FL4K Bug Megathread

I have a shield that gives 50% bonus radiation damage on action skill end, and when my FL4K’s Rift ends, it works. Let me try a weapon-based anointment.

My shield anointments works perfectly my guns dont

…am seeing it work with a Cutsman with this anointment. This one is, “20% ‘for a short time’”. What anointment type are you using (and which of his action skills)?

I am using the test dummy, in case that’s giving me a false positive.

I got 100% increased damage on action skill end it doesnt work at all i tried it with all flaks skills

Confirmed again with a Lump (on ASE, next two magazines get bonus corrosive damage). Let me see if I have something with that particular anointment.

edit - I don’t have a weapon of that ilk (and Earl’s not helping).

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I’d like to submit a bug with rakk attack and too many textures with larger screen resolutions. For some reason on lower end spec’d pc and laptops, rakk attack will bug out 80-100% of the time and not hit enemies it targets. Just returns to fl4k after almost reaching an enemy it targets when theres too many textures on screen (like brainstormer chains or allied moze minesweeper kyb’s worth)

Lowering the resolution helps with this issue for some reason

Would you be able to provide some kind of video, even just cell phone? They miss that often?

Let me do it later tonight, just got home from work i can do it later

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Unable to record a vid with my phone, need to convert it for this forum. But I noticed messing around with it today its only when there are multiple chain lightnings while the shield and nade anoints are active so if i have lightning doing fire on ase and then corrosive and rad from shield and nade, then rakks cant hit till rad and corrosive anoints end

I really wish they would fix Hunter’s Eye. Compared to many of the other issues, its obviously an easy fix (just tweak a bunch of numbers), but yet hasn’t been done despite issues being known for months. Given so many Fl4k class mods buff this skill, it really should function as intended.

Interplanetary Stalker not receiving the boost from Big Game is also a pretty big issue, because its obviously the main synergy behind the Stalker COM.

Lastly, the St4ckbot obviously needs a fix, because right now, outside of 1 very niche (if powerful) build, its special effect is pretty much useless. That said, I a fix probably isn’t easy, so I don’t expect to see it resolved anytime soon, but hopefully GB is at least taking note of it.


Im still getting the bug where flaks action skill doesnt triggerchis anointments on guns this is so frustrating​:cry::cry::cry::cry:

Anyone else get this bug?:tired_face:

Wait whats wrong with hunters eye? I notice a crazy lack of dps when I invest less points into it

Armor Damage vs. Robots is half of what it actually says. Human Crit damage is 12.4% at 5/5. The skill is a Hunter Skill that isn’t listed as one. The Human Crit Bonus is not applied to crits coming from Megavore.

The skill still has its merits on Raid and Jackpot, but that’s no excuse for to be in such a state.

Damn, how many skills actually work for him in the red tree lol