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Yeah, I guess I was operating under the assumption that since pets didn’t get Overkill, they just didn’t benefit from GR Perks in general, so they wouldn’t get Hollow Point. Assuming is dangerous though, especially in this game.

I’m struggling to get a better screenshot. But I think it uses splash and AoE on COM and Artifact.

I’m consistently getting obsurd blasts on Hollowpoint with Red Fang and Gamma without the splash 200 annoint active.

I am testing this as well and just had about 5 spiderants in a circle trying to go to town on my pet, and he REKT all of them in one hit (during GB, no anoints at all active). I actually was using a Quasar to try to group them, with mixed success.

It’s a shame Quasars aren’t better in BL3, the BL2 would be perfect for proc’ing this interaction.

I wonder how the radiation aura explosion affects this? @boombumr I noticed you were using radiation too, which I also am. Anything to do with that maybe also?

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I honestly can’t tell. Too many explosions :joy: :rofl:.
I’ll try it without Radiation tmw.

Not the 998m I got earlier with Scraptrap nest, but enough to to shot Fabricator. Red Fang/Gamma Burst, splash on COM, AoE on artifact and holding a CH Monarch. I really think it’s just a funky pet scaling+Hollowpoint interaction.

It seems super consistent when I proc it by AC.

Hopefully, Killer Queen will gain some traction and will let pet builds move up GBX’s priority list.

I think we need some more interactions netween our pets and annointments. I would love to see FL4K specific annointments benefit pets as well. The two most in mind being Rakk 100 and Gamma Burst 115. If these annointments would also apply to pets there could be a lot more variation of options of weapons/pets we could make work for a pet centric build.

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Hopefully. Gamma and Rakkslag buffing pets would really push pet damage up a notch.


It could also help us look further into Beefcake, Horned Skag and Eridian Skag for pet options. Weapons outside of splash options would become much more of a possibility as well.

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Can someone do me a favor?

I just saw this video.

I corrected the creator where I could about Atomic Aroma receiving action skill damage, but he mentioned the Old God boosting Atomic Aroma as well. I don’t have the DLC to be able to test this, so if someone could check I’d appreciate it. I remember we checked if the Atom Balm worked and it didn’t, so I doubt this will either, but you never know I guess.

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I used Red Gamma for Killer Queen, it’s easier than Rakk Attack. However takes a little more management to get Hollowpoint to proc as Countess only hits for 5-10m on AC instead of 20-80m with Splash 200.

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Yeah, part of me is thinking splash may be overkill and I’m being too hard on Gamma. It’s not like many things will survive 500mil either lol.

Only difference is against badasses though. I can one shot badasses without Hollowpoint with splash, but I don’t think that’d be possible with Gamma. It may be that Gamma is easier for mobbing when there is trash around but Rakk will be better for SS. And you definitely need all the extra damage for raids.

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If Not My Circus was more responsive to proc, Fade Away would be the ultimate action skill for that build. But by the time she gets around to taunting and the burrow attack, your splash annoint is ending.

I’d have to take the time to take screenshots or properly record, but I have not seen any interaction between Old God and Atomic Aroma.