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The only time this a good skill is for Beefcake Jabber. With, it can hit for 42K fairly consistently. Otherwise, it’s not worth it all.

If it procs on normal attacks then the boost is barely worth anything, and if you’re trying to use it for the attack command have fun with your pet ignoring your orders.

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I know that it’s done REALLY good with the AC for ESkag, BUUUT. That was on Kevin. Absolutely not in an actual scenario. I am certain I’m not getting it bonused, and it ONLY works with a DE4DEYE. Not with a Red F4ng

Probably the Deadeye bonus activating all the time. Kevin doesn’t lose health so you always get the extra 35% damage.

That too. But I know I did some decent attack command kills in m2 kr 3

From full health or low? Eridian’s attack command is surprisingly powerful, it almost does as much as Horned Skag from what I’ve seen.

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I recall not :joy:

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Frenzy boosting pet damage is something I didn’t realize. Just got happy

@Prismatic I hate to be a bother, but I’m very confused here.

Build https://bl3zone.com/planner/AAB5DA3DB3DE4DG3DH3DI1DJ4DK1DL5DM5DO5DR1DS5DU-
Something doesn’t seem right here. Deadeye bonus and 9 points in GFTE gives 13,731 damage.

If I understand the pet formula right, it should be

  • Pet damage (1+Ferocity+Frenzy+Psycho Head+IPS+Most Dangerous Game+Grim Harvest) *(Go for the Eyes’)*Deadeye

I had 5 stacks of Frenzy, 1 stack of Interplanetary Stalker, no Most Dangerous Game, and Psycho Head would’ve been active. Enemy was above 75% health for Deadeye +35% multiplier

9286=2400 *(1+.5+.26+.26+.05+.28) *2.35 *1.35

Base damage 9,286

Gamma Burst Extra damage 4445

Gamma Burst gives a 75% multiplier as radiation damage. 75% of 9286 is 6965. The kinetic damage it was based on did 100% damage vs shields. Radiation gets a 50% damage bonus against shields so that 6965 should have dealt 10,448. The Skag should have dealt over 19,000 damage on that.

Where did the extra damage go?


I’ll have to get back to you in the morning. I’m not familiar with Flak so doing this on a tired head is unwise. Your calculation at the top also doesn’t equal 9286 so something is off there as well. I’ll try unpack it tomorrow.

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Thanks. I know it doesn’t equal 9286, it should be north of 13,000. That’s why I’m confused. The number I got in game and what the formula gives me are very different.

The digi-Jacks in TPS also had widely different damage in practice than on paper. I wonder if it has something to with the damage formula for summoned creatures.

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Test run of gunslinger Jabber through Athenas. Tried not to shoot enemies at all, but did give attack commands. Considering I didn’t apply terror or debuffs, this was a great run!

Okay, I’ve got time to try pick this apart. A few questions:

  1. Where does the 2400 damage number come from? It seems too round to of been generated by level scaling?

  2. I’m not a Fl4k player so just to double check, is that just a normal pet attack when Gamma Burst is active?

  3. Which pet and augment are you using?

  4. In your calc 9286=2400 *(1+.5+.26+.26+.05+.28) *2.35 *1.35 where is the 2.35 coming from? Is that not supposed to be 1.75 from Gamma Burst?

The problem with terror builds is that they work great on M3, not so much on M4. I mean, I guess it depends on what anointments you have, but M4 almost dictates that you use the “on ASE” anointments in order to quickly clear enemies.

I have never personally tried it, but from what I have read here, you apparently need to use terror to make pet damage work at M4. Fl4k is supposed to work IN CONJUNCTION WITH the pets - it is not supposed to be that we have to pick between doing damage as Fl4k and doing damage with the pets. The pet design is sad.

ASE Elements are NOT necessary on M4. They can speed things up, yes, but they are not by any means Necessary. None of my Moze’s use them. My one Zane doesn’t use them at all, and my other Zane only has one, a Cryo, as a “get CCC back fast” button when a skill goes down.

My Gamma Fl4k has a shield with terror dog fire, and grenade with Rad Ase. The rad ase is there because all my gear during the action skill has Gamma Burst 65Rad. Basically, I’m just prolonging my Rad damage.

The only two that I use double ASE elements on are Rakk Fl4k and Double Cast Amara. Why? Because when played right, the ASE Elements can actually affect theirs Action Skill damage, making the action skills super potent.

But they’re not Necessary For M4. A good, planned out, synergized build is what’s necessary.

That said. If ASE Elements applied to pets: oh. That would actually eliminate the Terror thing entirely. That’d be neat.


I believe that’s from Go For The Eyes, which gives the first melee hit from a pet critical hit damage. The highest you can get GFTE is 150% with 10/5. At 9/5 it is 135%.


It is an approximation, since I couldn’t get the exact number the skag hit at the beginning. I need to browse through the other videos here to see if I can find what the Skag’s base melee hits for, but from experience it is typically in the realm of 2200-2400. I’ll get the exact number later on.

It was a normal melee attack, but it was the first so it received the bonus from Go For The Eyes (+75% extra damage on first melee hit)

I was using the Great Horned Skag. As far as I’m aware, bonus damage on the skags does not apply to their damage.

2.35 is from Go For the Eyes. I have a Deadeye class mod equipped. It gives +4 Go For the Eyes (giving a total of 135% damage on the first melee hit), +1 Fast and the Furryous (+10% pet damage, which I realize now I didn’t factor in), and multiplies FL4K and their pet’s damage by 35% on enemies above 75% health.

Gamma Burst is 75% multiplier which should go after everything else.

I’ll be out for most of the afternoon so I won’t be able to get the numbers for a few hours. I’ll get them asap though.

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I didn’t say you had to have them, I just said that the fact that they exist dictates that you figure out a way to use them most effectively. My favorite part of using the ASE anoints is getting 3 different elements on my Rakks.

But I am a min-maxer anyway, that is probably the main thing that interests me about the game is figuring out how to take best advantage of the mechanics.

Let’s be honest though with the example, on ASE anoints are not really designed for Zane or Moze anyway. My Zane doesn’t use them either. Those anoints really only work most effectively on Amara and Fl4k.

I simply replied to the fact that you said “almost dictates” which I found to be incredibly inaccurate. :slight_smile:

For Fl4k and Amara, what I said is correct. The meta of the game, if you want to overcome the most difficult content, pretty much does dictate that you use them.

For Zane and Moze, they are designed differently and cannot take full advantage of on ASE anoints, so the statement is not true for them. The game dictates something different for them.

Got the numbers.

Skag does 1105

I don’t have any footage of my own, but from what I studied in other videos of FL4K, the base damage of the pet was around 1100 prior to the November 21st patch, so either their base damage back then was far lower than I imagined, or something isn’t working. I did two runs just to make sure the hotfixes were applied the second time.