Fl4k Critter Lab

Yeah, probably won’t work on melee crits. If only melee artifacts worked, a Commander Planetoid would be a great fit.

That’s interesting. I’ll give it a shot and tell you what I find.

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So I’m starting to wonder if there is a way to abuse Countess’ movement perks to our advantage?

Whenever you go to a higher elevation, Countess will use her attack command to follow you. When she does this, the AC has a greatly reduced cooldown and she basically spams it every 3-5 seconds. I don’t know how we can use this, but there is potential.

She can also sometimes hit enemies twice in the same AC. I think this is also an elevation thing, but I see it vs Kevin sometimes depending on where he stands.

If you could create enough distance with a snowdrift, would that cause her to use it?

I’ve never seen a snowball, but I wouldn’t notice the movespeed since I don’t watch her roll up to me. That’s a good question…

There’s a lot I’ve gotta look for lol.

I’m 99% sure this won’t work, but what if an electric slide would give her the shock melee bonus too?

I didn’t try any melee artifacts besides White Stone and Commander Planetoid. Try it out and see how it goes!

That 1% I wasnt sure about could be one giant leap for the Countess lmao

Highly doubtful tho I’m afraid

Probably, but you never know if you don’t test it.

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IF it did work, it could make a Rad Card pet build very interesting. That could eliminate 1 outta 3 bars.

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From what I’ve seen so far AOE increases the radius of Hollow Point explosions. Also, I think I have a bit of confirmation that Hollow Point explosions stack overkill.

These first two are with no AOE artifact.

These next three are with AOE artifact

In this picture you really see how big it is. Those 4 splatters behind the Jabber were behind him, he was only attacking the skag in the front.

You can even see a bit of the Overkill chain building with some of these kills. Notice how the enemies a bit further away from the initial impact take more damage from Hollow Point.

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huh, aoe alone shouldn’t change because it’s only aoe damage. unless increasing the damage of the original affect allows you to kill more with it triggering more hollow points?

So the increase in damage is allowing a wider spread of kills thus spreading the affect further.

AOE on artifact also increases radius [Guide] A Brief Guide on Passive Gear Bonuses

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woah thank-you I never knew that.
that’s awesome.

So from my experiences in the past the countess will dig when you’re below or above her and I thin turning a corner, this is how she used to kill a healer build from m3. I think it is based off of you leaving her line of sight or distance from you so it may be on some sort of timer but I’d imagine if it was she wouldn’t come to your side if she was already engaged in combat unless maybe you were in FFYL.
Still in theory jumping on a box when your pet is so far away or down a flight of stairs in an area like the slaughterstar 3000 would do the trick if you could exploit it right?

Sorry, but this is the last straw. I’m done with this game until they figure out what to do with pets. If anyone wants to take this over please feel free.

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If anybody’s willing to try, see what happens with the modifier that gives healing drones to enemies.

The drones should add some weaker enemies to build an overkill chain that will be flying close to enemies. Even if our pet damage doesn’t scale, maybe adding these little guys into the mix will allow Countess to bump up her damage.

Also, if none of the new anoints specifically say they effect weapon damage only, try them with the pets and see what works. Maybe there’ll be something new there. Hope there is something to actually come back and play for.

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How is the pet’s survivability in Mayhem 2.0? I’m not even bothering to ask about pet damage that’s a lost cause, but if Mayhem 2.0 was released in this state and Gearbox wants feedback, then let’s give them feedback.

I get that very few people are looking at this, but how are the pets faring against all of the AOE that new modifiers introduce? Most of our pets are melee tanks, and there are so many modifiers that seem like they kill melee. Pets got wrecked by elemental pools before, so now that there are more of those and more novas are they surviving without Gamma Burst decently? Is Floor is lava a death sentence for them?

Gamma makes them immortal, but if the only way for them to survive at all is with a Gamma Build, then it kills the usability of BY since your pet will be dead.

What have your experiences been?

So far it’s the same as always, I don’t have any strange modifier on for now, the only one I have is the no FFYL, so if your pet dies the 60 sec countdown starts, apart from that my pet saved me a lot of times.
So far so good.

And also, looks like the DEATH modifier can’t attack your pet, so that’s good. It will require confirmation but I don’t want to swap my modifiers after spending a while re rolling lol

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I really hope the Big Head mode effects the pets. If it does, then M5 should actually be fairly simple and M6 may be within reach. If it doesn’t, then that’s a further nerf since no modifiers will affect pets whereas before we could get buffed by them.

Lab is back open I guess. Time to reinstall and see where this goes…