Fl4k bug: Friend bot mod forces Fl4k to respawn

I’m not sure where put this as I cannot find a bug Megathread, so I’ve decided to put it here. I am going through the Guns, Love, And Tentacles; and I ran into a situation where both Me and my Skag were put in FFYL. I managed to get a kill off with plenty of time left, but afterwards Fl4k immediately died. I’m not sure if this is tied to it, but I believe that the Friend Bot mod is causing this due to the Second Wind going to my pet, I will attempt to reproduce the bug with, and without the Mod equipped; and report back.

Ran those tests, and it didn’t occur… It might just be me as I noticed that the timer seems a heck of a lot shorter than I remember, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t have happened; It might be a rare bug. I’ll report back if it happens again.

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What were your mayhem modifiers?

I’m playing a lot with friend bot, never noticed such a bug. Maybe you got the death modifier on?

No, I was only on Mayhem 2; It might be a rare occurrence. I just switched to a different mod and I’m not sure if I’m switching back (I really like this bounty hunter mod!) But if I switch back and it happens we’ll know for certain… What made me believe this was a bug was that the FFYL time gauge was still on the screen whilst it preview Fl4k’s… Corpse? It was almost completely full…