FL4K Bug Megathread

Having this issue as well

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Not only do the loader passives not work with BY, the BUL Loader also only adds 20% of your original shield size, so it acts as some sort of separate shield multiplier that operates independently from other shield increase bonuses, such as Deathless, Loaded Dice, Lunacy, etc. Maybe that already was stated above and I missed it.

I’m not sure they’ll ever get Dominance working properly again, though I can still work around these issues. I think a recent hotfix made it so a pet-based re-Domination will flip allegiance a second time, making them return to an aggro state, basically extending an enemy’s life (where before it would maintain the proper allegiance and just waste the pet’s time, which is still bad, but not “give an enemy an actual Second Wind” bad).

I mean, the solution is to not use the Tr4iner COM and Dominance at the same time, but these interactions are a little broken.

Edit… that failure mode might be different than what I describe. It looks like the second Tr4iner Domination doesn’t reset the original Dominance timer.

The enemy gets Dominated from a whack to the head. She turns to our side, ignores us, and the pet still gnaws on her (that part is still broken).

The pet eventually kills her, and the Tr4iner Dominance triggers, so her health fills up, but she still remains on our side (ignoring us and white on the minimap). Shortly after, while maintaining the dizzies, she turns red and turns on us, which makes me think the Tr4iner Dominance timer never started… the original Dominance timer that I started ran out, and while she got a full health bar from the Tr4iner Dominance, she never picked up that death sentence (her health is not edging down either… all the Tr4iner COM Domination did was refill her health bar).

Again, not mixing Dominance with a Tr4iner COM should avoid this. I’ll throw this in as a ticket.

edit - here’s the video, created to help with support ticket 7481598 filed to 2K today.

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they really need to fit the pets AI since it spends half the time doing its own thing

General FL4K bugs:

  1. Pet sometimes disappears from existence without actually dying. Seems to happen more often the more movespeed the pet has.
  2. FL4K suffers from losing action skill uses to incorrect cooldown modifications more than that of other vault hunters. Gamewide bug, affects FL4K the most.
  3. The vast majority of FL4K’s Hunter Skills’ tooltips do not update with Hunt Skill Power boosts (from Big Game and Cosmic Stalker)
  4. Bonus elements on the pet do not get pet crit damage bonuses.
  5. Pet damage is not boosted properly by Big Game on Interplantetary Stalker, or at all on Furious Attack and Most Dangerous Game.

Class Mods:

  1. Peregrine cannot roll +5 in any skill, despite all 3 of its skills being 5 pointers.
  2. CMDL3T causes the pet to attack even the player and itself. Also has a typo (“Fl4k”)
  3. CMDL3T cannot spawn with more than 3 points in Keep Them Safe.
  4. Red Fang’s taunt effect often persists even when the item is unequipped and another action skill is selected (beneficial)
  5. Bounty Hunter presents itself as a chance based effect, but actually uses a predetermined table of triggers depending on point investment. (Just a reword maybe?)
  6. Stackbot stacks are reset by some weapon effects (OPQ explosion, for example) despite them not being able to crit and other effects under the same rules do not reset stacks. Damage over Time effects applied by Loader reset stacks. Loader pet shots that do not crit reset stacks.
  7. Friendly Trainer class mod from DLC2 is weighted to drop for Moze. Moze’s Sapper class mod is weighted to drop for FL4K.

