Fl4K as Lilith (Phasewalking tribute)

So this isn’t meant to be a game breaking build or anything and I’m probably not the first one doing this but I realized that FL4k can be made into a pretty good copy of our favourite phasewalking siren.

This is a rather unconventional play style for Fl4k but I could surprisingly melt Annointeds on M1 by just standing there and melee them. If anyone has suggestions how this could be improved let me hear them.

You just need:

  • Red Suit (best if roided)
  • Unleash the Dragon

EDIT 3: Fixed thanks to @DankRafft

There, you can now go around killing enemies and causing chaos by just walking around the battlefield.

Edit 2:

Edit 4&5:


Just curious why a red suit?

@sammantixbb Well, this build tries to best emulate the famous “infinite” Phasewalk build for Lilith and her trademark attacks while still being playable.

The Red Suit always emits a radioactive aura thus mimicking Radiance. This coupled with the Unleash the Dragon (Phase Strike, Phoenix and Siren elemental powers) makes it so you can just walk between a group of enemies “tagging” them with the strong fire DOTs while also infesting anyone around you (melee attacks don’t end Fade Away).

All the weapon damage buffs are for heavy SMG spraying because the goal isn’t to use Fade Aways shots till the very end thus safely applying DOTs as long as possible. This and all the crit skills are to get Fade Away back as soon as possible.

And the health regen, of course is Inner Glow.

Initially I wanted to use Guerrillas in the mist so that you can just spray your SMG while cloaked. I didn’t realized that it shortens Fade Away till testing it.


OH I forgot it had the Aura part. Damn.

The rest makes perfect sense, but actually the explanation was preferred too. My friend is a Fade Away ButtStab Fiend, so I’m aware of most of the mechanics, just absolutely lost the map on the Red Suit. I thought it was just Immunity!


That fact alone makes me wanna get a red suit for my upcoming Fl4k. They’re not using fade away, but I’m working out how to be the most Primal Beast Master Possible. This is actually a lot of good ideas to also accomplish that.


Well it’s a reward from the main mission where you retrieve Tannis siren reactor and drive with Vaughn. You should consider though that the Red Suit only has a capacity of 3000-5000 at Lv. 50, so I’m not too sure how well it will hold up without Fade Away.

Also I choose the Jabber so it will distract the enemies from afar and obviously the speed bonus (Phasewalk). The Scorcher also might work for more elemental damage.

Although it just dawns on me that this would be even greater if I choose the “Soldier” Jabbermong (SMG/Rocket Launcher) and rename him Roland, thus even paying homage to Lillths and Rolands relationship :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And lastly the Teal Appeal or Neon Dream skin for the Siren tattoo glowiness.

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The link for sure doesnt work. Opens to a blank flak tree

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@BearlyKhan Hmm, weird but thanks for confirming. I will write it down further down.

Small Update: So I realized that just like Deception grenades don’t count as shots, so you can probably choose a Stormfront for more elemental goodness OR even try the Red Queen and get some criticals with the red laser and hope for even more action skill cooldown BEFORE even firing shots.

Also I started a new FL4K just for this build and it is rather powerful very early game, rather than trying to land this 3 crits you can just go around and melee kill 5-10 Skags/Psychos before using your shots. EDIT: Disregard this, I was trying out easy. Still can’t hurt to wittle them down a bit.

Will also add this to the OP.

Fade Away / Gunslinger Jabber / Until you are dead, Not my Circus

Self Repairing System 5/5
Furious Attack 1/5
Eager to Impress 5/5
Lick the Wounds
Turn tail and run 3/3
Hidden Mashine 4/5

Persistence Hunter 3/3

Leave no trace 3/3
Second Intention 5/5
Interplanatery Stalker 5/5
Head Count 3/3
Hunters Eye 4/5
Galactic Shadow
Grim Harvest 4/5

Personally I would skill till you reach the Gunslinger then change to Persistence Hunter and then completely finish the Hunter tree, lastly put the few remaining points into Hidden Mashine.

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I forgot does cooldown starts while Fade Away is active? Otherwise the Red Queen tactic might be obsolet.

Otherwise a Headsplosion or Lucien’s Call might work best to maximize the cooldown, although this is probably the case for any Fade Away build.

Here you go:

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@DankRafft Wow, thank you very much. Is there a reason this one isn’t working? As far as I recall all other of my build links worked no problem.

You just copied the base URL for Flak’s skill tree. It was missing the part after “…/fl4k/#-” that carries the chosen skills. This can sometimes happen when the browser doesn’t update the URL periodically.

This was your URL:

This is how it should look like: