Fl4k build advice for endgame general loot farming?

Hey everyone, I’m currently on TVHM and working through the story for the second time. I’ve got some decent general gear for a variety of situations and while I was playing mostly on Mayhem 2, I’ve lately upped it to Mayhem 3. I’ve been messing around with some builds but haven’t found one that’s able to put out a reliable source of damage in some areas.

I was just wondering on what builds would you all suggest? I’m looking for a build which is flexible with numerous pieces of gear and while I’m looking for more mobbing than boss killing, if possible I would like to try have a little of the latter. Just a general progression build for farming the more specific pieces of gear for creating more focused builds.

Any and all responses are appreciated!

All the way down the hunt tree, rest into boosting gun damage in the pet tree. Pet tree also add survivability.

Get a deathless and frontloaded, pet will take a constant 50-65% of your damage.

Get a Maggie or Rowan’s, a shield and grenade with +50% dmg after action skill. M4 graveward dies in 20 seconds with no gimmicks. Literally never have to reload the Rowan’s even if you’re landing body shots, and both of them ricochet to 2 nearby.

Thanks for the response! Which specific skills am I going for in each tree exactly? You don’t have to but it would be of great help if you could link me to a skill tree build or link a screenshot.