FL4K Bug Megathread

Hello @Noelle_GBX,
Below is a list of bugs or awkward interactions the FL4K player base has encountered. We’re in the process of acquiring video evidence for the bugs in question, but in the mean time, could you pass this list along to the dev team?

Also @Psychichazard could we have this thread stickied?

Making this thread to compile every bug for the class in one place. Hopefully, putting everything in one place will make it easier for the Devs to identify and fix bugs.

I’ll list each bug, the conditions of its appearance if we know them, and any threads or videos on the bug.

If anyone can provide video evidence of any of the bugs in question, it would help a great deal. And please list anything that you find as well! We’ll @ the community manager once a comprehensive list is compiled, because I know I’m missing more than a few.


  1. Sometimes upon activation, Gamma Burst will immediately go on cooldown without doing anything.

It occurs when an action (ex.shoot a gun ,reloading gun) is immediately performed after Gamma Burst is activated and before the pet teleports, given a low enough FPS.

  1. Dominance takes multiple melee strikes to effect enemies, and they may not be effected for the full duration of 12 seconds.
  1. Hidden Machine procs extremely inconsistently, not activating even when enemies are clearly shooting Fl4k’s pet. Only seems to activate on enemies that are not aggroed at all.
    Melee FL4K math - Hidden Machine is weird
  1. Jabber skill descriptions never update to reflect Barbaric Yawp values.

  2. The Cutsman SMG does not proc guaranteed crits in Fade Away. Only regular headshots register as crits despite Fade Away giving guaranteed criticals.

  1. St4ckbot reset tests after latest hotfix
  • Non-crits from a gun: resets it.
  • Non-crit splash from a gun (like OPQ’s spawned explosion): resets it, but if it crits it won’t. In the case of OPQ that’s only achievable through Megavore.
  • Grenades in general: don’t reset it. - Hunter Seeker: resets because it counts as a gun damage source.
  • Barrels: if the impact that hit them was a crit (Fade/Megavore proc), it won’t reset (will actually stack). If it wasn’t, it’ll reset. The barrel’s explosion does not reset the effect anymore.
  • Shield Novas and Stinger: don’t reset it.
  • Reflect shields: resets it.
  • Melee/Face-puncher: melee does not reset it. Face-puncher can’t reset or stack it (even if on Fade), but benefits from the gun damage increase.
  • Artifacts: don’t reset it. Includes Static Charge, White Elephant and all the others.
  • Going into FFYL: resets it.
  • Fast traveling: resets it if between zones, but not on the same zone.
  • Mayhem Modifiers: needs testing.

Thanks @Ratore

  1. Enemies can still target Fl4k while they are invisible in Fade Away.
    https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/t/just-thought-id-make-yall-aware-fade-away-is-now-bugged/3802846/7~Moved back in since there are still numerous reports of enemies tracking FL4K while invisible.

  2. Hunter’s Eye issues:

  • Hunter’s Eye is not correctly listed a Hunt skill.
  • Crits on humans coming from Megavore do not get the crit bonus.
  • Some human and beast enemies do not count for the skill’s boost. Damage reduction from beasts does work vs. bosses when paired with a Bounty Hunter Class Mod.
  • Evil Eye Zealots, Fervent Zealots and Badass Zealots are confirmed to not be human for Hunter’s Eye, and possibly other skills.

Video proof

  1. Gamma Burst /Terror scales off of base pet damage, not the final damage number. This means it does not take into account any modifiers that take place on impact such as elemental multipliers from the spiderants, Go for the Eyes, or damage increasing anointments. You can see below how Scorcher and Countess have the same damage added through Gamma Burst even though Countess deals 50% reduced damage vs flesh.
  1. Gamma Burst breaks other damage multipliers like Go for the Eyes and Splash damage. If you just have Gamma equipped (the Action skill doesn’t even need to be active) the splash damage anointment will never activate. Sometimes Gamma Burst seems to ignore Go for the Eyes, other times it is included in the damage calc. In some cases, Gamma Burst will outright LOWER your pets damage if you are using the splash damage anointment. Fl4k Critter Lab Video evidence
  1. The pet damage portion of Furious Attack, Interplanetary Stalker, and Most Dangerous Game isn’t effected by Big Game.
  1. Not the Face Mayhem modifier reduces pet damage by 75% on critical, dealing 25% of their normal melee damage. Holy Crit, though it is supposed to boost crit damage, has no effect on the critical damage of pets.
  1. As of 7/23 patch, the attack command damage of Spiderant Centurion, Spiderant Scorcher, and Great Horned skag are dealing 40-50% less damage.


1.Psycho Head on a Stick doesn’t activate at all.
Two Bothersome Bugs on FL4K
It does activate, it just doesn’t show on the bottom of the screen.

