Fl4k Critter Lab

Thanks for the encouragement, I’m glad some people are getting something out of this.

It’s getting tough though. I’m running out of room to improve. To get the most out of this I’d need to proc terror every 10 seconds, as well as constantly keep up the debuffs, and wait for the Jabber to actually attack. A lot of the time the Execute would kill them before my pet could. There just doesn’t seem to be any difference between going all in with the pet damage and not bothering with them at all.

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Sad but totally true. I gave up on them rather quick when I saw them not matter much. BY is the only worthwhile since since its buff. Maybe 1 or 2 more but more as a filler or QoL skill which is unfortunate. So much missed potential there.
Sometimes I wonder if the devs ever played TPS or any other game with a pet class. Don’t get me wrong: I think they’ve done mostly a terrific job on improving a lot of stuff. But there could have been so much more.
I don’t care for the story at all in any game. All I focus on is the mechanics. Many of which have gotten better in the series. But BL3 could have been a much much bigger step in evolution if they were not - what it seems like - afraid of something … maybe afraid of moving too far away from the original formula?!hence the old mechanics of save/quit farming and senseless rare spawns.
If they’ve kept the humor and gameplay and just copied Diablo 3 they’d done better, I think

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I’m trying to wait a bit longer to see what’s in the pipeline, but there are other games. I just found out about Last Epoch yesterday, and I’m pretty sure I’m just gonna take the plunge with that since they have an abundance of pet classes, and seem to have very clear and distinct design philosophies for each one.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to figure what GB expects these pets to be used for. Jabbers suck as stat sticks, only spiderants tank well, and none of them are good as damage dealers. If radiation worked like it was originally supposed to and was a debuff element like slag, then the pets would be in a much better spot. As they are now though, they just suck at everything except giving you buffs, which would be fine if they didn’t have a bunch of damage nodes telling me they should be able to do damage.

Totally agree! Except for the part of going away from BL. Borderlands is the only game I play. I play it coop with my wife (damn horizontal split!) And we don’t have enough time for another game (kids, work, life …) so I’ll stick around till the next one until Gbx closes shop, I guess.
But with the feeling they could have done better. Same feeling I have for Wilhelm by the way.


I was hoping to stick with BL3 for longer, but pet FL4K has been nothing but an exercise in frustration lately. Probs better to take a break until/if they get around to fixing some of the pet bugs.

I sure hope they do! And it’ll be a loss for the community when someone like you leaves! You invest a lot of energy into the pet aspects of this game (and TPS) and I always enjoyed reading your findings!


I saw this thread had activity and it got my hopes up.
This is not what I expected, kind of a bummer, in hindsight they did tease people with a druid and the closest we get is a cleric with a free revive.


Sorry to be a bummer.

I just don’t think we have the tools right now. To get max damage we need to balance the timers of a least 3 skills, the terror buff, and balance the timers of 3 debuffs, and have gotten a kill recently, all within 15 seconds at the most. Even pre Seeing Dead Zane didn’t have to balance as many things as pet FL4K does. And for all that we get way less damage than just spamming Rakk.

Of course, just because I’m getting sick of it doesn’t mean anyone else should stop trying. Hopefully someone across something I missed, or at least plays the build better than I do. I haven’t done too much experimenting with Dominance, so maybe there are some possibilities there. I really do hope someone can figure this out.


I feel the pain to some extent, I don’t want to use under level gear but in order to get rakks to hit at my goal of 100k each…I need a low level blaster or something that can roll with splash damage on ase, unless someone on PS4 has modded pain is power to drop with that.
I hope I’m missing some legit self dot here.

Dominance really doesn’t change much. It takes some aggro off of you, and adds a little bit of damage to the field. But more often than not, the enemy you grab just sits there unless there’s a bunch of enemies going on. I’ve tried a couple of times to get a clear show of what goes on, but honestly, results are best if you’re not paying attention.

The way I play is just a real chaotic force (or sometimes I play sniper fang. But that’s more for giggles than anything else), where me and Cuddles just run around fighting everything. I’ll terror punch an enemy. They become a target and I send cuddles to get fire pupper from another enemy while I shoot another enemy. A real divide and conquer scenario. When I come back, Cuddles has either killed a few things or knocked them down for me to finish.



