Fl4k Class mod kinda sucks

Am I the only one that find Fl4k class mods to be very underwhelming?

The stack bot would be nice (if it worked correctly) but even the stack speed is quite low if you don’t abuse it by relying on multi pellet weapon, the 3% chance to active hunter skill is ridiculously low compared to the one Zane have, +35% damage over 75% HP was good for one shot kill, but don’t work too well in M4, and let’s be honnest it’s a very far cry from a Gunzerker classmod to Amara …

When you see how potent other class classmod can be, I wouldn’t mind some revamping of Fl4k one’s


its zane who has the worst class mods or at least used too.

Deadeyes 35% is perfect for shielded and armored enemies; not necessarily 1 shot kills since @ 850/1000/1000 Its much less possible. personally im using a friendbot com and have little to no issues.
Fl4ks skill trees offer more crit and multiplicative damage boosts than other vh’s so the coms dont need to be as special

I use the red fang primarily, haven’t really gotten a good roll on a stackbot yet to try it out. It just seems like that com is going to be its own build thing, to me.

If I were to switch to the stackbot I’d use high precision weapons, like Jakob’s and count on losing stacks constantly, just build the play style around gaining a few stacks before fade away.

But that’s just me.

It seem that any elemental damage, grenade damage or anything really you inflict that don’t crit reset it, so currently, not great.

It’s weird, because FL4K gets a generous amount of bonus damage from their tree. Something like the Bounty Hunter Let’s you run around with potentially 80% bonus damage all the time. Interplanetary Stalker may not get the extra bonus damage from Big Game and the Cosmic Stalker, but a BIS Stalker COM will still basically give you about 18 skill points worth of bonuses.

They aren’t as ridiculous as other classes COMs, but I think a lot of that is because FL4K has so much damage built in that they don’t really need a COM to draw out more damage. Utility like making the Hunt Skills easier to maintain or taunting make a lot of sense for Fl4k.


I didn’t ask for mod which massively increase damage, but at least give us something that make a difference. If Fl4k already have massive damage in his tree, I don’t know, make those utility com, like reloading speed, or survivability (I don’t really care, but something) we’re at the point where the side stat of the com matter a lot more than the com itself

Stackbot + 45% jakobs crit + maggie + megavore/good aim = vast majority of M4 enemies a joke

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This too. I was rocking Deadeye on M4 until I found a Stackbot because it eats through the armor and shield pretty easily with the crit build.

I mean all his mods are great IMO the only ones I find questionable are friend-bot, Rakk commander, and deadeye. friend-bot should be something that comes naturally for fl4k, rakk commander they obviously ran out of ideas for mods and deadeye loses its potency as you go higher in diffculty.

Yeah, the Stackbot have absolutely no pertinence to this combo. I play with another mod, and the Maggie delete enemies. If any of the pellet of the maggie hit the body, the stack count get reset to 0, meaning even with godle aim at some point you’re force to reset said stacks.

Also, considering that with the stacking of the different bonus you’re already over +200% damage on crit, meaning your shot do 300% normal damage at least, even a fully stacked stack bot on top of that will only increase your DPS by 33% (and it’s a thing of legend, as everything reset a stackbot, starting with elemental DoT, meaning most of the time you’ll barely get +20 - +30% critical damage)

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I said this in another thread - Fl4k has alot of GOOD class mods, he probably has the most of any class, but he has no GREAT or gamechanging ones. Such COMs are like the Bloodletter, Blastmaster, Phasezerker, Driver or Seein Dead - they have a genuine gamechanging effect on class strength or the way you play a class. Like in 90% of situations, you could use the Stalker, Deadeye and Bounty Hunter interchangeably and there wouldn’t be a massive difference in performance to a purple Thrillbot. Of his COMs, I would say the Bounty Hunter and Red Fang are the best, but neither are super amazing.

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Honnestly, all those Com only need minor tweak to be worth while.

  • Make the 3% chance of triggering hunter skill 25% (around what the Zane one is)
  • Make the 35% damage over 75% health a buff you acquire for 5-10 second when critical hitting an enemy above 70% health
  • Make the friend bot add your damage to pet next attack of something scaling like this to make pet build worthwhile
  • Instead of giving the Rakk an extra stack, and if you have to copy an annointed, make it the annointement that cause a vulnerability

I mean it take 2-3 minute to actually make said mod remotely interesting

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This is nonsense :joy::joy::joy:.
The bounty Hunter mod is great for bosses and M4, no down time. The stalker mod pushes out some high dps builds. Dead eye is still good for sniper and rocket builds even if you don’t have the best guns to go another route. Then look at the redfang and pakk pak mods those things make their action skills amazing, I’m just shredding with my rakk pak builds.


Redfang and rakk pak are pretty game changing, not for our guns but they are amazeballs for our abilities.


