FL4K Bug Megathread

Anything stealth-fixed?

Testing now, but so far no

Here is an Athenas run at lvl 57 with no Groundbreaker. My max attack command went from 363k to 1 mil. This is AWESOME

The only sad thing is this damage gets massively outdone by Groundbreaker. It doesn’t really matter how much pet damage you build for. But there may be some shenanigans with Groundbreaker and Hollowpoint, who knows?

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Head count (cooldown) bug on Gamma.

I have reflux, and am doing crits like crazy. However, I can NEVER get my action cooldown to be less than about 30 seconds after pet goes away.

I can see it filling up (while action is active), even a couple times getting to the point where it starts the countdown… then as soon as action skill ends, it pauses or resets the whole timer.

Is this a known bug? I almost feel like I need to nerf the character and start a new one. I’ve seen tons of vids of people running this same build and they immediately get action skill ready…


30 seconds?! That’s not an exaggeration?

Just now timed one. 42 seconds.

That time I killed a number of things with Reflux, got it down to 26 seconds.

Is that a bad head count?

Would it be possible to record something? I haven’t heard of anything like this since the bug that extended cool down when used on downed pet.

If that is a bug (the extended cooldown) I have that one for sure. I figured that is just the way it is. But my cooldown seems to go through the roof when I use action to revive pet.

I can try to record it. I don’t have obs or anything setup right now… might have to do it with shaky cam or something.

What is a good location that should give me the best possible odds of having it work ‘correctly’?

I want to do my best to get the cooldown to zero under optimal conditions and still see how far off it is.

It was fixed a while ago though. I suppose any location should work for a test as long as it isn’t Sanctuary.

True. Although I was looking for a location where lots of mobs close together, that way I can try to get as many crits with reflux as humanly possible. Does that place in trashtopia with all the cl4ptr4ps respawn all of them?

Not sure, don’t have the DLC. One of the Slaughters should work for the base game.

I came darn close to filling it up and then as soon as the action went off, it reset.

For whatever reason, the quality is terrible, but start at the 19 second mark and it gets clear, just before the action skill goes off.

That looks about right. Action skills don’t recharge while they are still active. Once your Gamma Burst goes down it recharges again.

Shoot your reflux into mobs once Gamma ends. Your cool down should be really short.

Looks like stadia hadn’t finished processing the video, thus the terrible quality.
Here is (hopefully) a cleaner version.

So if I’m hearing you correct… I can whoop on them with my better guns and then as soon as my skill has gone off I switch to Reflux and try to lower the cooldown?


Ok. Will give that a try now.

Exactly. A few shots from the Reflux with chains should get your Gamma back in less than 10 seconds.

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I’m sorry if I don’t get most information across, new the forums but I had a question so I decided to look around and couldn’t find too much on it. Back when DLC 2 came out, the Tr4iner class mod would make the enemies on your side (like it says on the class mod) but I started using it again and noticed that it caused the enemy to regain full health and not become friendly. I looked up on a wiki to see and it was said that it’s a bug but does Gearbox know about it? I really do like the class mod and it kinda sucks how it doesn’t function correctly.

EDIT: Was testing out different things for a bit, dominance as a whole is bugged, I tested the main skill in Blue Tree and even the melee doesn’t activate the perk properly/at all.

Moved you into a likely thread; check out the OP for a summary.