FL4K build to maximize critical damage and reduce cooldown

I saw this vid on YouTube how FL4K can be like Salvador and how his skills can make him a beast with crit stacking and reducing cooldowns. Mostly happens in the Stalker tree. So what do u think?

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I am not that high level yet, but why not take 3 points into PERSISTENCE HUNTER?

  • 45 % skill duration and +12 % weapon damage

I’m lv 16 and currently going down the stalker tree with a similar build. I’m finding that activating fade away and spamming the largest enemy with a jakobs shotty is absolutely destroying crowds.


Most likely because skills from the red tree are needed. Here’s the og vid with way better explanations

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Thanks for the video!
Still, 45 % longer skill duration with invisibility and auto crits and strong healing seems far superior to me than the last three points in the red tree… But I am not that far in the game, so it is still only a theory (like almost all builds currently available at youtube, which were published before release).

Thanks for bids. I am trying to create a FL4K Sniper (critical damage) build, but I gotta go with the Skagg (renamed after my dog). I am using the Stalker tree. Anyone doing this type of build?

I’m doing this build currently level 44 and using that set up. Havent sniped with it but I’m sure it will be more then enough

I want to try the rakks out and see. Rakk attacks seem really cool. So no need to spend extra points to switch between beasts right? Sounds dope

There are some videos on youtube which show, that it is quite easy to be permanent invisible by either using high rate of fire weapons or torgue shotguns.
Hopefully they balance that with later patches, because that is absolutly game breaking and beeing invisible all the time also might be a little bit boring. The enemies can’t hurt FL4K anymore…

I mean how can you really balance that? I’ve heard later on it’s not as busted but I’m still going to try. And you are right I’m almost 30 and I’ve opted to not use fade away like ever or my torgue bangstick, 9 pellets per shot with damn near no spread. I have killed ever boss I’ve come across in one fade away so I stopped doing it to enjoy the game more.

As long as you can get a class mod with persistence hunter, this build is so op it hurts. you basically have to purposefully not use your skills if you want to give the poor bosses a fighting chance.

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Whenever I click on your Fl4k build, it’s blank (no points have been used).

Gotta remember you guys are on normal mode too. Once you hit mayhem tvhm it changes

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