@Ratore @sammantixbb @megadethwm Forgive the caps, but I’ve made some terrible mistakes testing pet damage and a few of the conclusions I’ve come to are way off base. We also have some new bugs on our hands, and a possible really cool interaction involving splash damage and atomic aroma.

  1. The spiderant and horned skag do get GB bonus on attack command. When I tested before with beefcake and horned skag, I was using terror gear which may have thrown off the result. Still, every pet I’ve tested so far (Spiderant centurion, countess, scorcher, horned skag, and Beefcake) receives it.
    If terror is the cause of this, then you wouldn’t want to use terror gear if you utilize attack commands. In all honesty, the DPS increase you get to normal melee attack will probably still make this out DPS builds without it.
  2. Countess is the best melee pet for damage. Her attack command hits for 32k. She actually deals nearly the same damage on attack command as scorcher for some reason, and she gets 100% bonus damage from Gamma Burst, on FLESH.
  3. BUG - SCORCHER DOES NOT RECEIVE FULL GAMMA BURST BONUS! The attack command hit for 15k, but Gamma Burst added 6772, the same it added for the base spiderant. It doesn’t take the increased elemental damage into account. The same seems to be true for normal attacks as well.
  4. I had the spiderant’s damage reversed. They don’t deal the same damage as the kinetic pets, the deal double! They do get the matching element bonus on normal melee attacks, and will deal double damage on matching health types, but about 65% damage as Kinetic pets deal on non-matching types. Spiderants are therefore the best melee damage pets. (Although as the videos show, they are extraordinarily stupid)
  5. I only saw it briefly in a reddit post before it was taken down, but according to a poster there, Atomic Aroma scales with area of effect increases, just like Rakk! I’m trying to find a COM that has that bonus on it so I can try it myself, but if it’s true this could be a real treat!

These are really big discoveries for pets! I’m looking forward to giving everything a second go with my normal build and seeing what happens.

I do sincerely apologize for the misleading info I’ve put out regarding pets though. A lot of what I’ve been saying for the past two months is completely counter to what is in the game. Hopefully this new info will encourage some of you who tried pets and were disappointed to try again.

EDIT: Both of the other Skags work as expected. I couldn’t test the Jabbers besides Beefcake since neither of them shot Kevin for some reason.


So if splash damage and AOE damage increase the pet’s additional damage is the extra damage counted as our damage? If so then I wonder if it’s considered action skill damage.

I don’t know yet. I’m still trying to find an AOE COM or relic to try it with.

I’ve got a few things with splash and AOE damage boosts on them. I’ll try them out soon that’ll be pretty easy to figure out.

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276 * 1.33 = 367

We got a gear related damage boost!



Some pets scale with Area of effect damage!
Countess, Gunslinger, and Eridian skag scale with area-of-effect on gear. This is definitely a must have stat for pet builds, since it buffs Atomic Aroma as well.

Cool things to note:

Countess is definitely a top contender for damage pet since it gets AoE buffs, melee buffs, and seems to get extra damage from Gamma Burst (seems to be 85% extra instead of 75%). I’ll experiment some more tomorrow.)


I also like the Countess for her Frenzy stacking capabilities, since her attack command has been pretty much the most responsive one (in my experience) and actually useful since it throws her in the middle of enemies. It gives a potential reason to use her and involve attack commands in other builds too.

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Now we just need to see if Flesh Melter effects her. I don’t know if it effects IB’s Sabot rounds, but if it does then it may work here…

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I just stumbled across this thread last night, I love the effort you all have put together to make a pet build against all odds. Maybe with some nice pet buffs and a better pet COM we could actually have a noticeable companion outside of a minor distraction to enemies.

I wish I had something to contribute, but this thread has went WAY farther into pet mechanics than I have lol keep it up!

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I would love to see Dominace reworked or a new COM that really focused on Fl4k and his pets interaction with each other. Something like when Fl4k kills an enemy Fl4k’s pet gains damage and when Fl4k’s pet kills an enemy, Fl4k gains health regeneration.

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