FL4K Bug Megathread

Yes, all of the skills except for Psycho Head didn’t update the card prior to this patch. You still got the bonuses.

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Okay, I never noticed it making a difference before and I thought it was weird that IPS was giving me 13% now

Updated Stackbot and Friendbot for 9/10 hotfix.


I’m pretty sure Red Fang is bugged - on my console, it straight up doesn’t draw aggro at all sometimes, and this happens often enough to the point where it literally breaks the radiation flag/Red Fang build.

Please fix this!

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@ItsmeJamesAJ What console? I only ask because I started playing Gamma builds a few months back and I play on Xbone. I couldn’t document it, but just from observation, I would say that I actually have noticed the Red Fang effect working ALL of the time - and not just when GB is active. And it is not just the “fix” to Galactic Shadow, because the pet still does not draw aggro with a Rakk build like it does with a GB build. So I was actually thinking that the Red Fang either is “always on” or possibly that it persists long after GB expires maybe?

Anyway, I actually feel like the Red Fang effect works almost all the time for me on Xbone, and not just when GB is active. I definitely seem to get some weird results with the Red Fang.

There’s a bug where the taunt persists after Gamma ends. Some people swap class mods so they can still have Red Fang taunt with whatever mod. I didn’t notice it working when I tried it though.


Hmm, interesting. I was not aware of that bug but it makes sense. I have paid a little more attention to it and it seems that perhaps the taunt doesn’t always work and/or might not always be on, but the pet taunt special effect definitely sometimes (?) seems to persist for quite a long time after GB ends. Some sort of weird interaction is going on there, for sure.

Thanks for the info @boombumr!

I’m on base PS4 and quite often I see enemies straight up aiming for me instead of my pet when GB is active with red fang. And of course that means I go down again and again because of it. Once the aggro “breaks”, red fang is useless from that point on.

I feel like it most often breaks when I go down in the middle of GB and my pet has to revive me. And then from that point on, aggro is 100% on me.

I know this a pain for a lot of people, but a bug like this would really require some video evidence, even if you wanted to submit it to 2k support. Can you even just get some cell phone video or something?

I had that happen to me once, it fixed itself when I closed the game and open it again. Honestly though, the taunt should be implemented in Gamma Burst to free up usage of class mod. Even if the taunt range is shorten a bit, considering you can Burst your pet nearly anywhere.


@Knuffle Almost every Fl4k regular player on these forums has been complaining about GB being married to the Red Fang COM since launch. GB would be much more powerful and you would see more widespread use of that action skill if players didn’t have to use the Red Fang in order for it to work. GB unfortunately just really doesn’t “work” without the Red Fang, and that’s kind of sad IMO.

Agreed. It’s weird that it needs to be married to Red Fang for pet to taunt/draw aggro. I mean like an enlarge irradiated beast is charging at the enemies and they choose to ignore it and aim at Fl4k. It’s not even just that. Most enemies just straight up ignore pet as an entity even with Galactic Showdown, at least for me.

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My experience with it has been if an enemy is taunted by Red Fang they will keep targeting the pet after Gamma expires. However enemies that spawn after Gamma expires target FL4K as normal.

Same here. Though at times, it also affects when pet is in ffyl.


@boombumr @Knuffle @tysonyar
Here is the video evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auMUP6cnQa4 (see video description for timestamps in which it breaks).
Honestly, without this inconsistency it would make running gamma flak sooo worth it…
And sorry for potato quality, I don’t have a capture card :confused:

edit: is anything going to be done about this? It’s clear that there is a bug here, and I’m not the only one experiencing it…

Welp, I found yet another major bug for FL4K. The cooldown timer is just absolute whack and it eats up what time you have cooled down too often: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxEC_YO_zWk

Again, this bug and the one above (Red Fang not working inconsistently) makes playing Gamma Fl4k extremely frustrating. If it were not for these (insanely) annoying bugs, running Radiation Fl4k would be actually fun and I’d love to run them more often!

But as is, with all these bugs and inconsistencies, it is just too frustrating to be enjoyable.

To be sure, the above Red Fang bug should be considered the HIGHEST priority, with this bug merely being “annoying enough to make me stop playing fl4k”.

I might be not sober but I’m pretty sure you aren’t suppose to get cooldown refunded while Gamma Burst is active. It was a visual bug and I believe they also fixed it. Perhaps let hotfix sink in and try again.


This. It was supposed to be fixed with Mayhem 2.0 or the phase 2 patch.

And I’m still looking over the video you uploaded. I haven’t done a real deep dive with Red Fang, but I can say that there is a bit of a distance component to it, so the instance where you were chased by the dog may have been because the pet was too far away at the time to grab its attention. There was another instance where the pet was actually in FFYL but still walking around which was probably why you were being shot. The others are a bit baffling though so I need to watch more closely.

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@boombumr is correct, not allowing GB to be on cooldown while GB is active was an intentional design choice, at least as I understand it.

I personally think it would have been a better design decision and could have led to more skill point allocation options if the devs had made GB be able to be on cooldown during GB, like Sal’s Get Some (which basically is an earlier take on Fl4k’s HC skill). But apparently that is not what the devs wanted to do.

As it is, the best way to cool down GB quickly is to have at least 1 point in HC and shoot a mob of enemies with the Reflux or Brainstormer. I did not view your vid, but I am surprised you are running into any cooldown issues at all if you are using that strategy (which I guess I assumed was fairly well-known). I have never had any issues with getting cooldown back via HC and the Reflux.

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I just chuck Recurring Hex to cooldown.

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