FL4K Bug Megathread

Evil Eye Zealots, Fervent Zealots and Badass Zealots are confirmed to not be human for Hunter’s Eye, and possibly other skills.

Video proof (i had trainer immortality on to facilitate test: i confirmed it was making no difference)

I should be getting 3446 damage crits against all of those enemies. But i’m not. Megavore does not get the boost on any of them, including the ones that are classified as human.


Can someone double check whether the bounty hunter procs Psycho Head? I never see it activate with the COM. I’ve stood shooting Kevin for a minute straight with the Old Lob (3 shot burst, basically procced the COM at least once every trigger pull) and never saw the icon. I know the icon with Psycho Head is finicky, I just want to confirm.

Revised Stackbot entry.

Testing Lick the Wounds to check the fix.

Also, pets have their crit damage reduced by 75% with Not the Face, but there is no change when using Holy Crit for the 25% increase.

I knew the issues with St4ckbot were a lot deeper than the hotfix patch could fix.

Lick the Wounds is fixed. It now adds 30% additive pet damage for 1 minute after the pet revives you. Shame it isn’t multiplicative though…


Interplanetary Stalker still dosnt benefit from Big Hunt or Cosmic Stalker COM. Hasnt been fixed from release…


Changed entry 5 to “Jabber skill descriptions never update to reflect Barbaric Yawp values.”

Tested and confirmed that Beefcake’s health bonus does give the proper bonus.
Health w/ no skills and no GR: 10,874
Health w/ Beefcake only: 11,961
Health w/ 4/5 BY Beefcake: 13701

Base Health at lvl 57= 80 * (1.09)^57 = 10,874
Health w/ Beefcake = 10,874 * (1+.10) = 11,961
Health w/ 4/5 BY Beefcake = 10,874 * (1+ .26) = 13,701

Added Interplanetary Stalker to entry 13.

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Fl4k can gain Furious Attack Charge by own weapon splash damage

Anyone seen this before? I googled it but had no luck. I was farming Killavolt and to kill myself I was shooting my fire lob into the floor. When the shot didnt instant kill me and just hurt me I was noticing I was gaining a stack of Furious Attack. The tooltip says Hunter Skill- After shooting an enemy. So my question is does Fl4k view himself as an enemy and could this be part of why Hidden Machine is wierd?


Added a bug with Rage and Recover not healing for the listed value.

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@boombumr I wanted to comment about the Rakk cooldown bug. It previously has been reported that Rakk cooldown is bugged when used with Head Count. This is not news.

However (and unfortunately I don’t have video evidence of this because I don’t do videos), I would like to add to the bug list that Rakk cooldown is bugged EVEN IF YOU DON’T TAKE HEAD COUNT. I thought Rakk cooldown was only an issue if you spec’ed HC, but that is not correct.

Today, with 5/5 points in ETI, I had my Rakk cooldown timer freeze at 5 seconds for more than 5 seconds. To be clear, no points in HC, only points in ETI. My Rakk cooldown timer still froze. I have believed this to be the case for a while now, but could never have said for certain until today. But today I can say with 100% certainty that Rakk cooldown is just busted in general, not just because of HC.

I have not tried this yet with 0/5 in ETI (only 5/5), so it could be that ANY skills reducing Rakk cooldown do not work - not just Head Count.

Do with this info what you will. I have stretched the performance limits of BL3 on the Xbox One just trying to document it this far. But I am sure that Rakk cooldown in general - it is busted even if you don’t spec HC.

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I see this. It’s probably going to me a few days to get to testing though.

@Ratore Have you noticed anything to this effect?


I’ve never seen this, but can maybe try to imitate it somehow.

@boombumr @Ratore Sorry, was not trying to give y’all something else to test or anything. I just wanted to make sure to say this out loud (in writing?) because I have not seen anyone at all making this point. All I see is “Head Count bugged.” I actually think that either (a) Rakk cooldown in general is just bugged, or (b) cooldown reduction skills do not play well with Rakks.

Either way, good info for Rakk build users. Would prefer that GBX figure out the fix, but for now, I would suggest just staying away from cooldown skills if you use Rakk Attack.

I think this could be related to Topped Off - when you take damage while your action skill is on cooldown, I think it recalculates your cooldown based on your new shield capacity. From my experience, this can cause your cooldown timer to revert from 1s back to 5s, or even stall for a while. Its just more obvious with Rakk Attack because the cooldown is so short, but it happens quite abit Fade Away as well.


Excellent thought @darreltan2004, I will try disabling that GR perk. On one Takedown run today, I watched my cooldown timer freeze at 5 multiple times and stay there for at least a 5-count (I did not time it). Even while I was killing enemies, the timer still was frozen - even with ETI.

I get a similar interaction with Fade Away as well, could this GR perk be a bigger issue than we give it credit for?

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I’ve experienced something similar with Topped Off when using Amp Shields, but i’m not 100% on this being a bug.

Topped Off gives you 200% Cooldown Rate when your shield is fully up. Anything lower than max shield that and that bonus is immediately lost, so there might be some wonky things there.


This definitely was occurring for me while under fire. I was standing in the middle of the Kraken room just before the Valkyries in the Takedown. So my shield definitely was getting nicked pretty constantly.

I wouldn’t even have noticed it except for the fact that I went something close to 20-30 seconds without having Rakk cooldown back. So then I started paying attention.

It must be either Topped Off or ETI causing this bug, and I really don’t think it is ETI. I will do some more testing and see what I get.

Nope. It’s not the GR perk Topped Off. Or at least not that perk by itself. I just did another run with Topped Off disabled and am still getting the same cooldown bug.

So if it is Topped Off causing the cooldown bug (which was a fantastic thought, BTW), it must be some sort of interactional bug involving other skills/systems in the game.

Next thing to try is spec’ing out of ETI.

Maybe Topped Off gets weird when an outside source of CD changes it’s timing?