FL4K Bug Megathread

I haven’t heard anything about this kind of bug with Dominance, but I think Glamour had a similar issue.
Would it be possible for you to get some kind of video though? It’ll help us to see what exactly the problem is, and if you end up submitting a bug report to 2K they ask for video evidence as well.

The behavior of Dominance changed with some patch/fix some time ago.

Previously, a Dominated enemy would change to your side, your pet would forget about it, its health bar would disappear, and you couldn’t hurt it.

Now the enemy is still on your side, but the pet still attacks it, the health bar is still there, and you can hurt it… I prefer the previous way. If you use the Tr4iner class mod now, the way it adjusts the enemy health to “full even though it will die” can look weird when you see the health bar, but the mechanic of it still dying at the end of Dominance should still be there.

The issue where some enemies don’t Dominate easily (like you have to melee them several times for it to stick) has been an issue throughout. Hitting them with a Facepuncher has been way more reliable for me. I really wish they would bring back the prior Dominance behavior.

My last run with a Tr4iner before they altered the behavior was in the Slaughterstar 3000, and it was wonderfully awesome. I’m legit curious if the behavior change was intended or accidental (am hoping accidental, and they’ll restore it when they can, and as I type this, I don’t know why I haven’t thrown in a ticket… tricky to show prior behavior without a video). :thinking:

7/23 Hotfix fixed pets not working with Rage and Recover. Also testing done by @Ratore concludes that GB stealth fixed the skill not healing for the full amount.

In other words Rage and Recover now works precisely as stated on the card. Updating OP.

Also, Headcount works with Rakk again, but I’m hearing that the old reset bug is back…Haven’t confirmed yet, but if you have please let me know.


It said in the patch notes they fixed rage values, why is that a stealth fix?

They said they fixed it for the pet specifically. Turns out that they fixed both. Maybe the pet part of the healing was bleeding into FL4K’s part of the formula and that is what was causing the issue?

@boombumr Whoa there fella! Are you telling me that GBX ninja-fixed RAR and HC (for Rakks)?

I am going to have to look at this when I get home to test. If RAR is fixed that could significantly help survival on the Rakk build.

I will let you guys know what I see too. If this was changed, BIG step in the right direction! Now they just need to make RAR a Hunt Skill so it can be proc’ed by Bounty Hunter and then it would be dope.

EDIT: if RAR and HC were hotfixed, that probably warrants a PSA-type post of its own in the Fl4k forums. Because if I hadn’t randomly just looked at this thread, I would have had no idea (which I am assuming would be the case for most players).

@boombumr @Ratore @vCarpeDiemv

Can confirm that, at least for me on Xbone, Head Count appears to be - working more or less as I figured it should? I invested 3 points into HC and I am literally spamming my Rakks. I think they fixed it!

Also, I specced RAR and I am staying way, way more healthy than I was before. My health regen is outrunning DOTs even.

Two of the literal most important skills Fl4k has for his Rakk build, and they stealth-patch them? WTF?


They did mention headcount in the Hotfix notes, but Rage and Recover is an odd change to leave unlisted. Still at least it’s a stealth buff and not a stealth nerf!

I just did a MTD and did not go into FFYL even once with RAR and HC both maxed out. I was spamming Rakks constantly and healing like crazy. Just fantastic!

I don’t know how much you play Rakks, but prior to the patch, not going into FFYL for an entire M10 MTD would have been rare if not impossible (for me anyway, some of you other badasses may be better than me). And I was not even playing REMOTELY conservatively. Whatever they did, it worked in spades

Bravo to the devs at GBX that sorted these 2 skills! @Noelle_GBX, just in case you happen to see this and can pass it along, please tell the devs that worked on this problem that they effin’ nailed it. This is how Fl4k is supposed to play! Thank you!!

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Any1 experience a countess bug where you use its pet command to dig underground then get stuck?

Usually happens if you go into FFYL while she is about to go or is already underground. No way to fix it aside from de-equipping and re-equipping her.

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Today’s hotfix fixed Interplanetary Stalker not scaling with Big Game. The note is actually incorrect, this change is not exclusive to the Cosmic Stalker COM. Whenever you take Big Game it will scale IPS bonus damage and pet damage now (although the pet damage to a smaller degree for some inexplicable reason).


We hit the jackpot the past few weeks as far as I am concerned, as a Fl4k main. This is great stuff! I am really excited they have finally changed some of Fl4k’s skills to work correctly!


Could the pet bonus be caused by all of the pet bonuses being additive? I know additive bonuses can have very diminishing returns.

IPS was the only pet bonus I had. I just took it and Big Game with no other pet boosts.

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Gotcha, I should have assumed you had been more thorough than I accused you of.

Maybe they can work that in with our Attack Commands soon?


Hopefully. There aren’t that many large pet fixes left mechanically. Cryo, a fix to the remaining hunt skills, fixing Friendbot to work, and straightening out all of the Gamma Burst interactions would fix every issue I have listed with pets (aside from QOL and AI things).


We are getting there, increasing Gamma Bursts pet buff would be the shizz.


Has anyone else played enough to be able to tell the difference on the IPS/BG interaction? I am seeing a very noticeable damage boost with 5/5 IPS and 3/3 BG, and I am not even using a Stalker.

So, I have been experimenting with the skill tree interactions with Big Game

When you put points in Big Game it seems to change damage/pet damage values on some skills but not on others.

For instance, 5/5 IPS shows 10% damage per stack with 0 points in Big Game and 13% per stack with 3 in Big Game. Psycho Head also shows the change on the card. But Frenzy, MDG and Furious Attack remain the same on the card.

Do we still get the bonus from BG if the card value stays the same?