Fl4k Cooldowns are Cray

Anyone experiencing issues with the CD timers? For example, Fade Away, same specs, will sometimes have 5-6sec cooldowns (starts counting down as soon as I exit), other times it’s like 8-10 seconds, and other times it’s 15ish Seconds.

It’s annoying. Anyone else?

Did you recently get the Guardian Rank perk “Topped Off”. It seems to have a major effect on cooldown times.

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I mean the CD changes within the same playthrough, same build, nothing special (or nothing at all) being done.

I tested it out by just pressing the AS button and seeing how long it took to CD. then eventually it would change on its own with no change whatsoever (usually INCREASING rather than decreasing).

Very odd stuff

I believe the issue stems from “head count” … I was advised by a forum member to stop firing your weapon to allow the cooldown to countdown properly and it seemed to help in my case.

It’s not just flak.
If you get shot, your cooldown pauses.
It’s a mechanic in this game