Fl4k changes that would be nice

Yes I know, Fl4k is already really good. I’ve also already did a rather in depth character buffs in a different post. But these are just some odd things I have seen with Fl4k that I think should either be changed, or maybe just be added to make their kit have a bit more sense to it? Not sure, but as I play them I notice more things about them.

First is their classmods? Why does Rakk Commander and Red Fang have the same exact skill bonuses? It makes one of them clearly the better choice. Especially since there is so much that can give extra charges (up to 6, but the game only lets 5 max). Speaking of, the classmod/ shield that can give Rakk charges doesn’t work if you go to a new place. You have to take it off and put it back on… Which is annoying. If Rakk Commander gave to more Hunter tree perks and didn’t need to be taken off and put back on, than it might have actually been useful.

Attack Command:
Man… I love some, hate others. So I’ll start easy. The Beefcake Jabber, the bat NEVER knocks back. It did when the game first came out, and it was super funny to watch a man get knocked into a wall by a bat. But for a long time now it doesn’t even stagger. It just does the mediocre damage and then that’s that. It was useful for dealing with certain enemies, so I am curious to why it got changed? Unless it is bugged, than please fix that. Now the spiderants… So I am very confused on why the original and the fire spiderant have the same attack command, other than the fire one spins? I feel this is a massive oversight. Especially since the empress spiderant (or whatever she is called) has the attack command power that is similar to what the fire spiderants did in the previous game (goes underground and then pops up and does fire damage). I feel that if the fire spiderant got that attack command, and the empress one got spiderlings (like three small babies that do a single attack then disappear, or explode on contact) would make way more sense. Especially since Fl4k seems to comment on that specific spiderant having babies when you are idle. I guess it just seems missed opportunity. The charge for the fireant is one of like 2 attack commands I never use because it is useless.

Just for fun idea:
I wish you could choose what weapon type (other than heavy) your jabber used. Like each variant has a different level, starting green and going to purple, and depending on what type of gun you are holding it depends on what you give them. So it gives a manufacture and that type of weapon. But they aren’t random, they are set ones made. That would be cool and fun. But yea, just for fun idea nothing important or anything.

I will always talk about this. It was a great concept, and it was something I loved doing with Maya in BL2. Taking control of someone and having them fight with you for awhile. But the issue is that made charmed enemies impossible to hurt, other than the terrible 2% of health loss that is tickle damage even for a white gun. The Tr4iner classmod is an example of how they made charm good. Dominance should be that but for Fl4k, meaning if they kill an enemy than they can be charmed and all that. While Tr4iner stays the same because that is specific to the pet. It would be a VERY awesome build where you slowly can turn the battlefield into your army. It wouldn’t even be OP because of how little damage they would deal in the higher mayhem levels. I just don’t understand why they made Dominance so terrible. Even Amara’s charm is better because it can be done multiple times on the same people. Fl4k’s is just weak, and really hard since it requires melee…

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Good points.

Pet damage is worthless on M10. They need to give the Jabber the Yellowcake. :joy:

That’s what Zane’s Double Barrel is for lolz. I love that perk just for that reason

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To add to that, give DigiClone a hive, its dumb. like over the top dumb. Thats what I would give him in Mayhem 4 before this update, and half the map would be dead before I even reached it. was super useful in slaughter shaft as well. People slept on that perk and the usefulness of Zane’s digiclone IMO.

I’ve always said fl4ks pets need rad damage added to their attacks during gamma. And pet damage boosted by 1000%

The rad damage is added, I don’t know how much it is, but I do know that it doesn’t seem to apply rad effectively. The aura never seems to apply rad. But yea it is weird that Gamma Burst itself doesn’t have any pet damage, health, or speed boosts to it.

Gamma Burst adds 75% of the pet’s damage as radiation. It takes all of the bonuses from your skill tree except GftE and Sic Em’ (most of the time) into account as well.

The pets don’t have a rad aura without Atomic Aroma. Atomic Aroma itself also scales with pet bonuses except GftE and Sic Em’, and scales with AOE and splash on gear.

While it doesn’t directly increase health, Gamma Burst does make the pet immortal for its duration, effectively giving the pet infinite health while active.

When did that immortal thing happen? Because when I use the Red Fang (there is a build out there for it for M10) my pet died almost all the time. I

Since launch. The pet’s have never been able to die while Gamma Burst is active. They’ll go down to 1 HP, but they won’t die until GB ends.

Guess I have bugs then, because pets have always died during Gamma Burst canceling it halfway through the duration. It’s the main reason I hated Red Fang, and still do hate Red Fang.

It does not make the jabbers deal rad damage on their guns or didnt since m3 was endgame cuz i tried then. Maybe i gotta try now but whats the point if they deal an extra .75 damage

It forces the Jabbers to melee, which lowers their DPS to be the same as the other pets. Still, that just means every pet’s non-attack command DPS should be relatively equal in GB, whereas without it most of the Jabbers fall behind (Beefcake is horrifically slow and Sidekick deals less damage per shot than a normal melee attack).

As for what the point is, it’s one of the few bonuses we have to pet damage. It isn’t great (I actually think Gamma is pretty bad as a pet buff) but good luck getting as much damage for the pets outside of Gamma most of the time.