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My own testing also showed 1105 as base at level 50 and then at level 14 the damage was 30 so I’m not sure on what the scaling function is as the standard exponential curve expected 50 damage.

Regarding your initial question

When I reverse this calculation to work out what the base should be I get 1245, so we have a missing 12.5% multiplicative boost somewhere.

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So, whatever calculations I’ve done for the pets has been double what they actually should be in game since I assumed base of 2400. I thought 1200 was the unmodified damage pre patch, and it should have doubled to 2400. Going back and looking at it now, the unmodified damage pre-patch was 560, and now post patch is 1105.

So we’re actually doing more damage than the formula indicates?

Yeah, the numbers your initial question to me show should be:

1105 * (1+.5+.26+.26+.05+.28) * 2.35 * 1.35 = 8238

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My admittedly poor math skills aside, that 13700 hit, which was already next to nothing, was supposed to do even less damage?

And the number on that Gamma Burst hit is still a mystery to me. 75% of 8238 is still 4707, which is still 250 off from what I actually hit.

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Yeah, something is definitely interfering but I know so little about Fl4k that I have no idea where to even start looking for the missing modifier.

Hold on, is there possibly something giving you 30% additively to Ferocity, Frenzy, Psycho Head…


1105 * (1+.5+.26+.26+.05+.28+0.3) * 2.35 * 1.35 = 9289

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So I forgot to include the Endurance augment in the equation, which adds 10% bonus pet damage per kill, up to 50%. I had one kill before the skag attacked the other enemy, so that would account for 10%.

And 1 point into Fast and the Furryous from the Deadeye for another 10%…

So you’re saying it should be

1105 * (1+.5+.26+.26+.05+.28+0.1) * 2.35 * 1.35 = 8589

Which leaves us with about 700 damage to still find.

Can you try recreate the 9286 shot? If it can be consistently recreated then we’re missing something, otherwise you might just have missed something being active.

Ok, please don’t kill me…

I looked over the build I used in the video, and the numbers I used in the formula were from a different spec. It should be
*Pet damage (1+ Ferocity+ Frenzy(1.3 for Big Game)+ Psycho Head (1.3 for Big Game)+ Endurance+Interplanetary Stalker+ Grim Harvest) * Go For the Eyes * Deadeye

1105* (1+.05+.52+.26+.1+.05+.28) * 2.35 * 1.35= 9500.209

Still of by a bit, but makes more sense. Now its 30 over instead of 700

:joy: Well at least we’re making progress.

You see why I said


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I’m really sorry…

The first formula was right after all. I only had 5 stacks of Frenzy, not 10, so it was

Adding another 10% additive would give me 9289.873. Looking for where that 10% is coming from.

Sorry for wasting your time like this.

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:joy: This is maths in a game with loads of modifiers, mistakes happen regularly.

Let me know if there’s other numbers you want help attempting to crack.

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Thanks. I think for now that’s everything.

BTW, just for future reference
Base pet damage at level 50- 1105
Base attack command damage at level 50- 7732
Gunslinger Jabber Attack command at level 50- 5891

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Ok, been doing a little bit of experimenting with the Jabber back in M3, and a bit more in M4. Trying to nail down the right rotation for max damage (yes, you need a rotation to get max damage). It’s a pain with Gunslinger jabber, since I build all the way to Power Inside and don’t have enough points for Big Game, which creates a rather irritating issue.

The rotation is:

  1. Stack terror for anointment
  2. Activate Fade Away for the Power Inside
  3. Kill a grunt to activate Psycho Head on a Stick (I just realized the skill only activates when FL4K kills something :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:)
    With Big Game the duration of terror stacks, Psycho Head and Power Inside are both around 15 seconds. Now comes the fun part
  4. (If you have the anointment on weapon) Swap to weapon with pet terror anointment and activate Attack command. Don’t swap away until you see your terror stack disappear.
  5. As the Jabber pulls out it’s launcher, swap to the Eruption and pray you debuff the enemy on time or else you’ve wasted a very stressful 15 seconds of life.

Lining up every bonus is a pain, and I’ve removed terror from the build for now to focus on making the best of my other abilities and the Eruption debuff. I will need terror for M4, but I’m sick of M4 atm and want to just have fun again, so for now it’s fine.

