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Dang. At least they know about it which is a great sign

Not sure if this has been mentioned much, but if you’re trying to maximize He Bites damage I have found it best to roll Mob Mentality. With Red Gamma active, most enemies like to huddle around your pet so it stays procced much better. Then they get +30% fire rate and damage for around +60% reflected damage.


Nice strat!

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4/3 He Bites vs Cryo Spinner M10

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I played around with this yesterday. As long as my pet is close, the enemy targets it. I only get attacked if my pet wonders off and enemies spawn near me. If I call my pet over to me or Gamma burst it to me, then the enemies disengage me and start attacking it. I did this with the Bounty Hunter COM.


As long as the pet is close to you, or close to the enemy?

Both. If the pet is close to me, the enemy targets the pet. If the pet is close to the enemy, the enemy targets the pet. The only times I was targeted was in a large area when my pet would run off to attack stuff and some enemies spawned right on top of me.

I will say this wasn’t a true isolated test. I wasn’t using anything like the Hidden Machine to see if the icon appeared. I was just going about my business and lazily standing still. Most of the time nothing shot at me.

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There needs to be some kind of icon for Hidden Machine. I’m not sure how it would work unless it highlighted enemies that had Hidden Machine procced.


Holy crap dude time to go hunt for splash damage gear.

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We are in the billionaires club now friends


I gotta ask how you get it stacked that high lol

We run similar skill trees, I have splash on COM, AoE on artifact and 200 splash on weapon and could only get around 15m outta Countess AC lol

That was a hollowpoint kill. Get enemies close together and you’re guaranteed like 100mil minimum lol.

It’s ■■■■■■ stupid man, once you get the hang of the AOE radius whole groups just blow up. I’m gonna do a write up for it soon, but just focus on enemies that are close together, especially melee units.


AaaHhhhhh :bulb:

It takes the Hollowpoint proc and adds pet scaling, I presume?

That’s my theory for right now. Something to do with pet scaling or splash

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M10 Countess AC vs Badass Loader

Yeah, you’re onto something here man. Scraptrap nest wasn’t ready


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@boombumr Cool Traunt kill and even cooler strategy. I am not sure it would have occurred to me to intentionally try to “chain” Hollow Point procs via pet attack, although I most definitely have noticed that when you get enemies grouped up and get a crit kill on one of them, sometimes everything just explodes.

I am assuming the interaction also has something to do with the interaction between Hollow Point and Overkill? So when your pet killed the Maliwan guy via a crit, Hollow Point went off and also applied Overkill? Or am I missing the interaction altogether?

EDIT: to add that I don’t think pet attacks can proc Overkill, can they? If so, why can they proc Hollow Point with a crit kill? Or again, maybe my memory is bad and I am off-base.


Yup. The pets don’t benefit from the Overkill themselves, but you do. Hollowpoint is uncapped over kill damage, and I believe since it’s an explosion it may double dip on splash bonuses and Maybe pet mayhem scaling.