FL4K Builds, Post-Hotfix

I know there is another build thread for FL4K, but since it seemed it was mainly used before the launch of the game and just at launch, I figure lets start a new thread now that changes have been made to FL4K, especially on the popular “Crit” build.

(Let’s try to keep the discussion purely to builds. If you have comments on the Hotfix itself, post it in the related thread)

So, post your builds! Do you still use GitM post hotfix, do you favor the Rakks, let us know!

Mine that I am still currently tweaking:
"Pack Commander"
This build is designed to be a themed Jack-of-all-Trades build with a focus more on mobs than bosses. Its certainly not perfect, and meant to be more fun really than anything else. Intent is to primarily use Rakk attack and switch to other pets and abilities as needed, as with how the points are spread it gives you access to most of what you need.

Base Build Here

Main Ability: Rakk Attack
Class Mod: Giant Slayer Frenetic Bounty Hunter
-Bosses Treated as Humans, beasts, or robots
+1 Hunter’s Eye
+2 The Most Dangerous Game
+2 Frenzy

Main Pet: Gunslinger Jabber (and often switch to Spiderant countess as aggro demands)
Relic: Electric Bango - 20% chance while dealing bullet damage to electrify nearby enemy
Grenade: Hunter-Seeker - Splits into 2 drones that home in on and shoot foes
Shield: Messy Break-up - Spawns Drone that shoots nearby enemies. Spawns another drone to aid you when low on health.
-Smart Gun XXL (because I need as many drones as possible)
-Cryo Polybius (Yet another drone)

@Artemis_Cai You asked what build I was using, here it is


Crit Fl4k is still the best…it didnt do anything to buff the other builds.


Full Drone Build, I love it.

Any ways.
I’m still running the same build. The nerf isn’t a particularly hard hit to his damage output within gitm, just squeezes the time frame. This makes it a bit tougher to use for mobbing and you’re a little more reliant on Leave No Trace/Mayhem modifier rng for bosses. Your objective for bosses was to kill them as fast as possible so a good run would have them killed in 6 seconds any ways.

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I suggest not posting builds. Because if the “community”/gearbox deems them “OP” another nerf will be handed out. I’m making some changes to my fade away build and so far its alright.

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Unfortunately they didn’t buff his other trees to make them any more viable.

That being said i already switched to a Gamma Burst Radiation Crit build that i find fun.

Well this nerf was a total failure. The only thing Fl4k can do now is melt bosses. It take a couple seconds longer, still, but all mobbing abilities are gone. There are no viable builds that give Fl4k access to the all the content. This was a very poor application of the nerf bat, and shows a measure of desperation on the part of GB. I think they have a problem above the capacity of those tasked to deal with it.


Don’t use Guerillas for general questing, pick a Jacobs shotty with high pellet count (up to 17).
Resets your cooldown quite fast. I think the >15 sec fade away with 3 strong hits, is better suited for situations with lots of mobs (sure it’s less damage, but way better utility).

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Nope i hate PET AI.

I tried, but they are stupid. Not everyone wants to micro management, but i do…

Without tools pets just are there… Just there doing what ever they want

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I’m using something like this Build for anything but boss rushing. Grab your favourite Masher, Maggie, Shotty, whatever rocks your boat and reset your cooldown quick. Chill a while, pick your targets, use a Hellwalker or purple Jacobs and get rid of some hard hitting enemies. Stick to the high pellet count shotty or switch to a Masher/Maggie to reset fade away.

Also using this build to farm Traunt in tvhm mayhem III, it’s rather save & quick (~ 10 seconds)… Running throu Athenas with a Brainstormer is fun too.

I also find myself having alot of fun trying to find weapons with high damage/pellet counts. We get 3 shots, gotta make the most of it. Having shock/corrosive/heat on high pellet count weapons keeps your cooldown to a minimum while still matching enemies if needed.


A Bounty hunter Class mod would pair well with that build, especially with the other ability they have to activate a Hunter Kill Skill 3% of the time.

Yea I use this build with a bounty hunter class mod :slight_smile:
Btw. if you need a shotty with high pellet count and damage, check the sidequest “On the Bloodpath” Eden 6 / Anvil. Help Ramsden for a blue shotgun that deals high damage. The pellets got projectile traveltime tho, which is something I don’t like. Otherwise, checking if Earl got a good anointed “Iron-Willed Scattergun” (or something like that) is an option.


Stalker/hunter. Went down for stalker capstone then put rest into hunter (galactic shadow, two fang, ambush predator, etc…) Use rakk attack with reduced cooldown and extra rakk (extra rakk could be anything, only rcdr matters.)

Mod with buff to snipers (venator cosmic stalker is all i had left after bank glitch.) My artifact doesnt help at all due to glitch (grave) shield and grenade dont either… maybe ill farm deathless and amp later.

Annointed lyuda with buff on as end. Toss rakk to get The Power Inside with Lyuda annointed buff then lay into a bosses crit for a ridiculously quick farm unless mayhem 3 layers all debuffs against you (i.e. minus gun dmg, minus snipers, and resist lyudas element.)

Rakk builds are fun, but I always miss the ability to escape from enemy focus with fade away while playing with rakks. I do think the Rakk class mod is underwhelming imo. One charge of Rakk doesn’t open new build synergies. Would have liked to see something like “Rakk Attack triggers a kill skill” or “Rakk Attack now always matches the element of the target (fire/corrosive/shock)”. The last one would actually make Rakk builds very good and less punishing in mayhem III. Right now having negative elemental modifiers (incendiary/cryo) makes Rakks hit like wet paper. Bounty Hunter or the 25% hunter skill class mod feel superior compared to an extra charge in every way.

I definitely agree that rakk class mods could use some improvement, but by extension rakk attack also wildly benefits the most from universal Annointments for “on action skill end”. I had 2 weapons with 15% life steal on action skill end, and with rakk attack that was basically always on.

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Would you be able to elaborate on this build? I’ve been experimenting with a radiation build but haven’t acquired everything I’m looking for.

I have the red suit legendary shield, all of my weapons are maliwan with radiation and a different element. I haven’t found the anointed weapons I’ve been looking for just yet. I have a purple relic that increases radiation aura radius and damage but am curious if this effects the red suit shield as well.

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The mod is a let down… however, I have 2 +100% weapon damage on as end annointed and 2 +25 crit on as end. One of them is a molten lyuda. Then you have The Powers Inside up constantly for another 25%-50%. Proccing those makes me rakk build do more dmg than any crit fade away build ive tried with Lyuda post nerf.

Ive not gotten lucky with amazing artifacts or class mods on fl4k. Maybe crit fade away can still top annointed procs… but it certainly doesnt with my drops.

This is my Crit Gamma Burst Build. It’s pretty gear reliant, not gonna lie, and your pet is there as utility really, but i like it quite a bit and it got through MH3 Slaughter and all Bosses rather well. The main items for it is anointed weapons with the Gamma Burt, being able to get radiation on Jacobs and Fire and cold/corrosive weapons is pretty neat. And pretty much the backbone of this build. Next you want a hunter class mod. Other suggestions include the Back Ham Shield and Hex Grenade (it crits!).

The Red Suit Shield is an interesting idea. I’m gonna have to try it.

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