FL4K Bug Megathread

Added the Rakk bug. Was hoping it would be fixed in a hotfix immediately after, but hopefully it will be addressed this week. Let me know if my understanding of the bug is incorrect.

Talking with someone on Reddit and my experience with it, certain enemies with the new dlc and COV enemies cause it crash. And using another mod prevents the crash. So it seems like the original glitch with COV is back plus more. A third person says it’s always crashes when the Raks hit one of the “blue screen of death” enemies.

I just know of a certain spot in Skittermaw Basin when your on a bridge and the wolves spawn out their homes I can make the game crash everytime there. Just from letting the raks leave my hand.

If I can figure out how to share from my ps4 (never attempted to) or film it on my phone I can upload some video for you.

Edit- I think phone is the way to go because how can I hit share if the game is crashed. Lol

You can change Skills on the fly, with no cool down penalty, FYI. You just have to wait for the active skill to finish, before switching to another. So, you can switch to GB, toss your pet through the portal, and when GB is done, change back to FA with the skill ready to go.

Constantly going to menus to change is annoying, but sometimes, this is helpful to get through tough spots, bosses and etc. Just change your skill out as needed

I use GB exclusively for the most part, and have not experienced this yet. Enemy in cross hairs or otherwise. Were hot fixes applied by any chance?

Heres video of R4k P4ck bug.

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Can confirm R4kk P4k glitch still happening. I always get it at some point in Slaughter Shaft. I would say i’m impressed, but i’m not.

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@Noelle_gbx Bringing this Rakk Attack bug to your attention. Please pass this video along to the team.


Has anyone run Into this? I got a bug where all of FL4K’s pets are just tiny? Like their model is 10x smaller than normal? I have tried leaving the area, restarting the game, changing pets, nothing they’re all small lol. Any idea why this is happening? I am playing on steam for reference


Maybe an unintended preview of the new Mayhem 2.0 modifier. Instead of “big heads” we get “tiny pets” :-p
More seriously, no, I have never seen this. Xbox1, Fl4k main …

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It’s honestly really annoying lol. I don’t know what to do at this point, and I tried playing without letting it bother me but I can’t haha. Hopefully I can find a fix for this or something. What’s making me scratch my head is I was playing just fine and then suddenly TINY PETS lol. I’m not sure what caused it

Maybe check the calendar.

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Is it really an April fools joke? Lol. Kinda weird for it to be happening all of a sudden, I was playing for two hours before it happened and it was fine lmao

Okay it’s an April fools joke lol. Sorry all ! I feel dumb haha

I was searching all over for an answer. I feel dumb now lol


Heres an example of the R4kk P4k game breaking bug when fighting Krichidons in Cursehaven in Dlc2. I was able to duplicate this crash here 3 times. I believe the other area I’ve had the bug happen when fighting Krichidons is in the Skittermaw Basin trying to power on the gondola. Though I’ve farmed Kritchy about 10 times and didn’t have the crash once there.

A small hotfix happened just now and it should be a R4kk P4k crash fix. Needs confirmation if it actually fixed it.


They stickied it in a few threads but I haven’t seen anything posted anywhere.

Played a good amount with it and got no crashes.

Yeah me too, my rakks still bug out with targeting sometimes though rip

Updated to remove rakk crashing bug