FL4K Cosmetics I Found

Not sure if this list will mean anything to anyone, but I wanted to make a list of all the cosmetics I have for FL4K:

Heads 26/29

FL4K Default
4ction Figure - drop
Anim4tronic - drop
Bird Collar - drop
Bully For You - Crazy Earl
Camoufl4ge - VIP reward
Cr4cked - Crazy Earl
De4thless - Crazy Earl
Der4nged Ranger - mission
Desperado - mission
Dre4dful Visage - drop
FL4Kenstien’s Monster - seasonal code
He4d in the Cloud - mission
Imomort4l - Crazy Earl
Inh4ler - Crazy Earl
Lance Helmet - mission
M4nta Ray - Crazy Earl
Marcus Bobble - mission
Pony Up - Crazy Earl
Sh4man - Crazy Earl
Simul4crum - drop
Skull and Domes - bonus pack
Skull Pl4te - Crazy Earl
Tough Scruff - Crazy Earl
Tuned and Doomed - bonus pack
Yok4i - drop

Skins 34/44

Amp Stamp - Crazy Earl
Anshin Wash - Crazy Earl
Bubblegum Bum - Crazy Earl
Burning Bright - Guardian Rank
Caustic Bloom - mission
Clothed Circuit - Crazy Earl
Conventional Reppin’ - VIP reward
Creature of the Night - world drop
Ectoplasmic - world drop
Extreme Caution - drop
Festive Vestments - seasonal code
Freedom Fashion - Crazy Earl
Funk Off - Crazy Earl
Hear Me Roar - Crazy Earl
Hex Bolts - Guardian Rank
Horror Punk - bonus pack
Hot Rod - Crazy Earl
Hunting Season - Crazy Earl
Hyperion Beast - drop
If Spooks Could Kill - Bloody Harvest reward
Jungle Jams - drop
Labradortilla - drop
Moist the Flag - drop
Muddy Slaughters - mission
Neon Dream - Crazy Earl
Pimp My Raider - Crazy Earl
Ravenous - world drop
Retro Futurist - bonus pack
Spec’d Out - Maliwan Raid
Sure, Why Not? - drop
Teal Appeal - drop
The Art of Stealth - Moxxi Towers
Trippy Hippie - drop
Urban Blammo - Guardian Rank

anyone know where I can find NOG mask? or anyother heads/skins I am missing?

I’ve been looking around for the NOG mask as well. I heard that it is unlocked in a quest called Technical NOGout; however, I have done the quest twice (using Fl4k) without receiving the head. If it’s a bug, I hope it’s fixed soon.

For skins, I know moxxi grants a character skin after shutting down all radios; however, when I completed the radios, the game gave me the skin for Moze instead of Fl4k (just a heads-up that it may be bugged and that you may not earn the skin for the character you are playing). I haven’t tried to re-collect the radios in TVHM so I am unsure if the game will grant the skins a second time.

I hope this information helps.

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I did the radio challenge on my FL4K and Moxxi gave me the Moze skin as well. They should give skins for character you play as :confused:

I have completed the Crimson Radios now on TWO characters, Moze and Fl4k both times Moxxxi has given me a Zane skin. I’m pretty upset

That’s rough, I might wait then for gearbox to fix the issue before trying to get the skin for the other characters.

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Did you receive two skins after getting the towers? I had one in my inventory and one in the mail.
I did a quick run through of the towers on split screen with a second account so they got skins as well. I got Operative and Siren skin on that one but I am running it again with another mule to get FL4K’s

I have an extra fl4k stealth skin to trade if you are still looking for it.

Dang, I gotta log on here more.

I still have the skin if you want it

Hi! Can I trade for it? Please?

@talibrimbor do you have the Siren Labradortilla skin?