When you do everything perfectly, you can hit over 100k per rocket, but getting everything perfect is…almost impossible to do within 15 seconds, especially step 4 since that is entirely out of your control.

Remember, for max damage you need at the time of attack command activation:
10 stacks of Frenzy
Over half health for Fast&Furryous
Full health for full Power Inside bonus
If you don’t have Big Game, you have 8 seconds to do the whole sequence

So yeah. I’m not gonna try to record a run of M4 with that rotation because I don’t need that stress in my life :laughing:. Anyone else is welcome to try.

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Furious Attack has been fixed and now applies the listed damage to pets, which means pet builds that spec into the Hunter Tree just received another 39% damage. (Furious Attack + 30% from Big Game)

I’ve been messing around with class mods. Just messing around at Ellie’s Garage blowing up cars. I got a perfect rolled Tr4iner COM (+3 Sic Em, +1 Psycho Head, +1 Eager to Impress) and put it up against the Deadeye (+2 Fast&Furryous). The results were actually extremely close. The Deadeye did 4000 more on the first shot, but the TR4INER did more on the others, out DPSing it by a bit. I’ll have a quick comparison vid up shortly.

Also, once I have a Thrillbot COM with the right values (+3 Big Game, +2 Most Dangerous Game) I want to try that as well. It still has a pretty decent spread of pet damage and FL4K damage, though not as good as the Cosmic Stalker.


So Furious Attack Stacks Stacking Attack Stacks on The Packs Whacks is no longer Whack, so we’re back…

To the drawing board. I had specced into Hidden Machine when I decided I liked Red Fang, but now I’m wondering if Furious Attack will be my new point sink. But I’m reminded of where my issue landed a while back: I never see frenzy and Furious Attack Stacks on the HUD at the same time, so I wonder if for me, one cancels the other because computers.


Testing attack command damage between Deadeye and Tr4iner. Not to far apart pet damage wise, but FL4k damage way higher with Deadeye for obvious reasons.

Btw, got some weird bug with Fade Away having GitM duration instead of the 15 second one. Super weird.

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Somehow my spiderant is hitting for 30k?!?!?!?!?!?

I don’t know when this attack pops up, sometimes it is after attack command and other times it is after lava pool attack. It happens fairly often though.

I saw this attack doing 7k at times pre buff, but I have no idea what could be pushing the damage this high. Deadeye COM and same build as the previous video.

EDIT: Interesting find.

I don’t know if people already knew this or not, but this is a first for me. I always thought that Scorcher’s attack command was the charge attack. I’ve only ever seen the charge do around 2000 damage, so I always thought attack commands were worthless for Scorcher. Turns out I was massively wrong.

**The charge is actually just a movement skill, a precursor to the actual attack command which is a stomp that does a pretty wide AOE of fire damage. This stomp does the same damage as the Horned Skag, so it does 14K for my build pretty often, and 30K if it is the first melee attack. **

**Unfortunately, spiderants are the most difficult pets to make work w/ GftE since they have some Derp moments with spacing. They’ll rush in, do a melee hit, back off, go back in, etc…Guaranteeing a first hit is pretty difficult. **

Still, just thought it was a cool thing worth sharing. I’ll try to get footage of it.


Tried a run on M3 using about the only exploitable things I could for pets outside of farming modifiers.

  1. Debuff stacking with Eruption, Execute, and Piss grenade
  2. Terror Anointment
  3. Red Fang exploit (equip red fang, activate GB, swap to another COM to keep the effect)

With this, I don’t know what else I can do to make it better. It’s still not where I expect it. The pet is just too slow at dealing damage, and the amount of micro management it would take to play this perfectly is intense. I just don’t have enough control and responsiveness from the pet to get it to attack enemies I’ve debuffed quickly enough.

You are not giving up, are you? I like that! I was pumped for the pet summoner class as well. I played Wilhelm in TPS and I really liked the way he played and his pets worked. I disliked Timmy on the other hand because he was too “everything” and could make every gear work which kinda stole his identity for me. Plus I didn’t like the passive nature of the pets (as in not moving). Still, Gearbox could have borrowed a lot from both for Fl4k.
Fl4k is still my main because I like them the most and find many playstyles in them. Unfortunately, pet summoning isn’t one of them …

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