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Honestly, I think FL4K is a bit overloaded on DR. If she just gave Forbearance (Axton skill that decreased Status Effect Duration) that would be sick. No one in the game can shorten the duration of DOTs, and it would be a huge survivability boost to FL4K since it seems to me like the times when we die most often are when we’re frozen.

Touche, 3rd passives on tier 3 pets would be most welcome.

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That would be a great idea if they ever get around to it.

I could honestly flood this forum with so many pet threads right now, but I’m trying to contain myself lol. So much needs to done…


I’m sure they would all be brimming with joy as well lmao

I’d try to be positive :grin:.

If I knew they weren’t going to make any changes to the modifiers, then there would be so many things to share, but I want to see what they do this hotfix day. If Mayhem 2.0 modifiers are staying as is then there may be some interesting synergies to build around.

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Optimism breeds results, but it’s hard to find it when a door gets slammed in your face just after finding a glimmer of hope.

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Given the discussion in the Mayhem 2.0 feedback thread regarding what the pet does and doesn’t resist, I checked out a few more interactions today.

First, some stuff with the Freeze Tag modifier, which creates Cryo orbs that follow you, generate cryo novas and explode after a set amount of time. I think we can extrapolate interactions from this mod to the other elemental infusion type mods as they all work on similar principles.

  • The nova causes some damage, but is pretty weak overall. I haven’t checked it with other pets besides the Spiderant, but I think this (and any other nova created by modifiers) may just be too weak to be a concern.
  • The pet gets slowed by the cryo nova (different from elemental pools, which never applied DoT)
  • The cryo orb won’t follow the pet, just the player.

I uh, also tried to blow up my pet with a barrel to see if the AOE resistance was something that only applied to AOE from Mayhem modifiers…and she fared pretty well!

I didn’t record it, but having the spiderant stand in the corrosive pools in Joey Ultraviolet’s room didn’t cause much damage either. So now we don’t have to worry about our pets dying to random exploding stuff…at least, I think we don’t. I haven’t tried shooting a barrel out of the Jabber’s hands yet :stuck_out_tongue:


The pet doesn’t proc slayer either, ever. Even with normal melee attacks. The inconsistency is amazing…

I got a tip on Reddit that Atom Balm relics effect Atomic Aroma. Going to test it out tmw. If it works, this could be a breakthrough on the level of splash for attack commands. Atomic Aroma would end up doing more than the skags’ melee…

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hey have you heard about the new data on mayhem, someone on twitter went into pc data and found mayhem loot boosts literally don’t work.

I haven’t played past M4, but I figured something was up. For the little I’ve played I haven’t gotten a single M4 weapon even.

is the pet affected by floor is lava, if they don’t move will the lava pool under them?

and I had a different response to the cryo orb as moze.

sometimes it was weak but then it would suddenly do massive damage and almost instant kill my full shield.

yeah things are really in a sorry state right now.

The pet doesn’t create lava pools.

I’ve definitely seen the damage from the cryo orbs vary but I’m not sure what causes it. The explosion caused by destroying the orb might be a lot more powerful than the novas…proximity may be a factor as well.

You probably want to do your own test in case I (hopefully) messed this up somehow but I already have some radiation gear so I tried to confirm this and unfortunately atomic aroma doesn’t seem to scale off of anything except pet damage. On mayhem 0 with no skill points except 5/5 ferocity to unlock atomic aroma I tested an elemental projector otto idol for a control, an atom balm, an atom balm with +20% radiation damage, and the atom balm with radiation damage plus some splash radius gear. Each time it did 756 damage (504 base damage at level 57 * 1.5 from ferocity) and I could not boost it further. I know the extra damage was from pet damage because afterwards I added points into frenzy and psycho head on a stick and the damage at max frenzy stacks was 1059 (504 * 2.1). Then I put 5 points in barbaric yawp to see if the skag’s damage bonus affected it and still hit 1059 max. I didn’t test if the spiderant scorcher’s elemental damage would increase its damage but if +radiation damage didn’t I don’t see why it would. I didn’t test this either but the dot and explosion from killing enemies inside atomic aroma’s radius are probably affected since they are just the normal radiation status effect, that may have been what this person was talking about. Although considering aroma’s unimpressive base damage the dot it causes probably wouldn’t be good either way (especially when one of our possible mayhem modifiers is literally -90% elemental dot). I hope I messed up somewhere testing this because pet builds need another win and it would be really disappointing if this was not only unaffected by atom balm, but literally was unaffected by anything except pet damage. Might just be another thing to add to the fl4k feedback thread.


Yup, just tried it and can confirm as well it doesn’t work. We end up saying that a lot here don’t we…

It does get splash at least, so it ends up doing about 75% of the damage of a melee hit with both splash and AOE rolls, so it’s not terrible, but it still needs more to really bump the pet damage up.

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Well that’s good at least, for the cryo orbs I never really shoot them for that reason, so it isn’t that. But they’re a real pain I always get multiple spawned at once.
They even follow me up walls so I cant play how i want when they come in.

Im just glad I’ve never gotten more than 2 at once.

Did some testing with Scorcher’s Lava pool.

Base damage is about 816, on flesh it deals 1427.
Multiple pools don’t stack with each other.
The pool ticks twice a second for 3.5-4 seconds (couldn’t really tell)
The actual pool isn’t effected by splash or AOE, but the stomp that creates them may be (need to double check)
The pool is completely unaffected by Gamma Burst
The pool extends in a 180* angle in front of Scorcher. It’s size is unaffected by splash radius or AOE
Scorcher seems to attempt to use the attack in a way that enemies will run into it. With melee units, I often saw her turn around to cast the attack since the enemies would chase her through it.

All in all, though there aren’t many ways to boost it so far (this is far from conclusive), it is a very solid attack. Each second in the pool increases Scorcher’s DPS by 75%. This is basically Atomic Aroma with better base damage and no splash scaling.


With my full build, just the anointment and GftE

With no other bonuses you almost have enough damage to one-shot Maliwan grunts on M4.

Recording run…

OK, I’m getting pretty sure right now that something got bugged with the pet pathing sometime over the past month. There are so many attack commands that countess just isn’t performing that she used to without issue a month ago. Times where I have clear LOS on the enemy and she will just burrow underground and pop up next me. I’ll get some footage of it, but it making it immensely frustrating to play with her. She missing 30-40% of the commands I set her on…

Look at 00:30, 00:51, and 02:48. I had clear line of sight, the enemies weren’t more than a few meters away, and she derped. These are simple shots she missing, and to be frank it’s starting to piss me off. It breaks the flow of combat every time this happens, and I have no discernible way of avoiding it either.

Need to cool my head. Performance wise, much as I hate to say, it feel much the same. One shots one shot harder, but attacks that wouldn’t kill before won’t now.