SIckbot was legit added because of the re balancing of the Gorillas in the Mist Build. Gorillas in the Mist was stronger then intended with gun synergies and the fact that you could use a COM with +3 Leave No Trace to make almost any gun function like a “Call” weapon while in Fade Away. Now because of being urged to use the COM to get that extra punch you can’t over stack Leave No Trace putting more emphasis on a Gun Skill Synergies rather than simply going for whatever had the highest Damage and RoF.

Cosmic Stalker is not to be underestimated. The amount of raw gun damage this COM can add to a kill chain build is insain. Running Big Game at 6 of 3 make Hunter Skills last for ages. Skills like Furious Attack and Interplanetary
Stalker stay stacked for much longer. Add in you also get more power from the COMs red text on those skills and you can put our some serious pain.

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I know this is a Fl4k thread, but lots have made reference to the fact that the COMs in this game - not great.

BL2 did SUCH a fantastic job with COMs! Melee Zero, Sniper Zero, Gun Zero. Grenade Axton, Kill Skill Axton. Sub-sequence Maya, Nurse Maya, DPS Maya. Hellborn Krieg, Bloodsplosion/Bloodbath Krieg, Melee Krieg. And then there was Sal and Gaige. :rofl:

But still, you guys understand the point. The COMs in this game don’t accentuate the playstyles enough to really change up the builds. To be fair, the skill trees in this game kind of do that job - a little. The problem is that the COMs just don’t push the playstyles far enough in their particular direction.

I am not sure if the COMs need more bonus points, bonus points in certain skills over others, or whether they would need to be rethought completely. Don’t have the answer.

I do know that I don’t like the random passives on COMs. Those rolls should have been dedicated to encourage the intended playstyle. For example, the Deadeye could have had dedicated rolls for Crit Damage, Sniper Rifle Damage, and Mag Size. Bounty Hunter could have had Movement Speed, Weapon Damage, and Fire Rate. Rakk Commander should have had Splash Damage, Action Skill Cooldown, and maybe Pistol Damage (not sure on that one).

Just some ideas. The game is out there and these obviously won’t change. But boy, do the COMs in this game feel like a swing and a miss, especially compared to BL2. :cry:


spent 10 hours straight grinding out the new Flak Mod from Loco, by far the easiest farm in the game, after getting around 60 of them I found 3 that where the kinda stats I wanted ( 25% damage, 31% action cooldown or 31% pistols 10 % jacobs etc )

The trouble is, as much as the theory of constantly increasing damage sounds so enticing, and ignoring how broken it is at the moment ( only kinetic or cryo and no items that add damage other than one cryo allowed, no aoe either ) it’s simply not very practical in anything other than a boss fight, on M4 where you have badasses and anointed in every direction just one shot missed and bam, no bonuses

I found it better to use the bounty hunter mod, with the same perks, and spec heavily into decent damage buff kill skills

Same with a rakattack build, but by far the most usefull part of that is the abilty to constantly proc the 50% damage buff x 2 of two different elements from your shield and nade perks

I’m desperately trying to get a Rakpak mod, but they are so ridiculously hard to find one, never mind grind out 60 to get a decent one, it’s only the Proving grounds Cunning, the worst one by a million feking miles, final boss or Wotan , a four-man raid both being done solo on a 3% drop rate, this is truly pathetic

why is it the new mods can be found on any mayhem level, yet the rakpak is M4 only in two stupid locations?

will say one more thing, went back onto Zane last night my original Main, if you think life is hard on flak, fek me, Zane on m4 other than a couple of set specs, with set items played in a set way is punishing

I actually love Fl4ks coms. Comparatively, no other VH in BL3 has as much variety when it comes to Coms as Fl4k. I rock Amara and Moze as well as Fl4k and I’m saving Zane for a little while longer but just reading the forumsstand watching videos of Zane attest to the simple fact that Zane, Amara and Moze are heavily heavily reliant on their COMs in M4, especially SS or the raid. Amara is Driver, Moze is Blaster Master or Bloodletter and Zane is Antifreeze or Seeing Dead.
With Fl4k, I can rock any com I choose for almost any content. Now, of course I’m not gonna run a Red Fang outside of GB or a R4kk P4kk outside of R4kk Attack, but the majority of the time I switch between Friend Bot, Deadeye, St4kBot, Bounty Hunter and Stalker com. The only Com that is completely worthless on Fl4kk is R4kk Commander and that’s only because the skills it boost are horrible. If it had more red tree skills, perhaps Grim Harvest, Two Fang and Ambush Predator, I would run R4kk Commander, especially now that R4kk builds can pump out so much ASE annointments, having that extra charge could be just like equipping a 3rd augment.


That’s the vibe I get. Fade Away builds can run 4 or 5 COMs on their own (Bounty Hunter, Cosmic Stalker, Deadeye, Stackbot, and Bushmaster/Headcase), Gamma Burst can run 2 (Red Fang and Friendbot) and Rakk Builds can run every COM that except Red Fang.

We don’t have any game breakingly powerful offensive COMs (nothing stupid like the Breaker, although I guess Stackbot was supposed to be that), but what we do get is nice utility. I wish we had just one more WOW class mod.

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