FL4K Bug Megathread

Fix watch report.

Gamma burst anoint: you can now switch between weapons with this anoint and benefits the effect.
The fix is still half assed because the rad damage still persists after gamma burst end.

On the other hand Fade away anoint accuracy and handling no longer persits after action skill ended.


Able to rename Loader pet?

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No, you still can’t.
Also skin still not working for loader pet. :frowning:

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an issue i had with fl4k is you could go far into the blue and purple skill tree and that is actually very powerful until you get to bosses where your pet completely ignores them, is this still the case or does your pet actually attack bosses now? nothing in the patch notes about fixing that

also forgot to ask i know the pet bonuses for loaderbots were bugged, is that still the case? doesnt sound like they fixed really anything

Loaders ae still bugged AFAIK. And the pet not attacking was due to cmdl3t bug, which should’ve been fixed now.

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The problem with the CMDL3T is the shortsighted(to put it nicely) skillset. It could have been such a great COM for Killer Queen with even some thought invested in bonus skills. Simply fixing this COM’s effect won’t bring it anywhere near Red Fang/Deadeye for pet builds, it remains CMDL3T-DWN.


Came across a bug for coop, whenever I join a coop game with my main fl4k, the pet won’t spawn in. I have tried the respec machine, changing pets and using gamma burst to try and spawn him back in. If somebody joins my game, the pet stays spawned in and all is fine.

Strange because my other Fl4k can join coop games just fine. I skimmed the thread so if this is already mentioned, I will remove this reply.

We could look at it as a buff in that case. It is 2 annointments in 1 now!

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Not sure if it would clasify as a bug or they just didn’t thought of the interaction, but from what I could tell Cmdlet doesn’t seem to be able to trigger the Incendiary Pet Terror anointment. Would be nice if it did, then the pet could get the bonus without much player input.

That being said, Cmdl3t doesn’t seem so bad anymore to me. Seeing Countess just pop up and deal a bunch of burst damage on its own was pretty fun. I was using it with a Lucian’s Call and it was pretty much tagging every enemy on the field. The cooldown on the effect was not very noticeble oddly enough.

If they would swap the skillset between CMDL3T and Roll Reversal it would have some potential. The best skillset for CMDL3T would be Sic 'Em, Throatripper, Monkey Do