Fl4k Critter Lab

I cant wait to see all of the kinks out of this and a MTD clear.

I would love to see the load out to get this to work

oh my god! o.o I can’t believe this whole time gearbox has been passing us up time after time for fixing pet damage, then they toss in these guardian rank bonuses that essentially create an even stronger mind sweeper effect that works on pets!

I wish I could make the effect only work on the pet, so fl4k himself would play the same, but this is amazing.

and dang I love the countess now, just causing explosions and walking away without looking back, like a badass :rofl:

@boombumr …I think this is mission accomplished pet just took out a miniboss and their mob in 1 hit.

If you get enough skill points to boost health regen, and get the regen on kill skill you might even take out wotan.

I wouldn’t go quite that far yet. This is definitely powerful, but I’m only able to one shot because they are 3 mobs dying simultaneously, overlapping the explosions. If even one of them is too far away, the whole chain fails and the boss lives. Although most of the time I’ll still take out half health.

Also, speaking of Wotan, I just made it to Wotan on my second attempt of scaled Takedown with this build. Way better than the previous one I had for sure.

@vanaria32 @vCarpeDiemv Couldn’t quite get it to work on Kraken since the Quasar tossed two mobs really far away :rofl:. The health threshold for Maliwan enemies is higher in the Takedown, so setting up a low health mob while keeping it close to Kraken is tough. But I think there is a possibility it could work with reliable CC. Anybody have a TTB Amara friend and feel like giving it a shot?

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I see, did you find out if splash radius or grenade radius can increase the area of affect?

Not yet. Should be able to soon though. More than likely grenade won’t, but maybe splash or AOE will.

@Prismatic is there any way to increase the size of the Hollow point explosion?

I’ve never tested Hollowpoint myself so I’m not certain, however from playing with it before the self damage got fixed I can say I’m fairly certain any splash/aoe radius boosts will boost the Hollowpoint range.

So AOE damage on Artifact and AoE Radius on com seems like the best place to start.

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Please for the love of all that is holy let GB fix cryo for Mayhem 2.0. Just imagine the explosions…

But, the simple fact of making it to Wotan with a pet centered build is impressive enough.

Hopefully Thursday we can get some nice pet scaling. I don’t expect pet builds to be the next meta. I would be happy if they would even be noticable in most builds.

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I forgot that Overkill is capped at 5x so no Bloodsplosions for us I’m afraid. Still, a buff to our pet damage and the cryo multiplier would easily shoot this into consistent million damage territory.

Do I dare to dream…


I take a break from here for a week and I missed this :sob::sob:.
So depending on how this new mod actually works,I feel like it doesn’t count the kill as a kill if it triggers dominance, it could actually give me an army.
Dreams are what goals are made of.

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Best of luck to ya.

I’ve still gotta test the Hollow Point explosion and see how it’s effected by AOE. Some Skag pups should tell me all I need to know.

I’ll keep grinding this out till Thursday, then we’ll see what happens. Not gonna lie, won’t be any point in keeping the lab open if we’re just going to stay sucking no matter what we discover.


I wouldn’t say sucking, sure true takedown is out of the question right now but over the past few days you’ve turned the concept of a pet build running the slaughtershaft from only tempting my darksouls side to now seeming like a fun build concept.
Not every build needs to be Takedown capable to wreck m4 and have fun

It’s not the lack of raid viability, I don’t care about that. So far, the only maps I’ve been able to run are Maliwan. It’s easy testing, but enemies on Athenas just aren’t that beefy. Even utilizing this Hollow Point strategy, I doubt I’ll be able to kill anointed or badass COV in the same way I can Maliwan guys.

The damage still isn’t there to do SS yet. We need to line everything up perfectly to make the explosions happen, and perfection is tough to achieve when you’ve got numerous triple life bar badass tinks and anointed militants rocket spamming your face. Without way more damage, we won’t have the leeway to line up these explosion chains.

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The main issue I think the slaughtershaft will be a method to cluster enemies together, should I use taunt or singularities or both? We both need to be fighting to get the most out of each other so this allows me to control the field for my pet, I’m not opposed to outshining the pet in small burst in order to keep on top of the enemies.
I tried the trial of cunning once with the jabber but the triple health bar enemies and anointed proved more than troublesome, though I didn’t know taking advantage of hollow point was even an option, double though I don’t believe it’s as potent with the jabber launcher. Sure we beat it but talk about ugly :joy:.

I’m thinking I may try something funky, if I use fadeaway for not my circus instead of rakks as I usually do or gamma as you’ve more or less mastered for pets, I may not get the power boosts the other two provide but it would definitely help with control and survivability.
Thoughts or suggestions?

With the storm, I was able to keep Fade Away cool down low enough to keep ASE anoints up, so with the right gea you can use it. Only issue with Not My Circus is the pet goes into melee range to activate it, and if the pet is already in melee range chances are it will attempt a melee attack and ■■■■ up Go for the Eyes which you need for massive Overkill.

Gamma could work, but the issue is it can sometimes lower your Go for the Eyes damage and splash damage as well, massively cutting into Overkill potential.

Of course, singularities toss enemies way too far apart. I would try a high cryo efficiency grenade like Whispering Ice and just try to look for clustered groups. The other 2 options may lower your damage too much. Ideally, we would just do a cryo Rakk build, but I don’t think the returns on that are worth it until cryo works for pet melee.

BTW, Hollow Point doesn’t work with the Jabber from what I’ve seen. Have you noticed anything? It can’t crit with Go for the Eyes since it isn’t melee, so it shouldn’t be able to proc it. Not sure about Overkill though…

I had seen a few moments with countess were she did something and I was all wtf but I’ve never seen inconsistent damage from the Jabber, his only wtf is shotting a rocket at me when he has one left.

So if I’m using NMC I need to make sure to time my attack command that much better or target an enemy fresh to the group . Which brings up a question, does crit swapping do anything?

For Not My Circus, just make sure you don’t use the attack command on the enemy Countess taunts if she hits them.

As for crit swapping, not that I’ve seen far. I tried it with Jabber though, who can’t crit. I haven’t tried with Countess yet. One more thing to give a shot to, unless you’ve tried it out already?

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Well since the love drill seems to work for crit swapping I’m gonna try that but I swear I have an unforgiven somewhere.

Seems crit swapping is a no.
Edit: unless it works in the hollow point splash which would cause it to exceed 5x damage?