Fl4k buffs needed

Give fl4k his power back just remove his nerfs he’s a God in the beginning while the other 3 were mortals now the other 3 are gods and fl4k the mortal there is no reason for this imbalance bring back his power

Nice bait


It’s no secret that FL4K, the lowest tier of the 4 characters, needs a buff.
But we don’t need buffs that take advantage of scaling bugs like the current Moze, or excessive buffs that are out of balance like Zane’s purple tree and some class mods.

Bring back the FL4K skills that were nerfed in the past.
As for Guerrilla, with the way it’s being used now, it needs to be even better than it was before the nerf to regain its popularity.
I’d like to see more snare improvements, purple tree improvements and bug fixes, loader AI improvements, etc.
I’m hoping for a solid buff.

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What bait im serious

Well the biggest problem is 4 sec with fade out bring back his 10sec

FL4K is seen by the overwhelming majority of the community as the character least in need of attention in either direction. You’re off base here.


Amara: “Hold my beer”

Fl4k’s the character least in need of attention, but Fl4k was a GOD among MORTALS before, I’m sorry Quag but Fl4 bad

FL4K really doesn’t need any buffs. Bug fixes, absolutely. They’ve always been held back by bugs more than anything. But buffs are 100% not necessary. FL4K still has way more than enough power to blitz through everything the game has to offer, and has the added advantage that process being done in interesting ways unlike some of the other VHs.


Nah… don’t touch our bot Gearbox.

Literally one of the only times they got balancing right in this game was when they designed FL4K lol. No ■■■■■■■■ mayhem scaling, no bandaid coms, no unintended interactions with any skills, no OP shiny purple tree. Just all around a great example of how to design a great borderlands class. Don’t turn Fl4k into Zane or Moze.


What about the purple tree? Aside from bugs.

I can almost fully agree, although I personally would like to have a slight bit of damage in their purple tree. People really overhate it, but I would love if the Gravity Snare did a bit of damage with each bounce. Do that and add the needed bugfixing. Although only bugfixing is needed. Fl4k has probably the best overall damage formula and the most flexibility in terms of gameplay styles.

Playstyles I have done the raid and takedowns with:

  • Guerilla-Fl4k
  • Pet Fl4k
  • Red Fang Fl4k
  • Volted Shields/Super Soldier Fl4k
  • Rakk-Fl4k

Sure, not every build makes all content a breeze, but it’s more than doable as long as your build is somewhat decent and you have good gear at your disposal. Even base game Fl4k can do the takedowns as there are more than enough good to great weapons in the base game, so unlike Zane, Fl4k does not suck if you didn’t throw more money at Gearbox.

Even Amara does not per se need buffs, but she is by far the worst vault hunter in terms of weapon damage and unless you use Phaseflare or Ties that Bind you will see how mediocre her damage output from weapons is.


Have been playing with Fl4k since day one, my favorite VH here so far (missing Amara from all 4). Has been through a lot with these constant changes, and apart from bugs Fl4k is in a very good spot.

Unnecessary changes start when VHs get compared with each other. Look only at the character your playing as.

Haven’t played with Zane and Moze since last changes happened in the last hotfixes, but some scaling was very off, making me not interested to play with them anymore for quite a while.
And no, sabotaging builds on the highest difficulty is not the answer!
Even if Fl4k was the weakest between the 4 in terms of how fast the content is cleared, it isn’t necessarily bad when the results overall are positive(besides purple tree). Fl4k is nowhere near what Zane was on release, just look at his style and synergies, and with that in mind, our Bot is in good shape.

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To be fair Gearbox would need to break a third of Fl4ks skills to get them to Zane’s initial performance. Zane was basically released in a beta state, and that’s putting it lightly. I still can’t wrap my head around how dysfunctional Zane was at release.

But I somewhat disagree about “not looking at other vault hunters”. You want a roughly even playing field, at least close enough that people don’t feel bad for playing a certain character. And for that it’s always good to at least buff the worst characters bit by bit and nerf others if it is absolutely necessary. As it is now I don’t think that too much is needed in terms of nerfs, more fixes than anything. The SuperSoldier shield for example needs to be properly addressed, but they acknowledged it, so a fix is coming. Moze could still use an adjustment to Fire in the Skag-Den and Big Surplus and Amara would still love to get more gun damage. There are still ways to balance the vault hunters and things that should probably be addressed one way or another, but Fl4k should not be part of that discussion. Fl4k, apart from a few bugs, is in a good spot right now.


I just think gravity snare could use a serious buff. This action skill is so pointless in its current state.

I’ve read again what I said, and just ate some words on the process :sweat_smile:.
As you mention, and It’s true that nobody wants to have a weak character, so comparing vhs isn’t so farfetched, and we see Zane as the prime example. I forgot to say “first” look at your VH you play as before jumping to comparisons.

However if making a comparison is the first element that comes in mind, then no one will ever be satisfied with the 1 VH that seems the weakest to them. Of course it’s never easy when there are so many things on the line, but I believe from a balance stand point, a structure is more important when comes to balance a character and we both agree that Fl4k is in a very good spot right now (apart from bugs).

With that beeing sad, I’m scared what gbx could end up doing with Fl4k if Moze and Zane are going to be the main base line to balance the character rather than understanding and look the position Fl4k currently stands.

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As imbalanced as Borderlands 2 was in the power level of it’s characters, they all had their spectrum and niche that they excelled at. And as long as there is enough of a difference between the playstyles, being the weakest vault hunter doesn’t have to be too bad if that doesn’t mean that said Vault Hunter feels weak.
For example, many people still think that Axton was one of the weakest vault hunters in BL2, but he has some of the craziest speedkills of BL2’s history. That’s a niche he really excelled at. And Axton was very well liked by the player base as a whole.

Fl4k has superb crowd control, making even most bosses almost blind to them. And since Dominance’s overhaul there have been 2 major tools that can completely secure your survival. That way a player can not only work with Dominance, but with the Red Fang class mod. It’s a great niche and it compliments Fl4ks excellent damage output perfectly. Fl4k also has some very specific but powerful synergies with grenades due to some class mods and even their burst damage is extremely strong. And Fl4k is really strong, even if you don’t own a single DLC as many of the better items for Fl4k are base game content. And they have a great arsenal of class mods, even in vanilla BL3 (obviously including Takedown gear).

Fl4k as a character is just very well-rounded. The only weaknesses are health regeneration as they have no lifesteal from skills, a lack of basic gun damage in the purple tree and the lack of any fancy exploit. But that’s also a good thing, which we see as Fl4k has had very few nerfs since release. Nerfs just aren’t needed, which makes playing Fl4k a very “safe” decision, unlike Amara who was at least partially responsible for multiple reworks, overhauls and even (1) removal of game mechanics. She has suffered a lot, but most of it was needed.

That’s also why Amara could use a buff, to get her by now almost exploitless self up to a better level. Because now with very few of those extreme interactions left, her baseline is just a bit low. But that’s very subjective. I know very well what she is capable of, but I dislike the idea of forcing DLC gear onto players. A vault hunter should be strong at their core and the gear should build up from there, but for Zane that just isn’t the case. And Amara is alright without DLC, but her purple tree as well as her DLC6 class mod and DLC gear in general really make a big difference. Too much so in my opinion.


Fair point. I just saw this

and assumed that meant undoing the LNT and GITM nerfs. Purple tree definitely needs buffs to be on par with the other trees, but anything from the base 3 skills trees does not need a change for FL4K to perform well.


Have you tried m10 it’s impossible with fl4k meanwhile the other 3 destroy m10 like they don’t exist

Brother fl4k can’t handle m10