2.Gamma Burst’s cooldown stacks when used to revive the pet, adding 60 seconds every time it is used on a living pet. It can reach upwards of 5 minutes.
Two Bothersome Bugs on FL4K
Fixed in 11/21 patch

3.The anointed perk that gives an extra charge of Rakk Attack doesn’t always apply. Can be fixed by save/quitting or re-equipping the item.
Item Bug: Rakk Attack Stacks Fl4k
Not a bug. The anointment is only on the piece of gear, so when you switch you lose the extra stack. Should always work if you get it on non-weapon slots (if that is possible).

4.Spiderants use the Countess’ burrow attack command to move, dealing Corrosive damage to player vehicles when moving too far away from it.
Spiderant Spawn bug?
Both spiderants use the countess’ burrow attack as a movement skill. Vehicle damage is unavoidable if standing too close.

5. Fade Away- Guerillas in the Mist action skill augment lasts for 5 seconds in game, instead of the 6 second duration listed in the hotfix notes. The 6 seconds listed in the hotfix notes was a typo. 5 seconds is the correct time for GitM.

6. The Power Inside increases Fl4k’s Rakk Attack damage by 33% at full half and 16% otherwise, instead of the listed 50% at full health and 25% otherwise.https://youtu.be/82Lu6UGZkpo?t=165 This is probably just diminishing returns now that I think about it.

7.As of 11/21 Patch- Megavore isn’t proccing at all, or very rarely. Fixed 11/25 hotfix

8. As of 11/21 Patch- The Bounty Hunter COM is not activating the Most Dangerous Game. It only activates when shooting badasses now.

9. Beefcake Jabber Attack Command doesn’t activate during Gamma Burst.
Gamma God Build
Just tested. Commands do activate.

10. Furious Attack does not increase pet damage.
Borderlands 3 Hotfix [01/09/2020]
Fixed in 1/9 Hotfix

11. Receiving multiple reports that Barbaric Yawp does not work with Jabbers.
Others have tested and confirmed it does, but the tooltip never updates their values.

12. Furious Attack’s bonus is listed as 1-1-2-2-3 in game instead of the intended .6-1.2-1.8-2.4-3
Furious Attack Pet damage visual bug
Fixed in 3/12 hotfix

13. The armor damage portion of the Hunter’s Eye skill only gives half the damage listed. Fixed in 3/12 hotfix

14. 8. Attack commands don’t receive bonus damage from Gamma Burst.
Bug Report: Attack Commands don't receive bonus damage from Gamma Burst
Don’t know when it happened, but this appears to have been fixed. Fl4k Critter Lab

15. Rakk attack’s cooldown can become bugged out by headcount.
Fixed in 3/26 patch

16. Rakk Attack is crashing the game as of 3/26/patch. Multiple conditions for crashes reported, including use of the Rakk Pakk Class mod, and seems to be more frequent in those that bought the DLC. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=2oyy2L4E5FE&feature=emb_logo Fixed in 4/3 Hotfix

17. Most Dangerous Game doesn’t give any pet damage at all…
Most Dangerous Game does increase pet damage, but the pet damage doesn’t scale with Big Game.

18. Lick the wounds does not give the pet 30% damage when it revives the player.
FL4K Lick the Wounds Skill does not give bonus pet damage upon revive
Fixed in 4/23 Patch

19. Rage and Recover does not effect the pet, even though the skill says it does. Fixed in 7/23 hotfix

20. Rage and Recover is bugged and only regens about 1/3 of the listed value.FL4K Skills, Pets, Class Mods and Interactions: what could change Fixed in 7/23 hotfix

21. Headcount is currently bugged with Rakk Attack cool down. It doesn’t decrease cool down even when scoring critical hits as of 4/23 patchFixed 7/23 patch

22. Cosmic Stalker class mod “FL4K’s Hunt Skill Power is increased by 25%” does not seem to increase the “Damage” bonus that can stack on Interplanetary Stalker which is applied to the rakks. It does however increase the “Human Bonus” of Interplanetary Stalker by 25% which affects the Rakks.
The bonus damage portion of Interplanetary Stalker does not benefit from Big Game or the 25% bonus to Hunter Skills from the Cosmic Stalker COM. This applies to the pet damage portion of the skill as well.Interplanetary Stalker skill Bug: Please fix!
Fixed 8/6 Hotfix
23. Friendbot does not provide 20% bonus damage to the pets. Fixed in 9/10 hotfix


Does anyone have other bugs or observations to contribute?

This may or may not be a bug. I swear i always got targeted in FA, since day 1


The rakk attack charges bug is super annoying and discouraged me from using the skill


FL4K is sometimes able to be targeted by enemies during fade away.

Also isn’t having fade away lasting 5 seconds a bug?
Since it was stated in the patch notes that it was going to be 6 seconds by gearbox.
This is surely something I want them to fix.


Hidden Machine says it works on “damage” but I can’t get it to do anything to melee damage.

Guess it could have something to do with enemies targeting FL4K while they’re in Fade Away? I do get attacked SOMETIMES, but a lot of the time Fade Away seems to be working fine for me and I tested this with enemies who were ignoring me and attacking my pet and I still couldn’t get any change to melee damage.

