, not dominance.

cries in blue Capstone

I swear I’m only using it out of pure stubbornness at this point.

On to my reason for being here : Hand Acc Fade Away anointments.

My understanding of fade away is that the auto crits can and do stack onto a natural crit. So let’s grab our favorite high rate of fire gun and go for gitm. With handling and accuracy, we can have a pin point crit Cannon. But what about shotguns and a non gitm idea?

Grab a Hellwalker. Accuracy and handling can pump those three shots deep into skulls.

Accuracy and handling are secret sauce in this game. My cast Amara can bring a Hellwalker and Maggie reticle down to almost pinpoint status, and it makes me more potent. Same here.


Is there a problem with being an Amara main? You’re posting in a public forum so everyone’s opinion should be welcome, right?

I’ll point out that certain VHs share anointment effects. For example, Amara and Fl4k share accuracy and handling anointments while Fl4k, Amara, and Moze have AS nova effects. The condition of having two or three highly effective anointments while others are considered weaker isn’t exactly unique to Fl4k. Most of them are repetitive in use and need to be applied multiple times throughout a fight.

You ask why Amara has two extra anointments but two of them are entirely melee-focused and having more isn’t necessarily a good thing. It further dilutes your chances getting one you want. Does it matter that Amara has 12 when only 2-3 are considered effective outside a niche build? That same build (and all skills associated with it) would be dead in the water on higher mayhem levels without them so it makes sense to put them in.

I’d have to disagree about elemental ASE being the /only/ useful generic annoints. It depends on what I’m going for build-wise but I do think some of them could use a small boost.


Aside from fetishes the only way to justify the skill is it we get UVHM or mayhem 8.

I do have a Fadeaway build that uses it for shiggles.

I was going to say exactly this.

ASE 100 are also good on flak. My ASE 100 invitation trumps my ASE 50 shock on almost all cases.

And at least with Flak you can make use of ASE anoints. Zane basically has one good anoint for each slot.

When I first got it, it was hilarious. Possessed Possessed Wraith was funny to me.

Now…it’s borderline detrimental to my build, but I don’t even notice because I’m really set up in a bunch of ways that make it just “well, that happened”

I’m still waiting for the day they decide that the enemy you capture automatically takes all aggro off you. Except, as a melee attack…not great range there.

I like it. I’m just sad it doesn’t feel useful.

Fl4k doesn’t appreciate being referred to with the term “his”

Sorry I misunderstood and thought you were talking about skills, which I was confused about the numbers, but as stated earlier you can turn a gun into a laser with accuracy while in Fadeaway because those crits stack on real crits, also I would love a band of sitorak with movement speed for a gammaburst build.

Plus 1 rakk attack charge u cab use in crit build it will trigger all 50%elemnt dmg anoitnents even if you’re not usibg rakk attak it will trigger right after you swap on thay weapon wit rakk ant

Yeah all of you say over what im suffering, only 2 good builds and one mod for fl4k, the other thing is there to have a chuckle or too and just that, whereas the other VH’s, even Zane that was the worst, with the new content and skill points are thriving with NEW WAYS OF PLAYING but Fl4k and Moze too to and extend, lacks totally in terms on diversity to have USEFUL fun on mayhem 4 while farming. And amara simply having melee annoints when fl4k have one ■■■■■■■ capstone with a gimmick to melee not is simply disheartening.

I’m not sure how the shield works but couldn’t the projectile from the shooting star shield trigger Dominance?

Well also facepuncher should trigger it like the sticky grenades and dont…

Actually, Facepuncher will. But here’s what would be wrong with shooting star.

You punch enemy. It becomes Dominated. The Meteor hits. Nothing.

This is why my white elephant is only useful when Dominance fails.


Well that’s just flat out wrong, I guess if one YouTube channel but in reality I see plenty of builds based around the 3 action skills that can solo endgame content.

Still new to Moze but I can clear the slaughtershaft and scaled down takedown with a rough rider build that’s not using the best guns so I’m not sure why you would think those two have limited diversity outside of meta YouTube builds.

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See I was hoping it was a melee override.