Skill Trees

  1. Jabber bonuses are not visually modified by Barbaric Yawp but do work.
  1. Gamma Burst does not inform the player that the pet cannot drop below 1 HP for the duration. (text clarification)
  2. Gamma Burst makes Jabber pets put their guns away. (Yes this greatly affects their functionality in many areas)
  3. Atomic Aroma does not stack Frenzy.
  4. Hive Mind still shares fully resisted damage (i.e. Red Suit and radiation)
  1. Leave No Trace presents itself as a chance based skill, but actually uses a predetermined table of triggers depending on point investment. (Just a reword maybe?)
  2. There are a large number of improperly classified enemies for the species bonuses, and some notable enemies such as Guardians do not have a species at all. This affects most notably Hunter’s Eye and Interplanetary Stalker.
  3. Hunter’s Eye is an unlisted Hunt Skill. Hunter’s Eye’s crit bonus to humans does not work on Megavore crits.
  4. Second Intention is…wonky in how it displays the reload speed bonuses. Not technically wrong, but convoluted.
  5. Ambush Predator does not check range properly. (Beneficial bug, tbh)
    Head Count presents itself as a chance based skill, but actually uses a predetermined table of triggers depending on point investment. (Just a reword maybe?)
  6. Two F4ng presents itself as a chance based skill, but actually uses a predetermined table of triggers depending on point investment. (Just a reword maybe?)
    It’s unknown whether Galactic Shadow’s aggro reduction works or not.
  7. Spiderant Countess does not get FFYL when hit by certain attacks from Anathema, Scourge, and Diadems. Just dies.
  8. Spiderant Countess frequently gets stuck in the ground via its Attack Command, and a wide variety of things cause it to stay there.
  1. Gravity Snare does not deactivate when out of bounds, unlike Zane’s Barrier (the only other static deployable action skill)
  2. ION Loader’s Elemental Resistance is negative a la DLC2 release Stone COM. (too scared to test this one)
  3. BUL Loader frequently gets stuck in the ground via its Attack Command.
  4. WAR Loader (unconfirmed for other 2) does not get FFYL when hit by certain attacks from Anathema, Scourge, and Diadems. Just dies.
  5. Loaders cannot be named, unlike other pets.
  6. Loaders do not benefit from Barbaric Yawp.
  7. Loaders cannot trigger the Fade Away augment Not My Circus. (Stalker)
  8. Loader guns do not stack Frenzy. (Master)
  9. Gotta go Fast: see above pet movespeed issue.
  10. Agility Training turns off when the pet is down or dead.
  11. Throatripper crits trigger Leave No Trace but not Head Count (beneficial, in that them triggering any of FL4K’s crit based skills at all is likely a bug)
  12. Lethal Force Authorized sometimes triggers through Gamma Burst (pet is not supposed to be able to die during Gamma Burst)
  13. Monkey Do is legendary (non distributed) amp that forces your entire shot to be non elemental, leading to less damage than the base in many situations. The amp does not scale with point investment, only the pet crit damage does.
  14. Not Even a Challenge’s Action Skill Duration does not seem to modify the active action skill, only any activations done while the stacks are active. Duration modifiers on Zane and Moze do not work this way.
  15. Fuzzy Math does not seem to have a retrigger delay on the pet, or at least an extremely miniscule one. (~0.3 second delay on FL4K.)
  16. Capacitance considers current shield capacity, not maximum shield capacity. (Possibly just an oversight?)

The list of sadness.

Pet DoTs should not be resetting St4ckbot anymore. Loader DoTs probably do though, since their main damage does.


I don’t have anything to add, just wanted to say thank you to @boombumr.

I haven’t seen this anywhere - is it a known bug that kill skills (or conditional skills - any skill that has an icon on the bottom of the HUD under the XP bar) for all VHs get “stuck” at the bottom of the screen, once triggered? This applies to all VHs. I assume this has been reported at this point but thought I would mention it here, even though it does not apply specifically/only to Fl4k. (EDIT: I play on Xbone, so it occurs to me this could be an issue only on Xbone. If you go into the menu, they disappear, but become “sticky” again the next time they activate).

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I’m not sure if this goes here: FL4K’s pet (the Skag at least - haven’t tried it with others) will not recognize enemies it Dominates via a kill with a Tr4iner COM equipped as an ally. The enemy will die, you’ll see its health bar refill as expected, but the pet will continue to attack it. It’s already doomed (the health extension is, presumably, so it doesn’t insta-die from enemy fire, and for a sort of countdown timer). It’s a waste of the pet’s time to continue fighting the same enemy… like it literally just makes enemies tougher because they get a free health bar.

I mean, all Dominated allies (and my pet) spend their time infighting instead of focusing on actual enemies (like the allegiance is to me specifically, not “team Adabiviak” and everyone in my crew).

It’s one thing for a COM to have some gimmick players might not enjoy, or be something that provides weak damage, so it never gets used, but it’s functionally worse than wearing no COM (other than the modifier traits that all COMs come with) because it basically just makes the pet-enemy fight last longer than it should.

That said, I believe the COM’s mechanics are working fine; it’s Dominance in general that’s at issue: allies don’t recognize each other as allies. Two Dominated enemies will fight each other. I submitted a ticket for this some time ago, so presumably it’s in their queue.

I don’t think anyone has reported this one yet. If you use Lick The Wounds and WAR Loader (I have yet to test it with other Loader Bots) , the WAR Loader will revive you, but only if you walk up to it. it wont walk to you when you enter Fight For Your Life. I do also have Lethal Force Authorized, so maybe that’s the problem. But that should not activate unless your Loader enters Fight for Your Life, I think.

I’m going to assume this is the issue, Not My Circus has a similar issue with command priority in the pet AI.

Loader do have very slow move speed, probably slow enough for you to crawl to them before they get to you. Still, I’ll give this a test and see if they move.

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I haven 't played for quite a while, I suppose gamma anoint and fade away anoint are still acting wacky? (bonus persisting after skill ended and swap bs)

Yup 10 char


What does this mean exactly? Confused here.

The Amp shot effect associated with Legendary shields(O.M., Re-Router) only effects one pellet out of the shot unlike the generic Amp passive such as on the One-Shotter which amps all pellets in the shot. This is why the One-Shotter is so superior in builds around high pellet count weapons.


I see, now it makes sense. Thanks. Another question, Are all amp shots converted to Kinetic or is that just a Monkey Do thing?

Just Monkey Doodoo.


How did they ev-
Nevermind, I’m too tired to complain.


tested it today : omg this is still a thing :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Graeme said on twitter that ASA anoints should be fixed in the patch, so I guess we’ll see.