FL4K Bug Megathread

Attack command.

To be blunt, I think the devs are like most of the playerbase and don’t actually use AC. They probably just code it and do the bare minimum testing with it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any gameplay trailer or demo showcasing the mechanic.

But baseless accusations aside, it probably has to do with the floating terrain, the glitchy jump pads or the teleporting mechanics in GTD. Pick your poison.

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Can see that just from the Ion Loader literally never activating his lol.

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I figured it out. If you use Countess’ attack command while in Fade Away, and Fade Away ends while she is underground, Not My Circus will proc. Not My Circus typically takes priority over her other actions, so she will bug out because she can’t resurface until she does the taunt but she can’t do the taunt because she’s stuck underground.

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I feel like if that’s the case, Attack Commands having higher priority in their AI should be a thing. Could either make the pets more responsive to AC or break them even more. Either way, it needs to be fixed. Countess breaks way too much with its burrowing.

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Couldn’t the devs just remove the burrowing and keep the “run up to the enemies and deal nova with splash” behavior?

Countess’s main appeal is its instant-transmision-like Attack Command. So while they could, I don’t believe they should remove it and try and work around it.


Fair enough. I honestly can’t say I have really used the Countess very often. I don’t really run any pet builds so I almost always stick to the Scorcher, GHS, or Gunslinger. I was just thinking maybe there would be something they could do to get rid of the burrowing behavior, but now I get why that particular behavior is the key for what you guys are doing with the high damage pet builds.

I’ve added the current list of bugs to the OP. Not all of them are DLC 5 specific, there are some things I’ve come across while testing pets that I never put on the list before. I’ll work on getting video for all of these tomorrow.

Please, if there is anything you’ve experienced that isn’t listed in the OP, let me know.

There is the same bug sigaled for gamma burst rad anoint on ‘While fadeaway is active, gain accuracy and handling’ anoint: the effect stays after fadeaway ended


The Frenzy Hunt Skill doesn’t appear to be working with loaders , but works with all other pets.

Not got it on video, but could be worth someone looking into.


Getting video now, I just thought it was the War Loader though.

EDIT: You’re right, none of them work.

GG, 10/10 GB would pet again.


Parking this here for report purposes.

Loader can’t be named.

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I just tried this, and the attack command being on cool down doesn’t consistently cause you to be unable to respec. Any other ideas for what it could be?

is barbaric yawp not working for loaderbot? loader bot will also not adopt my suits colours however i am not too concerned with that

Barbaric Yawp doesn’t work for Bull and War Loader definitely. I need to retest Ion, but if the other 2 don’t I doubt he does.

I forgot to add the colors thing. I can get screenshots of that later.


thank you i thought my shields were kinda dodgy compared with what i expected with bull loader, i think once that gets fixed this build is going to be extremely strong

For what it’s worth this has always happened to me when I’ve respecced with FadeAway specced and never with any of the other ones.

Then again a vast majority of my respecs are with FadeAway so it might not be indicative of anything.

Another one: Throatripper (at least on the card) doesn’t scale with Big Game or IPS.

Aaanddd not a single bug was fixed this week. This is gonna be a long one guys.