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It seems every time they give us a patch something gets bugged. Hopefully, if that is a bug it will get fixed. :slight_smile:

Just giving a little optimism.

So while playing I had countess miss enemies that were only a few feet away from her by burrowing to the left and popping up 2 feet away from where she was…

I’m pretty damn certain something is bugged. I’ve played with Countess long enough to know when she should and shouldn’t be able to connect with attacks, and she is missing some extremely simple commands. I’ve submitted a ticket, but since I can’t reliably replicate the conditions for this to happen, I don’t know what to suggest other play with Gunslinger for now. As much as I love the spiderants, this whole missing ■■■■■■■■ is extremely detrimental to the whole attack command play style. She is missing so much DPS waiting on cool downs because she is missing extremely easy shots, and it seriously ■■■■■■■ over any potential hollowpoint chains.

If I can’t figure out why this is happening, then I may have to suggest not using Countess at all. It’s that bad…


OK, I’ve started doing some testing to narrow down what may be causing Countess to miss.

First and foremost, I have confirmed that there is something different between now and about a month ago. I’m been testing an area of Athenas that I’ve recorded many times, and I’ve consistently had Countess miss commands she would make before.

  1. One theory is that she can longer move through certain barriers. It’s not consistent, but I’ve noticed she will sometimes have trouble going over the basic destructible barricades.
  2. She may miss when enemies move. This was another common issue, although this is also inconsistent.
  3. The final one is the most ergregious. I think her AI is bugging out. There have been numerous times when I’ve specifically commanded her to attack another target while she was melee-ing another, and she will do the command but will attack the thing was just attacking instead of what I told her to. I don’t need to mention why this pisses me off to no end.

I really need an extra set of hands on this though. I don’t know how you would go about proving that something is bugged out with the AI, but I can say for 100% that between last month’s patch and now, something broke with Countess. And in light of a patch releasing in 3 days to buff her damage, I really want to figure out WHAT it is as soon as possible.
@sammantixbb @Space0ctopus @Space0ctopus @Ratore @janejana Any suggestions for how I can test this?


I’d start with some no Mayhem tests. Probably minimum to zero skill points in pet damage to just track behavior. Highlight when and where enemies get properly attacked.

There’s a chance that, without Mayhem, she works. If so, move on to a low Mayhem level and do the same.

God, telling someone to do a lot of ■■■■ to prove something is not a great feeling.

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I don’t mind. I just want to get to the bottom of this. I’ve really come to prefer Countess over Gunslinger, but with these random misses I just can’t keep going. I already submitted a bug report, but I didn’t do this testing when I submitted it so now it’s closed with just one video I did that doesn’t show much.

I don’t really have any good suggestions beyond recording future runs to get more examples on video :frowning: If I get some free time and the game doesn’t crash on me, I’ll try to get some recorded runs on Athenas tonight so we can get some more examples, at least.

@boombumr I’m not really sure how we’d prove if there’s a bug with the ai either, but I’m going to try to reproduce the problem and can help test things out. First step would probably be to limit variables, try with no mayhem modifiers, guardian perks, pet damage etc and see if it gets better, then add them back in one at a time if it does. If it happens just as often without any of that stuff it is probably an issue with the pet itself. About your first two theories I know you mostly test the pet on Athenas, do misses seem more common there than other places? Athenas is a pretty tightly packed area full of maliwan troops. To test if it’s mostly a pathfinding issue Nekrotafeyo is probably a good place, it has maliwan troops too so enemies will move and behave the same but it is much more open and I think has less barricades, she should miss a lot less here if it’s a pathfinding issue. If enemy movement is the big issue misses should be different against enemies moving differently, testing athenas but using cryo or testing against stationary enemies should noticeably improve the issue. Carnivora might also be a good testing spot for both, since it’s full of very fast and very slow enemies none of which have weird movements like the maliwan heavy’s jump or the dasher’s speed, and has some areas where pathfinding would be a nightmare. And pressing the mark button on an enemy causes the pet to switch to that enemy without using the attack command so if the issue with pet ai comes from the being told to switch targets part and not from trying to execute the attack command itself the same issue will probably be present when doing this.


So I did a couple runs of Athenas no mayhem no pet damage no guardian ranks for preliminary testing and to see if I could replicate the problem you’re having with the countess and wow I could tell right away something they changed recently really seems to have broke the pathfinding for her attack command. I’ve already noticed two different scenarios where her attack command fails and she pops up in the exact same place.

  1. If an enemy is hiding behind an indestructible piece of cover directly in between her and them. If the enemy is closeby she will sometimes flank them and then use the attack command but if they are far away the command fails.
  2. Every time I tried to use the attack command on a maliwan heavy that wasn’t in melee range it failed (and the ones in melee range probably only looked like they succeeded because that’s where she would’ve popped up anyways on a failure). I checked your video above and 2 of the 3 misses you pointed out as being a clear line of sight to a nearby enemy were also trying to use her attack command against a maliwan heavy.

So my first suspicion is that part of the problem is something messed with the countess’ attack command and now she needs to pop up at a very specific distance right in front of her target. When you use the attack command on a big target or something hiding behind a barrier that specific distance/angle is blocked so she just pops up in the same place. I’m going to keep testing though because there’s probably more to it than this.

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Thank goodness, it’s reassuring to have someone confirm this. It’s really jarring how difficult it is to get her to land attacks. I don’t even know how this could’ve happened.

Even this is failing for me. Even if she approaches from the side so the barrier isn’t facing her she will still miss, even from close up.

Yeah I can definitely confirm there’s some stuff seriously wrong with the countess right now. I can replicate both of the conditions I said before pretty much 100% and have noticed a more in just a few hours. I didn’t even think to test her ability to hit things up close after she went around the barrier, I just (apparently incorrectly) assumed she wouldn’t miss after going through the trouble to reposition. I’ve also noticed that some maliwan enemies (nog, dasher, basher, wardog) can sometimes move faster than she can follow causing her to pop out where they were a second ago and miss. Also if the nekrotafeyo bugs move positions by jumping or burrowing after being targeted she usually misses against them. And once I saw an enemy jump up to a higher position and that caused her to miss, the tracking in general is just messed up. I haven’t really used the countess enough lately to know how much of this was a problem before but it definitely isn’t working like it should. On top of all that after missing one too many attack commands my spiderant has burrowed underground in shame and will not come back up. I have no idea how that happened and probably won’t be able to replicate it but having your pet get stuck under the map after trying to use the attack command would be a disaster in normal gameplay. I’ll try to get recordings of some of this tomorrow for a bug report.

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I know that if you go into FFYL while she is underground she’ll get stuck under the map. Is that what happened to you?

I didn’t notice exactly what caused it to happen but I did go into FFYL during that fight so that was probably it, I can’t think of anything else that would have caused it. Glad to hear that’s a problem you’ve already figured out and not another new mystery glitch.

I’m not playing the game too much recently but the testing suggested by the others seems like a good way. I suppose you can also just try and report it to support even if it seems like a lost cause due to lack of actual proof.

Do you think any of the melee bonuses will effect pets?? This along with AS damage buffs(assuming those buff pets) scaling might be a nice addition to the Critter Lab.

If it didn’t before, I doubt it will now. I’d love if they did, but realistically I can’t imagine them actually doing that.

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That’s how I feels about that lol

I thought about this thread last night when I got a +5 GfTE Deadeye, shame it had awful passives for a pet build.

■■■■ man, that sucks. Would’ve been rad if it had splash on it.