EDIT: Okay, I was wrong, just figured out that it does work on melee damage. But enemies count as targeting FL4K a whole lot even when shooting their pet or while FL4K is invisible. There’s something weird going on there. It’s hard to proc Hidden Machine unless you’re not aggroing enemies at all.

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Considering that a month 1 patch is probably coming soon, I’ll notify the community manager after the Columbus weekend to see what happens to some of these bugs.

Does anybody have any other bugs or issues to report regarding Fl4k’s skills?


I don’t believe the Bounty Hunter class mod does anything; there are no little hunt skill popups ever when shooting enemies which is just weird.

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Im not sure if it’s a bug or not, but Barbaric Yawp doesn’t seem to “update” the values of the Jabber pet to reflect how many points you put in it (i.e at 5/5 if you float over the G. Horned Skag you’ll see +15 Damage and +30 Gun Damage. the Spiderant will show 3.0% h/s etc

but the Jabber stays at 5 movement Speed (doesn’t update to 15 movement speed). I’m not sure if it’s just a UI/display thing or if it actually isn’t applying to the Jabber.


Can you post a screenshot?

Which hunter skills do you have specced? It is a 3% chance and only on certain skills. Since we don’t have a test dummy, try taking a low level gun and just shooting Graveward for awhile and record the results however you can. If it isn’t proccing at all, that is definitely a concern.

Wow, I thought it didn’t work. It definitely works against graveward; using a Torgue shotty with 18 pellets I successfully procced Furious Attack x10, Interplanetary Stalker x3, The Most Dangerous Game, and Second Intention. Every skill except Frenzy (not a Hunter Kill Skill) and Psycho Head on a Stick [bugged but should trigger].

Weird since I remember doing a Slaughter Shaft and none of them popping up. I’ll go there and see if I can get a screenshot.

EDIT: Yup, it clearly is working exactly as intended. I must have gotten unlucky before and not paid attention. It only doesn’t work on Psycho Head on a Stick (which doesn’t proc on kill anyways). Thanks for asking me to check, otherwise I would have kept spreading that lie.


Great work making a list of these issues man!

It’s hard to say whether this is a bug or intentional but the ability of the cosmic stalker class mod “FL4K’s Hunt Skill Power is increased by 25%” does not seem to increase the “Damage” bonus that can stack on Interplanetary Stalker which is applied to the rakks. It does however increase the “Human Bonus” of Interplanetary Stalker by 25% which affects the Rakks. I covered this in my video where I discussed the damage mechanics of the Rakks but there’s an inconsistency with the Rakk’s receiving a damage boost from the Power Inside skill which uses the term “Damage” while not receiving a % boost from the damage buff that the class mod ability applies to interplanetary stalker “Damage” stacks.


According to Demonite’s recent video, Hunter’s Eye buff to armored enemies is bugged and only increases damage by +3% per level (as opposed to +6%).

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I’ve had instances where frenzy didnt work at all. Pet would be doing damage and it wouldnt stack.

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Tired right now, but will update sometime tomorrow.

Hello everyone,
So recently, especially since the halloween update flak seems to be extremely bugged in several ways.

Oh so many times upon activation, Gamma Burst is not doing anything at all and instead directly goes in cooldown. No buff no pet no nothing.

Further on i was running into a new problem where a hunter skill wouldn’t activate at all when my pet deals damage (the raging one, don’t know the english name of it, sorry)

Going on with healing the pet through damage dealing seems to be partially not working correctly, maybe it’s just me… need further investigation at this point but something feels weird about it.

And another one i have pretty much ever since release is that occasionally my pet kinda freezes in place and wont do anything, which is kind of an anoying one since obviously as a pet master i need my pet to move in action.
Petting seems to reset it though.

I hope theese informations are useful in any way.
Good day everyone

Does your pet tend to freeze more so with Gamma Burst?

For Frenzy (the one that activates when your pet damages) is best to spec a point into He Bites! because it will Proc it constantly.

I do not know if this is just fl4k or universal since I am only running a fl4k right now

but I cannot mark items as starred or trash on the backpack side I have to move items to an equipped slot to mark star or trash.

Also, the jittery frame rate problem has increased feels a bit more closer to crashing. This is since the latest hotfix/patch. Fl4k ps4

I haven’t noticed a certain pattern for when he freezes. Sometimes just like that and i also had it after teleporting via gamma burst…

The points in He Bites are well known stuff. Got that skilled… thats nor the problem. Before the halloween update i never had a problem with stacking frenzy.
The thing is that now it wont trigger at all… i tested this just a few hours ago. Letting only my pet deal damage in the middle of a little group of enemies… nothing happened. To be fair, it is not a constant problem… after restarting the game session it was working fine again but it seems that something unknown to me yet can happen to cause this bug

This is not only you. A friend of mine and myself having the very same problem

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