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Gearbox nerfed some of the attack commands. Spiderants centurion and Scorcher, as well as Horned Skag, were nerfed by 40% or more. Pre-patch values for AC

From nearly 12k to just over 7k is almost a 50% nerf for an ATTACK COMMAND, that attack with a 16 second cool down. I don’t know what the reasoning is, but this isn’t cool.

I’m going over some of the other attacks, but I have a feeling this wasn’t the only one that was touched, and you’d better believe I’m raising hell about a nerf like this!


It hits for around the same as Countess on flesh

Sidekick seems to be fine

Beefcake is also fine. I have 2 points in GftE to get down the tree, but 11991 * 1.3 is 15.5k so it checks out

Gunslinger is fine as well

Guard skag is fine

They nerfed the ■■■■ out of Horned Skag, straight up. 50% decrease over pre-patch

Eridian is fine


No wonder I didn’t notice any difference when between patches when playing with some pets. Gbx did them dirty but Why tho?!

I don’t know, but I’m submitting a bug report to 2K now. This is some ■■■■■■■■

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Just getting my head around this. Does this mean that Gamma Burst/Red Fang is a weak option compared to, say, Rakks and something else?

For pet damage yes. Jabbers will always outdamage a melee pet in Gamma with their basic attacks or attack commands. And the pets that have the best attack commands (splash damage) can’t use ASE splash with Gamma. You can somewhat make up the difference with Atomic Aroma for AOE clearing, but even then Gamma pets will still lose.

It’s really stupid and counter-intuitive, but that’s just how the math has worked out for pets.

Weird. So I’d actually be doing better with my pets by not using the exact skill which is supposed to buff them :man_facepalming:

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To be fair though, it depends on which pet you plan to use. It’s not as if there is a “pet meta”, but I tend to speak from the perspective of just getting as much damage from pets (in general) as possible. If you’re using Scorcher or the Skags Gamma is still your best bet. It’s just that you’ll want to use Rakk if you want to squeeze the most damage possible out of the highest damaging pets.

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So I tried an anvil run for the first time in ages, and it turns out that Countess can 1 shot the anointeds so longs as she has trash mobs or a 2 bar badass nearby to blow up for hollowpoint.

So, I guess this means SS. No more talking about it, I’ll give it a real stab tonight or tomorrow night. If that goes well, they I’d say we’re in a pretty decent spot.


Got it. First attempt, M4 guns vs M8 bandits with M8 gear. Countess actually carried me a bit lol.


Out of sheer curiosity, have you tested to see if the 175% bonus to robot/human/beast from The Hunt sniper rifles affected pets?

I haven’t personally tested yet, but Moxsy’s video said it doesn’t even effect anything other than the gun, so I doubt it works with the pets.

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Well damn, that could have been clutch. Just trying to exhaust all options ya know

I know. I really wish we had some more interactions with gear, but for now we got what we got.

With the current build I use I was able to solo the slaughter shaft on m10, pet did most of the work. It was a lot of fun. They aren’t perfect, but the pets are at least in a decent place now


This week’s hotfix to Galactic Shadow should be very interesting as well. I can get enemy attention off my pretty often with Countess as is, so if this is a noticeable change then Hidden Machine will be far more appealing for me.

Also, depending on just how good the change is, we may have enough aggro on the pet to drop Red Fang in favor of other COMs, which would be amazing for FL4K’s build diversity since you would finally be able to run all 3 action skills with ANY COM as long as it isn’t AS specific.


Honestly I saw that change and that has me excited as heck. This is pretty much the build I use, along with Red fang at times, or I will switch to a deadeye class mod that has 3 in fast and furryous and 2 in go for the eyes. Which lets the pet’s first hit deal over 1 mil, this lets him clear through trash mobs fast has heck since the class mod gives that extra 35% to enemies above 75% hp so combined with go for the eyes it becomes actually decent


Yeah, Go for the Eyes has been a staple of my build for a few months, but it’s getting to the point where it may be worthwhile for other pets aside from Countess and Beefcake, at least to cleave through trash mobs quicker.

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I’m glad go for the eyes much better now. I am stubborn and like using the skags mostly. The eridian skags singularity can destroy a lot of enemies at once. And the horned skag, if you can get its command attack to be the first opening attack on an enemy, it seems to count toward the first hit since its a physical attack and it just does so much with both those things combined

Unfortunately Horned Skag was one of the pets whose attack command got nuked in last week’s patch. It was nerfed by 50%. Noelle said the devs are aware of it though and that it wasn’t intentional.