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So an Ice Breaker with splash and AOE would be a good roll for this?

Once cryo gets fixed, yeah.

Hmmm reading this makes me want to dig through my stuff and see what I can assemble. I doubt I can find much that hasn’t been discussed on this thread though. Persistence has been rewarding here


No type of elemental boost increases the damage of pets unfortunately.

Damn. That applies for normals and attack commands?

Unfortunately none of her 3 attack variations or any dot caused by her got the 18% corrosive buff from an artifact.

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Alright. We’ve still got splash and AoE.

We can get AoE on artifact, and Splash damage + radius on COM. IIRC, radius increase damage on rakk, so it may work here. If that works, we’ve still got 90% increased damage for Countess and Gunslinger.


Last thing before I hit the hay.

Go for the Eyes proccing every hit vs a vehicle. I have no idea what caused this, but I wish it could happen more often!
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just seeing this now, great job discovering new pet mechanics guys :slight_smile:


Thanks! Means a lot coming from you lol.

BTW, do you know if Rakk scale with splash damage radius as well as splash damage? I haven’t been able to test yet whether these attack commands scale with both, but I’m assuming they work similarly to Rakk in this regard.

Why do you think they would? Splash damage is for the damage of your splash and splash radius for its size. The only oddity I’m aware of is that the AoE roll on artifacts increases both radius and damage.



Torgue Lowercase Exemption Filter

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It’s already weird that a melee attack is getting splash and AoE damage. I’m not positive, but I remember seeing somewhere that splash radius also increased Rakk. I may be wrong, which is why I’m requesting some confirmation.


I’m not sure if Rakks have a Splash Radius at all, since you can’t self damage, and some base testing on dummy suggests they don’t have radius. But who knows at this point, this game gets weird pretty fast.


So, this is more weirdness. Gunslinger’s Attack command seems to be buffed by radius.
8836 * 1.1 * 1.27 = 12,344 which is a bit lower than the listed 13k

On grenade radius - New Attack Command base damage for Gunsliger at level 53 is 11, 486 I think.
11486 * 1.1 * 1.27 = 16047 which is way above what we got in the video. It doesn’t work with gunslinger. Bummer.

Heavy damage, heavy weapon damage, and splash radius don’t work either. Same applies to Countess, splash radius and grenade radius don’t work.

@Prismatic Figured out that weird issue I ask you about earlier with Gamma Burst and Go for the Eyes.

They’re additive with each other.
Melee w/ GftE: 1490 * (1+ .75 *+ .75) = 3725
2608 + 1118 = 3726



Testing terror w/ GB and GftE

It works the same as Gamma Burst. It doesn’t take GftE into account. (I’m doing some calculations the roundabout way because I no math gud. Bear with me)

No GftE Gamma Burst: (3577/4) * 3 * 1 (radiation/flesh) = 2682
No GftE Terror: 3577 * .5 * 1.75 (fire/flesh) = 3129.875
Total Damage: 9389

GftE Gamma Burst: (3577 * 1.75) + (3577/4) * 3 * 1 (radiation/flesh) = 2682
GftE Terror: (3577 * 1.75) + (3577 * .5) * 1.75 (fire/flesh) = 3129.875
Total Damage: 12071

@Ratore Think you add this to your thread? Go for the Eyes is way too conditional and worth way too much for these bonuses to ignore it. Both of them should scale off of the final damage the pets do.


So GFTE doesn’t apply to bonus elements on pet damage? Damn…


Also, a note on class mods in lieu of the upcoming level cap raise.

When I made my recommendations on the best class mods before, I was assuming a build tailored around Gunslinger since it seemed to be the only option for a pet damage build. As such, I assumed heavy investment in Stalker, which led to a lack of Hunter Skills and poor performance on the part of the Cosmic Stalker COM. However, while Gunslinger is still far and away still the best, we do have other options now and those options allow us to spec further into Hunter skills. Once you pick up all 4 that effect pet damage (Frenzy, Psycho Head, Furious Attack, and MDG) a Cosmic Stalker performs extremely close to a Deadeye at 75% health, and out DPSes it by a fair margin past that point. Also, as we gain more levels and can invest more heavily in Hunter skills, the gap will close even more.

And just as an FYI, if the 20% pet damage on the Friendbot worked, then with that same spec it would out DPS stalker and be the highest pet damage COM.

Go for the Eyes and Gamma Burst are making my damn head hurt…
It seems so inconsistent as to what works with Gamma and what doesn’t. It doesn’t help that Countess seems to get extra Gamma Burst damage for some reason. Sometime GB does count GftE, other times it doesn’t, and I have no idea how to tell when it happens.