Fl4k Critter Lab


That’s the spirit! Glad you’re not leaving!

I was wondering if the crit damage applied to the pets as well. More than likely not, because why would GB let that skill be useful, but my expectations can’t get much lower so wth?

I haven’t done a lot of testing with modifiers but for the Pool Party mod (enemies create elemental pools on death) the pools start as projectiles that are thrown out on enemy death and turn into pools once they hit the ground, so at melee range you’re almost guaranteed to avoid them.

The ASE anoint that creates a heal pool around you can also help your pet tank through damage, if they are reviving you. I’m not sure if the heal pool gets shared through All my BFFs.

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How about Floor is Lava? Have you gotten that modifier yet?

I’ve been avoiding it since I’ve heard it’s particularly nasty, but I was planning to test out some other stuff today so I can just add this to the menu. Will see how pets fare against the elemental infusion-type mods as well while I’m at it. I don’t think it will end as well as Pool Party did but maybe pets will catch a break…enemy damage didn’t scale with Mayhem so maybe elemental damage is similarly capped.

True, but since pet health didn’t change either everything will remain the same. If they got wrecked by lava pools before, it’ll still happen now.

Okay, after an hour of setting myself on fire, I’m pretty sure pets are actually immune to the lava effect. They don’t create lava puddles at all, and if they are standing next to you, in the middle of your lava puddle, they won’t take damage.

The elemental infusion mods that cause novas on death don’t seem to hurt them either, but that one is weird in general. I’ve been testing the mods using saurian mobs in Floodmoor Basin since it’s easier to keep track of damage sources, and even when you pet is on top of an exploding enemy they don’t take any visible damage. The novas in general seem very weak and small–I went down to one after getting hit below healthgate, but even when I was nearby an enemy it barely caused a dent in my shield (was using Re-Charger).

That’s strange, they didn’t used to have AOE damage immunity. I have been hearing that pets are surprisingly tanky on M10, so maybe that has something to do with it.

I’ll see if I can get something on video. I’ll be glad if this works, but this would be yet another thing not mentioned in the hotfix notes if it does…

I have a clip of my Jabber just chilling in the lava pool that is burning FL4K alive, although it’s on M5 not M10. That shouldn’t affect the lava pool effectiveness, though.

Gonna fiddle around with some of the other enemy damage modifiers and see how things go. The infusion mods don’t seem too threatening, but I’ve only tried it against saurians, so the damage reduction from Hunter’s Eye may be reducing the nova damage.

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Thanks for doing this, I appreciate the help!

So my game crashed twice while trying to access the Mayhem menu to reroll mods, so I’m taking a break from getting beat up. But for now, here’s a jabber not giving a ■■■■ about standing in fire.

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That’s interesting! I thought I saw my spiderant’s health going down earlier, but I’ll need to double check now.

Thanks again.

I tried the lava mod with all versions of the spiderant and Jabber, and the base Skag–I couldn’t get any of them to take damage from the lava pool. It was harder to test other elemental pool mods, since the pools are much smaller and only last a few seconds after spawning–but having pets run over them didn’t cause them to take damage either.

It’s possible I have enough passive health regen to match the damage taken by the pools, but that seems unlikely given that it chews through FL4K’s health pretty fast and that damage is taken as soon as they touch the pool. Even if the pets are taking some damage, it’s far less than they take under normal circumstances.


I didn’t test it properly but Auto Bear definitely appeared to be immune to the lava pool. So this might have been a game wide change GBX made for pets. If I remember I’ll see how Zane’s clone does.


Side ? Why is the Scorcher not resistant to fire damage? Lol

Because that would benefit the pets and GB hates animals, at least if they’re Pandoran…

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But… She’s… constantly ON F****** FIRE! lmao

I truly wish there was even a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel for Fl4k’s pets. But I’m afraid we are very much in the dark here friend.

We need a buff of ~12000% to make pets a useful presence on the frontline.


Funnily enough, @The_Vulcan had the same complaint about Scorcher lol. It’s stupid.

All we can do is try to make the best of what we have. The attack command build is doing proportionally better in M4 simply because of the lowered health. I haven’t found any anointments that are practical for pet use, and none of the modifiers strike me as particularly beneficial, although I need to do some experiments with Slayer.

Ironically, most of the changes from Mayhem 2.0 benefit Countess a tad bit more than Gunslinger imo.

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Still hoping on increasing her passive DR bonus. At least let them be useful, provided you can keep them alive.

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