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Pet damage is sad and pathetic and the devs clearly didn’t want pets to be used for anything but utility/buffs. No way they made it past internal QA as weak and useless as they are without that philosophy in mind from the bosses.

Only way That the pets can keep from being useless from a damage perspective is to increase their base damage at least 500%. emphasized text

We’ve got a few hours to see if that will continue to be true. Of course they didn’t put the updated scaling formula in the hotfix notes, even though they did for the November patch…

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I’m at work for another few hours. If anyone can get the damage for all the pets, no skill points, I’d appreciate it!

From what I’ seeing around the interwebs, PET DAMAGE GOT STUPID GUYS
The lab may be closing soon. I’ve gotta test the new pets, but after that the pet compendium is going up and any future testing will be there.

This is a glorious day for the FL4K Pack!


Yeah it’s a huge buff I’m testing right now I’ll post all the numbers in a minute

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Virtual hugs Thanks, I can’t wait to see the actual numbers!

These are the base damage stats at mayhem 10 level 57 with no pet damage:
Guard Skag - 46k
Horned Skag – 46k
Eridian Skag – 46k
Spiderant Centurion - 46k
Spiderant Scorcher – 81k against flesh (fire on flesh is 1.75 so this equals 46k)
Spederant Countess – 30k against flesh (Corrosive on flesh is .65 so this equals 46k)
Jabber Sidekick - 68k per pistol shot
Jabber Beefcake – hard to tell because of how shotgun spread works but ranged from 100k-216k
Jabber Gunslinger – 16k per smg shot


Is it just me, or did they buff the ■■■■ out of Jabbers…
Level 57 was:
Basic melee - 2,222
Sidekick Jabber shot - 1167
Beefcake Jabber shot - 2952 from melee range
Gunslinger Jabber shot - 323 per bullet, seems to do a burst of 40 over 2 seconds before it needs to reload.


Yeah it’s not just you all the skags and spiderants got buffed the same amount (2222 to 46k) but the basic jabber went from having gunshots half as strong as melee pets to almost 50% stronger than melee pets. Not to mention the beefcake who went from doing slightly more than a melee hit in the best case scenario to 2-5 times a melee hit with every shot. Patch notes mentioned that they “added the ability for digiclone to support damage scaling” maybe whatever scaling bonus they gave the clone’s gun the jabber’s gun also gets on top of the pet damage buff and they forgot to mention it?

Will we get to see some productivity out of pets??? Those seems pretty healthy in terms of buffs.

Can’t confirm the exact math but He Bites also seems like it got a buff at 3/3 my pet is reflecting 12k damage every time a pup skag hits him and 31k every time a normal skag does and those attacks aren’t even noticably reducing the pet’s health

Pretty much all of the pet values are unchanged at level 57 MO base expect for Jabbers.

Beefcake melee range shotgun deals 4351 up from 2952
Sidekick’s shot deals 1685 up from 1167

My Gunslinger seems to plane out around 57k per SMG shot. Attack command seems to be 1M+ with my particular build.

New values for level 60

Basic melee - 2,998
Sidekick Jabber shot - 2274
Beefcake Jabber shot - 5871 from melee range
Gunslinger Jabber shot - 436 per bullet, seems to do a burst of 40 over 2 seconds before it needs to reload.

Attack Command Damage (not accounting for elemental multipliers)
Guard Skag - for 4 ticks
Horned Skag - 11991
Eridian Skag - 8394

Centurion - 11991
Scorcher - 11991
Countess - 23383

Sidekick Jabber - 11991
Beefcake Jabber - 11991
Gunslinger Jabber - 23383 per rocket

To calculate the mayhem scaled damage of your pet, take the increased enemy health and multiply it by .2. That is the multiplier your pets will receive to their damage. For more info refer to this post.

Lvl 60 value of pool courtesy of @Ratore

Spiderant Scorcher Fire Pool, No Pet Damage Boosts, M0-10 Comparison, Level 60, vs. Flesh Target


Just as a brief FYI, the reason Jabbers got buffed so much is that they probably received the gun buffs from the phase 2 patch. The Jabber actually uses specific manufacturer weapons. I don’t recall Sidekick off the top of my head, but Beefcake uses a Jakobs shotty and Gunslinger uses a Dahl SMG and torgue RL. Sidekick and Beefcake inherited the Jakobs shotgun buffs and one of the pistol buffs for about 40% or more increased damage.

This has some serious implications for pet builds, but most are pretty well known already. Essentially, Gamma pet has no chance of competing with Jabbers for pet damage builds. I’d advise against using Gamma for any pet damage build since all of the attacks that do damage either don’t scale with Gamma or are harmed by it.

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I believe sidekick uses a Dahl pistol IIRC.

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I still find it weird that non-elemental attack commands still are set at the same base damage as elemental ones and often even lower. I think that those attack commands could really use an increase to their base damage, like +30% or so, especially as the Skags really aren’t up to par with the other pets, neither in terms of damage nor utility.

Definitely, the whole logic behind pet damage is just silly a lot of the time. Why the heck does Eridian skag have the lowest attack command damage when it isn’t even melee? Even going all in with splash can’t save the paltry amount of damage that attack does.

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Yeah. I mean, sure, element-matching should be rewarded even with the pets, but still the base damage of non-elemental commands should at least be 20% higher than the damage of elemental attack commands. It doesn’t have to be 75% higher or so, but still, against neutral targets non-elemental damage sources should generally win against elemental ones.

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Going to be testing pets later today to see how the buffs pan out. Here’s to hoping!


Need further testing to double check, but for right now it seems like pets are scaling 50% per 100 health instead of 20%. Thanks @PrinceLestat224 for providing numbers.

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